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(ARG) Daybreak

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posted on Aug, 10 2012 @ 11:32 AM
Did a search and came up with nothing..
just came accross this game called Daybreak. Its a cool game. its been around for a few weeks.

It comes with an app that is interactive with the vids and stuff. here is a youtube video of the app.

Its a cool app that have decryption tools.
image scanner- reads specific images pretaining to the game
frequency analizer - turnes tones into letters and numbers to help with clues
sound editer - helps with decrypting recorded messages
you can also use this app to interact with friends that are not even into the game as much
The app is located at the bottom of the daybreak page or you can search for it in the apps menu on your phone

Here is the site were Jackboxers communicate their findings.

If you are into the whole ARG experience its a good one , it reminds me of the (Bell - 8311) game that was on ATS last summer witch led to nothing, And a hint of the (oct-28 2011) phenomenon.

I just started the game and im sifting through all the info. It has a lot to do with Tesla's Work, Ancient Geometry, Fibonacci, and a mess of other stuff.

have fun!!


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