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Mr. Alexander puts the smack down on Fresno County DA and Judges

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posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 01:26 PM
This is an old vid, but I think it'll appeal to the members here. (pun intended)

It speaks to me, someone who's done their share of ProSe litigation. Not only does Mr. Alexander have his shizz together, he presents himself well. It makes a great role model for me and others who wish to subject themselves to the court system, under the guise of "righting wrong". I filed two open and shut Sunshine Act cases that were nothing more than Kangaroo Court. It was made quite unpleasant for me.

Elected judges = politicians policing the politicians....but a different topic for a different time.


Part Deux

Cliff's Notes is this guy is suing the whole system because a portions of fines levied goes to "judges retirement fund", well that gives them a pecuniary interest in fining people.

I took it on the chin trying to drag my small township out of the 19th Century, now I live in a rather big borough....same nonsense, except now I have experience, and a mascot.

Fighting the system from within is a paradox. With due respect to the Founding Fathers, I would prefer to take my stance on a *legal* basis, in the open for all to see, than be subversive. Too bad our public officials don't give us the same respect.

Enjoy, sorry if it's a repost.

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