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Spy satelites, drones, data-mining, and siezing your guns.

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posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 02:55 PM
The act of seizing civilian firearms in the US would be a gargantuan task; one so large, in fact, that federal authorities are almost certainly doing as much advance preparation now as possible. Technology exists that enables satellites to "see" inside buildings, whether IR, densitometry, etc.

It only makes sense for US intel to direct such satellites over the continental US, to map civilians homes:

-the vast majority of gun owners store their guns either under the master bed or in the master closet.

-most gun owners store their larger guns (the only ones with military significance) in commercially produced gun safes. It would be a trivial matter for US Intel to create software similar to "face-mapping," except that the target would be commercially-made gun-safes, as seen by telemetry within civilian homes.

-At the very minimum, the intelligence community could furnish confiscators with a "google-maps" style overhead of all the homes in a given neighborhood, with the factory-made gun safes or dense piles of metal (lead and brass stockpiles) marked for easy reference.

-SInce gun safes are often quite heavy, the owner usually installs them permanently in one location. So even if the information is compiled in 2012 and then not used for a decade, the gunsafes and caches of American households will mostly be in the same locations when the actual confiscation is enacted.

-the simplest way to compile a database of militarily relevant gun-owners would be to rent a stall at a gun show, and offer some good or service. Surreptitiously install cameras with facial recognition software, and then compile a list of who stopped at which displays and stalls.

-the data base could be cross referenced with CCW, internet purchases, and hunting licenses issued each year, etc. That way, instead of focusing on the family that has on old .38 under the mattress, efforts could be concentrated on "strict enterpreters of the 2nd amendment," and those likely to resist with force when the confiscation takes place.

-I expect that drones will be used to survey the entire neighborhood while authorities conduct a house-to-house search. It would be fairly straightforward to note the homes where people seemed to be loading their vehicles and leaving in a hurry while transporting cumbersome loads in the trunk or pickup bed. In fact, the announcement of confiscation would "flush" a lot of the larger stockpiles out into the open, meaning that the searchers wouldn't have to cut into so many locked safes.

posted on Aug, 12 2012 @ 04:31 AM
And while they're conducting a house to house search, gun owners will be readying their guns for battle. Anyone who comes in my house gets shot.

posted on Aug, 12 2012 @ 04:42 AM
The new tactic in the last war was Bliztkrieg, which was to attack the supply and command units of the enemy.

Sociology is the study of what groups people form into, and how people interact within their own group and with other groups.

A new Blitzkrieg would be to attack the people with the most stuff first, or attack the leaders of the groups first. The attacker would need to know who has what and who wants what and who knows what. With all that information, relatively few people would be need to be targetted on the first strike.

posted on Aug, 12 2012 @ 04:48 AM
rahm emanuel is the face, THE face, behind this motion.

The technofascistology now exists, that if there's a steel rod tucked away in your house, anywhere, it will know.
Thoughts are also known. Use this handy link for any legal woes:

rahm emanuel is the face behind this motion. He is the hand in the puppet of the rock star POTUS. He controlled Clinton, and the clean up for that mess was embarrassingly huge. His fingers were also inside bush. You want to be unhappy? Is that it? OK.

posted on Aug, 12 2012 @ 05:39 AM
If we're talking databases then forum's such as ATS as priceless. Those 'show me yours and ill show you mine' threads...

Posted Via ATS Mobile:

posted on Aug, 12 2012 @ 11:47 PM

Originally posted by Monkeygod333
If we're talking databases then forum's such as ATS as priceless. Those 'show me yours and ill show you mine' threads...

I doubt it. You misunderestimate how many blow-hards are here on ATS. The NWO would waste countless hours in the wilderness, search for non-existent bunkers which supposedly rival Superman's fortress of solitude, but only exist in some poster's brain.

Your bank has a datafile of everything you've ever purchased with your debit card; the receipt even lists the calibers and how many rounds. That way, the cops know what kind of guns you have and a good estimate of how much ammo you have left.

Just like every sporting goods retailer.

ATS would be a waste of time. People lie on boards, but their purchases always tell the truth.

posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 12:12 AM

Originally posted by mkmasn
And while they're conducting a house to house search, gun owners will be readying their guns for battle. Anyone who comes in my house gets shot.

I believe you; I'm confident you'll hold out to the bitter end.

But most 'patriots' won't. They'll bring their weapons and ammo to the collection point, in exchange for amnesty.

Here's what you do, to implement the police state, before walking up some gun-owner's driveway:

1. Freeze the suspect's bank account. Also his spouse's account, his kids savings accounts, everything.
2. Turn off all of his bank cards, credit cards and gift cards.
3. Freeze all of his investments; seize his stock, mutual fund and pension accounts
4. Lock down his cell phone
5. Turn off his internet and freeze his email, facebook and twitter.
6. disable every on-star or lojack-equipped vehicle registered to any of his family members.
7. Detain his children at public school, and send them to 're-education camp.'
8. Disconnect the electricity, gas and water utilities to his home.
9. Flag his medical accounts, so that he cannot get medical care, until he turns himself in.
10. Cancel all of his diplomas, degrees, professional licenses and accreditations, including union membership, until he comes in for a "sit-down" with a case worker.
11. Accelerate all loans, including farm loans, student loans for him or his children, car loans and home loans; it's all due immediately
12. Email all of his friends and relatives (based on email frequency) explaining that aiding terrorists is a felony and you'll be forced to take the same action with them, if they assist the terrorist; information leading to his surrender or arrest nets them a $1000 gift card.

Send a solitary, unarmed "police auxiliary" to his front doorstep. Knock and leave a note explaining what you have done. Explain that via datamining, you know pretty well what he owns. If he voluntarily surrenders ALL his weapons, he will be cleared and he gets his life back, along with $5000 on a gift card. If he doesn't, your goons will come by in a month to collect his weapons at gunpoint, and with orders to use all necessary force.

95% of the gun-owning population will have surrendered within 30 days.

The stragglers will be so economically powerless and emotionally exhausted that most of them will be easy to neutralize.

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posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 02:17 AM
If they ever got to that point, what about the police officers, you know the one's that hunt, fish and enjoy outdoor activities, and all the military members past and present, that are out doors kinda people...they all have weapons, the cops cannot control the crime out there right now, or find the 22 million illegals in this country and the military along with the local police are not large enough to take weapons away from all the citizens of the USA...
There might be a small % of people that have them taken, but what if your brother, uncle, dad, cousin is a think they are going to do that? really...try looking into Oath Keepers, it is a sight that is for military and law enforcement members past and present, that will no obey orders that are not in line with the constitution of the united states.
once the government see's whats what, if they tried to do something like that...they would realize that it was a huge mistake, because about 90% of the people that they would be expecting to do the work of taking your guns..will be and are gun owners ...and will not follow that order....period.
The other 10% or so that would try, well there are enough crazy rednecks, or hillbillies that they have to deal good luck.
this is just my .02

posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 08:52 AM
reply to post by saltdog

I definitely hear what you are saying.

My point is that totalitarians have succeeded with such plans in the past; they've done so by promising a "normal life" if you comply, and threatening you with totally wrecking everything that matters to you if you don't comply.

I agree with you that if the nation wakes up one Thursday morning to find a totalist state in place, the people would rise up and expel the oppressors.

Which is why the oppressors never do things that way.

They will pick apart the resistance, and peel off groups who have something to lose by joining the resistance. That was my point.

Think of all the folks who are "strict interpreters of the 2nd amendment (to quote Janet Reno). Now subtract all the ones who need medication for their families: every 'redneck' who has an insulin dependent child, every 'hillbilly' whose wife needs blood pressure pills. Those folks are going to fold, not because they give up on guns, but because they are willing to sacrifice their 2nd amendment rights for the sake of a family member.

Same with folks who have loans. If keeping your guns means losing the farm, there will be some folks who will choose the family farm. Not all of them, but some of them will.

Then you start depriving them of the services they need to maintain their lifestyle--internet, cell phone, a working car. You subtract out those people too, and you have a smaller and smaller resistance movement. It will never go to zero; but the more you marginalize them, the more manageable they become.

As far as the cops go, the same rules apply. A lot of cops don't make much money, and are barely hanging on . You threaten their pension, their kids' college, and their ability to keep earning a living, and they are going to comply, at least partly.

Give them some rewards. Use both the carrot and the stick. Force out the police that wont comply, and it will create some job openings, such that young cops can get a promotion merely by being loyal to the government. A nicer house, nicer vacations, and a lot of guys will do what they are told.

The nazis used that system very effectively to take over German society when they were actually a small minority. And the nazis had it harder: after WWI, there were rogue military units, "Freikorps," loose in the forests and wildernesses of Germany. But in the same way, the Nazis co-opted some and threatened others. And gained control.

That's the way power works.

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