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RSOE EDIS on google earth, an experiment and project for the future

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posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 01:13 PM
Hi Folks, looking for some input and opinion. I have been following the mass fish die off's the last month and was getting frustrated about not being able to track them in a manner that I wanted. The best site I have found for worldwide events similar to this is which has loads of good info.

Problem is I am finding it difficult to find anywhere that will display the info in the manner I want.

For instance, take the die off's, I would like to see a world wide view that shows all die off's reported in a 3 month period with each individual month colour coded so it could be possible to track any patterns that may emerge.

If anyone is aware of how I could do this I would greatly appreciate some guidance. If not I have had an idea.

Apparently RSOE EDIS are going to allow for exporting data soon (ps if anyone knows of similar sites that already allow for exporting of data please let me know). Given this it will be possible to then import data into google earth (via their spreadsheet tool) and create layers showing map points for events with the event info in the bubble.

Hacked together a layer for one event as an example of what I am thinking about. as I cant upload kmz files to ats I have put this on google maps just so you can get the idea. You may have to zoom out a bit to get background as it seems to default to full zoom, as I said its a hack.

Hope it works lol.

Thought it would be pretty good to be able to track events on a global interactive scale.

So you would be able to view all global nuclear events, hazmat incidents etc for a given time period or locality.

The only other main issue (after getting the raw cvs data which might be the biggest issue)would be sharing the relevant files i.e. kmz files for google earth.

What do you think. Is it worth it or is there something I could already use.


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