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Ode to Kelly Thomas

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posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 08:41 AM
A tribute to those brave policemen who 'tended to the needs' of a man suffering from a chronice mental illness, as is there duty.....

Howling and yelling
and dancing with joy
they leapt like a pack
upon somebody's boy
with truncheons and tasers
with boots and with fists
they battered his body
and shackled his wrists.

A man with the mind
of a child on the street
homeless and hungry
they joyfully beat
'till the bones in his body
were broken and cracked
then in vile celebration
they stood on his back.

Screaming for daddy
and pleading for help
his cries only echoed
by laughter and yelps
of delight from the animals
dressed as police
death came to Kelly
a happy release.

Not an inch of his body
that wasn't contused
nor a hair on his head
that had not been abused
like a sackful of rubbish
they dragged him away
uphilding the law of
the land,as they say.

And their knuckles will sting
from the rap that they get
as the world goes to sleep
to serenely forget
'till another like Kelly
finds happy release
beaten to death
by the local police.
they dragged him away


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