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How To Deny Ignorance

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posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 07:43 AM
IT seems to me , that on this site then a lot of my posts get ignored . That's not a bad thing , because I would not expect that sometimes random statements or comments or sometimes statements of fact from me go down all that well . So I apologise , because it is no good being or even seeming aloof , haughty or better than anyone else . I am not and my statement here is "I am not worthy" , or that wholly catholic view , "I am a worthless worm" .
I say that, because with people , we have been there , and we have done that . All we say is true true true . And then bang we are into celebrating . For all fall short of the honour afforded us , if we were just , just , _better , that's all.
The trouble I have is that , and this happens away from the computer too , is that , I keep mutually excluding my enemies , but , worse , keep gathering more of them . And though Im worthless that s not my fault . Its theirs , and they are just as worthless as me. Maybe more . It seems I cant help but gather in life , the very best of people , and also though , the very worst .
I have run across the richest , the very richest , and the very poorest , the worse than broke .
And across the board its the same - the most intelligent and the very thickest of all .
The hardest , and I am not joking - the hardest , and , the weakest , the most tiny .
The most beautiful , and the most unsightly .
The most able , and the people crippled in many ways , life has brought them into my knowledge.

So I end up with friends , some of them regular cohorts , a lot of them aquaintance where we have taken away mutual good exchanges , and sometimes in a long term way . I have never used anybody , really , or never abused them is what I mean . People know to take me at face value - I mean what i say and I do actually do what I say I will , given the constraints we might agree .

Being taken at face value then is my trouble - and whenever people have given me trouble , I think it is because they have not or do not want to or canot face taking what I say , or my approach to life , at this face value.
They will be the ones who build in structure into my own infrastructure , and will suspect for themselves , that because I present at face values, there must be a trick somewhere, at least some kind of small con somewhere in it.
So people that know me say its' "bothersome" to listen. This is where they build in their disagreement , because really they know that they are not going to be able t disagree with me, any further down the line than , even one sentence from me. And now I cant construct a logical argument , because its "too long" . And these days people dont listen to ec other. More than one of two connected statements and they start to get lost , even with themselves.

A difference I have noticed is that I can listen to someone for 10 minutes , of just them talking , and it means that everyone else has to listen too , if I am listening , I am watching for interuptions - and thinking of questions for later . So often you can learn nothing from someone in 30 minutes , and all kinds of things in under 5 . So unfortunately for me , I have to re-align constantly to listening rather than being listened to. People who actually do listen and think about what others say, are few and far between I think , and perhaps , even , on this website. And it millionaires, the rich , and powerful , have , luckily for me , liked me , or respected my values in life, and therefore given me work. And the time to get on with it , without being harassed.

And when t comes to friends, then I count and rate these with the rest - because they reconcile me to them , an say , "well they are not going to understand that , have leniency at all times. " This is good friends ameliorating for liars , cheats and downright theives and poisoners I have come across in life, as well as Jo Public. But thats another story, my story, not theirs. And my friends , my real friends know that I wouldnt put it on them, to have to worry about things for me. But others would be more wary I feel , and may feel trapped in middle ground , even before they even met me.

Anyhow a small symbol, just a small of trust , and the smiles come. There is no problem if matt has made a mockery of silly folk, even if they dont know , that it is yet again. Because a constant trampling has been going on , without me even leaving the house . Honestly , I cant help walking into co-incidence after co-incidence after co-incidence. Any man would start to wonder if he was being set up. And he was, when the house of cards came crashing down. Again. And wouldnt they keep a secret of it.

I have had some absolutely extraordinary luck in life, besides all that. Literally speaking , I am covered in gold ornaments , live next to a 1000 year old oak tree , and down the road from a 2000 year old Cedar . Life has attached to me , of its own accord , the world . There is no blessing I havent taken yet , but endless more to come , Inshallah , or that eternal One , that bestowed it. And now with the isolation , feel the hatred build . Hear it coming - the steam train .

Anyone who comes to my house , has to find out that what cant be taken away , wont be taken away . My philosophy is , that nothing remains a secret . I have given away plenty plenty ideas , a loads of them. And when you've friends , sometimes you've got friends for life , even though no monetary or even conversational exchange takes place . Thats the way I like things . I think that if I am an owner of the world, then its my lot to improve that world , and not ask for a fee. And so , when 'life' pays your fees , you are more than rich , in fact you have made it. Minted , is what i am .

So giving pieces of advice sometimes raises an eyebrow , sometimes disappoints . It depends on the person's attitude . Sometimes they need to know - i am going to take their advice , on some things , but not on others .
They need to know I am a generous person , given the circumstances . They need to know , and they usually do by now , that they are going to have to have their facts straight , and remember the evidence . Bring the proof.
And where people shy away from me or get embarassed is that they should know - they cant lie to me .
To such an extent that dont even tell me a small lie , or even the first lie you might think of , of any set.

Knowing something is true takes back up and self confidence to say it is true . You go beyond belief into knowledge here . And so you are being shared with , a method of denying ignorance . You stop your own ignorance from even starting - your stop your own objection from even coming . You indicate to the liar , dont even start to lie to me . You remind to the honest :- every time , bring the proof . You impress upon those who might fault you , or disbeleive any of your statements , "I am not deluded by beleifs" . And you ensure they realise - I am a person who makes up my own mind

So , it is often confusing , why would this be written here , on this website ats ? Across the top of the board it says "Above Top Secret " and the words "Deny Ignorance" . This means we stop ignorance from happening .
And these methods , are that which we should hold up , and ought to share , if you will allow me the use of those words . We must_ must retain freedom of speech , and then , sometime in the future , these doors will be unlocked for mankind . Even all of us ,going beyond ignorance.

posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 07:49 AM
So here is one , an how,
to deny ignorance :

to whatever anyone says to you as a statements, doesnt matter what , you reply
"No , I am sorry , I can't beleive that . "
The penultimate paragraph of the op would then (in theory and practise ) be fulfilled on only this statement .
Enjoy .

Now , I would like to hear what of other peoples methods of denying ignorance , if they work . Or if you have enjoyed this or learned from this , leave a really silly statement or something for us to laugh at .Some reply would be appreciated.
Hi to all my friends , and thanks , I appreciate it .

posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 08:39 AM
reply to post by ZIPMATT

Denying Ignorance starts with each one of us individually. It's a daily process. Not a one time exercise.
My "method" is in my signature.

posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 10:47 AM
reply to post by Klassified

Hmm so I have got the right person here , good . I read the link.
It seems would be about signatures and yeah I have enjoyed reading those . Without doubt .

Maybe our reversed sense of this , from the point of view of your thread , and my point of view is that, my point is ,quite often people are denying very obvious facts as well as not questioning the potentially obtuse.
In that the way I see it , people are standing on the truth , everyday , but dont see it because its too obvious for them . Too , inthe now, if you like

posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 10:49 AM
And maybe they dont know how rich they are, that they can make choices , sometimes really obvious ones , like how much to pay, or not , for something

posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 12:36 PM
reply to post by ZIPMATT

“For things to reveal themselves to us, we need to be ready to abandon our views about them.” Thich Nhat Hanh

As a species, we have a hard time abandoning our preconceived notions. But that's exactly what we're going to need to do if we ever want to walk out of the dark ages of our "social evolution".

posted on Aug, 15 2012 @ 10:14 PM


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