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Sgt. Bilko's Lowly False Flag Band

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posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 09:49 AM
Sergeant Bilko smashed his windows
went and blamed it on his neighbour
gave him the excuse he needed
to mount-up and draw his sabre.

Waving arms in shock and horror
others of the same persuasion
joined forces with the sergeant
aided him in his invasion.

This neighbour pleaded innocence
said he had heard about it
Bilko wouldn't listen to him,
loves his war can't do without it.

Thousands did engage in conflict
men of every shape and colour
drew their swords and fixed their bayonets
then began an awful slaughter.

Bilko and his friends were watching
seated round a banquet table
laughing,joking,counting money
dreaming up another fable.

Loving flora and the fauna
drew a ring around the roses
gave an order not to harm them,
greed with power juxtaposes.


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