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Saddam = Cohort Of Global Terrorists, US Has The Data

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posted on Oct, 11 2004 @ 08:14 PM
Wow, this is a pretty interesting read isnt it? I fully believe saddam had terrorist ties. Do we look past them for the sake of peace when we are in the crosshairs?

Dems want to isolate Saddam Hussein. He was a loner, they say. He was not up to weapons of mass destruction, they say. He was cut off at the ropes from killers international, they say. There was no reason therefore to take him out, they say.


The Bush administration has been repeating ad infinitum that Hussein was in the thick of it. He had weapons of mass destruction. He got hint that he might be invaded and therefore scratched at least surface evidence of his weapons of mass destruction. Liberal commentators admitted on October 6 that Hussein was resurrecting his drawing boards of weapons of mass destruction, hence his being a continued threat to the free world, America in particular.

The US government has in hand Iraqi intelligence data which reveals Husseinís deliberate plan to connect with global murderers, INCLUDING AL QAEDA, in order to wipe out the United States. This is firm detail. There are no speculations here. There is no fabricated document as in Dan Rather. It is material that media could splash across news pages daily; but they wonít do that for their litany continues to be anti-Bush, naÔve-Old Iraq, and letís get on with putting Kerry in the Oval Office.

How could anyone in his level head conclude that bloodthirsty, head hatcheting, human slicing Hussein was playing in the sand box while terrorists from other Muslim nations set out to cut America off at the knees? Itís stupid; yet intentional, politically opportunistic Dem Stupid is where we are in present-tense.

Will the United States citizenry take in bald realism prior to casting the ballots? Letís pray so.

US President Bush must accent the most current data related to Old Iraqís history of weapons of mass destruction. He must underline Husseinís intent on livening up his weapons of mass destruction regime. He must connect the Hussein dots to other terroristsí dots. He cannot afford to let this slip by as facts-already-known-to-the-intelligent-public. Taking the risk of repeating himself for the umpteenth time, the President must lay out IMMEDIATELY the hot data in detail.

US government officials know that Hussein had mustard gas and anthrax. Further, Hussein had killer training camps within Iraqi borders. Our officials have data revealing Husseinís direct contacts with murderers global, including Al Qaeda, as they schemed to attack the United States.

The revealing material now in US possession equals pages upon pages originating at Iraqi Intelligence Service. Some of the copy is original copy ó hand penned. Other data include typed pages. The intelligence has been translated from Arabic into English, corroborated by experts to be genuine.

Will todayís newscasts tell the American public about this?

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