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Curiosity About Deja-Vu, and Possible Changes With/WithOut Notice.

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posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 03:00 PM
I swear I will try to keep this a brief as possible. So there have been some life changing events recently, including a new relationship, and I will start from here, as this event led to the rest.

There was someone that I thought about for about 10 yrs that lives in the state I used to reside in. I had finally got in contact with him, and we clicked immediately. We planned on getting together for the holidays, as this is long distance, and things were going well.

I was in a rut, and was looking to turn things around. I went out and found a new job, as I was working from home, feeling better about things and was falling in love, all at the same time.

This is was all very new, as some of you out there might know that when things go bad for such a long period of time, it becomes the "norm". I can honestly say that this person invigorated me and gave me the boost that I needed in order to get back on track.

After a few months things began to dwindle, even though everything else (things that I changed because I was so happy) was going great. We eventually stopped speaking all together, without me knowing why. Even with that pain, I kept going, and things got even better.

I was quickly promoted, I made some new friends, and even started getting in better shape. Yet there was something bugging me, about what led me there, was now gone.

My first few days at the new job, the person that was training me, I had never met, yet I had deja-vu a few times that night. She was there, I was there, and the machine was there. I went home and thought nothing of it. But it didn't stop. I began having it every couple of days, with the same people, none of which I had ever seen before.

A few days ago during our break, her and I began talking, and she paused, and looked around. I asked her if he was ok, and she said she had deja-vu about this conversation (BTW, I never mentioned that I was having it as well with her in it), so I asked her, was I there, she said the conversation was the same, the place, and everything else, except for me. I seem blurred when she tried to really think about it.

Even though with her, the job and everything else, I saw her clearly. I dont know why this is bugging me, but I found it weird that if I hadn't taken the initial steps and found someone out of the blue that I had searched for, for 10 years, we hit it off, I changed almost everything, then I began having deja-vu constantly, and another person who was in my scenario had the same thing except I was/wasnt there, seems a bit weird.

I wondered if anyone had experienced this or can shed some light. BTW, sorry if I seem a bit scattered, I am trying to make something that makes no sense to me, actually make sense to someone else. I also dont think that things happen by accident either

Thanks in advance NRE.

posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 08:00 PM
I have read that our spirit guide(s) will step in and make things happen sometimes to put us on the right track for our life path lessons when we stray too far off course. Meeting this man that led you to where you are now in life was arranged by your spirit guide to put you where you're supposed to be.

Also, I have read that deja-vu is a message from our guide(s) letting us know we are on the right path, where we're supposed to be at the time. Validation for you. :-)

I have experienced basically the same thing. I met someone that led me to get a job where I am currently employed. If I hadn't met this person, I wouldn't be there now. We went our separate ways long ago, but I still work there.

I have been told by psychics and mediums that I am supposed to be working in the field I'm in for my life path. The numerology report I did for myself says the same.

I hope this answers some questions for you.

posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 08:27 PM
I believe in eternal return. Ok maybe not really, but it is a fascinating concept. Maybe this is what deja vu is. You had a breakthrough and discovered you had done this all before, it just took some chance encounters for you to notice it.
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