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Meeting with my spirit guide?

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posted on Aug, 10 2012 @ 08:35 AM
This is something that happened to me almost 4 years ago. That was about the time I had given up on religion, and had turned towards spirituality to find the answers that religion could never give me. I was fairly new to spirituality, and had only a very basic understanding of what it was about, given to me by Tallsorts, who is also a member of ATS (or at least was, since i haven't heard from him or seen any sign of him for more than a year now). But this very basic introduction was enough to get me hooked. It stirred something up inside me that no religion ever could. I felt like I was finally coming home. But the direction was still a little unclear. So I indulged in various book and read up on various ideas, views and concepts. I have found firmer ground ever since and I realized that there is a lot of either bull# out there in the name of spirituality, or things that might very well be reality, but were near-impossible to accept without experience or proof, consequently being of no use at all. But at the time, I wanted to grab and take in anything i could get my hands on.

Before I come to the incident in question, let me give you a little background info that is related. All my life I've been interested in everything paranormal. And I mean that in the strictest sense of the word -beyond our normal, everyday reality, and not as in 'ghosts'. At various points in my life, I would get into and be obssessed with different topics. At this time in my life, 4 years ago, I happened to be reading up a lot on OBE or Out of Body Experiences. I had even come across a few techniques to experience this, by people who were adept at it. And for a week or two, every night after I got into bed and before I fell asleep, I had been trying to get into the mental state required for an OBE. It was unsuccessful. I was soon discouraged and gave up trying. And a few days later, I found a website that offered guided meditations, and became interested. It had downloadable MP3 files that would have soft, relaxing music, and a gentle female voice guiding you thru meditations, and telling you what to focus on, what to imagine, etc. One such file I downloaded was a meditation that was supposed to help you get in touch with your spirit guide. The female voice would first take considerable time to relax you, and then would lead your imagination into a forest clearing, where you would call upon your spirit guide, who would then show up as a great big bright ball of light, and answer whatever questions I might have for him/her. I wanted to try this one out, because I had a lot of questions, but no one to answer them for me. I needed direction, i wanted to find out how to proceed to gain the knowledge that I seek, or just what I needed to do in life. I thought my spirit guide would be the perfect person to talk to about this. I wanted whatever wisdom I could receive.

Right now, I am of the opinion that such a meditation can not in any way help, or be any more significant or substantial than the simple fact that it puts you in a relaxed state and lets your imagination flow. And your imagination, is, well, only your imagination. But at the time, I was very open to it. But maybe because I had never meditated before, I found it hard to keep stray thoughts out of my mind, and I would always feel like the audio clip had no effect, but make me feel sleepy. I had listened to this clip numerous times over a span of a few days. And one day, something happened.

I was lying on my bed one afternoon, with my earphones plugged in, listening to the guided meditation again. I soon grew sleepy as the voice made me relax more and more. And I'm pretty sure I fell asleep very soon. I have no recollection of even getting to the forest or the clearing in the middle of it. The only thing I remember is this: I was in a dream. I wouldn't call it a lucid dream, but it did have a quality of being somewhat tangible, and different from my ordinarily vague, fantastical dream states. In the dream, I was standing near the foot of my bed (the same bed that i was in real life lying down upon), and talking to someone. Now I can't remember this person's face, or voice, but had a strange feeling of being very familiar with him. Like someone I knew long long ago, but had forgotten about. Someone close to me. But it reminded me of no one that I knew in real life. I don't at all remember the discussion, or anything that was said. In fact, the point from where I could actually remember the dream gave me the feeling that we were at the end of a long and important discussion, and much was said of significance. I only remember the one line that this person finished with, which is 'It's very important that you understand this'. And the next thing I know, my arms started to rise on their own accord from my sides, until they were stretched out straight in front of me. Then my whole body started to rise up and forcefully float upwards, completely out of my control. I was still facing this person who was on the ground, looking at me. As my feet left the ground and I started to rise higher and higher, I panicked (I have a slight fear of heights. I don't know if i panicked because of this, or because my body was floating upwards out of my control, or both). And in my state of panic, I gasped, and let out a little scream. The dream then broke, and I instantly 'woke up', and I instantly opened my eyes, and for a split second, I saw myself, my own body, lying on the bed with my eyes closed, from point just above myself, like I was hovering a little above but close to my own face.And then SNAP! I was back in my body, in my usual perspective, looking at the wall beside my bed. This all seemed so real that I immediately jumped out of my bed and looked around, and thought about what had just happened for the longest time. My earphones were still in my ears but the audio clip had finished playing (and it's a long clip).

I've had those falling dreams where I wake up groping the bed under me. And that feeling is very real. This felt just as real, except for the first (and the only) time, I felt like I was rising up instead of falling. And no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't remember what the 'important' thing was that this person had explained to me. I somehow got the feeling that I my memory of it was either blocked by myself or intentionally wiped off by this person, because it was not knowledge that my conscious mind should know. And I also got the feeling that the message, whatever it was, had registered itself in my subconscious, and that deep down inside, I knew what had been said and also that it was quite important. That it would help me from right there, though I may not be able to consciously recall it.

I'll stop here for now. I could go on about what direction my life took in the last 4 years and what my views or opinions might be about this incident, but I'd like to know what some of you think about this first. I trust that there are some very knowledgeable and wise people here that have more experience in the metaphysical/spiritual than I have. I've considered many times that it was all nothing but a fanciful dream that picked out my desires and ideas from my subconscious and manifested them. But It's always felt strange, and of late, I've found myself thinking of it a lot more than normal, almost like it is time for me to readdress what had been said to me, that it is more significant now than ever before.

posted on Aug, 10 2012 @ 10:42 AM
Thank you for sharing, I am exploring new avenues as well. There is quite a lot out there to experience that I've always been taught to shun and ignore, even to the point of thinking people were crazy for not following organized religion. I'm working on meditation myself, I've even signed up for yoga in order to see if it can help me work on my concentration and keeping my thoughts under control. Good luck in all you do.

posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 03:42 AM
Interesting. This is my first post in ATS. I have read a few threads on ATS regarding getting in touch with Spirit Guide, wishing there was an easy way to go about it. there's none...or maybe my Spirit Guide just refuses to confront me.

If there were real questions I'd like to ask my Spirit Guide, those would be: "Whose bright idea is it to create our souls and put us all through the agony of existence? And for goodness sake WHY?". Don't get me wrong....I'm thankful that life has been very good to me in most aspects, but feel extremely helpless seeing the inequality in the world (and universe).

On the spirit plane, some have indicated levels of souls *read Michael Newton's* (thus denoting inequality there too) and the seemingly complex hierarchy of "enlightenment". I, for one, do not appreciate some "higher" entity making mockery of every soul in the universe by making it crawl through so much suffering to reach the state of ....,get this, NOTHINGNESS (ie. 100% awakening). Again, WHY? There's absolutely no reason I can think of. And no one soul seems to protest this concept of forced indenture - one that we also see in everyday life on earth: the mighty ruling the weak. Whom do we voice our grievances when we have no access to or know who is behind the curtain? I would scream, "Give us all NOTHINGNESS now if that's suppose to be the ultimate destination or just wipe us all out of our existence altogether." I don't know about you, but I really don't see my need to be here just to "learn" what I could have easily been created to already know. Would you build a robot that is dumb or smart if you had the means and know-how? Maybe our creator isn't that smart, after all?

Some may say, maybe we are our own creation and maybe there's really no one behind that curtain. Then there must be some consciousness that give birth to each and everyone of us. Again, our own consciousness? How did that consciousness come into being?

If anyone is in touch with his/her Spirit Guide, PLEASE (I beg of you) ask that SG to get in touch with my SG or pm me! This inquiry mind desperately wants to know. I will post a new thread to share if I'm given the answer. Seriously folks, it should not be a privilege to know!

posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 12:34 PM
reply to post by darklord

Star and flag for your thread. I am glad you were able to experience this. Would love for you to read this thread if you find the time. Take care.


posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 12:46 PM
Anytime I have had intervention in my life, it has been my spirit guide/ guardian angel/ higher power communicating with me. This has happened 1000's of times. Some call it intuition. The occasions can vary in intensity. Whatever the reason it is to give information, to assist in decisions, to prevent serious injury or death. You have to be able to accept it in order for you to understand it, but we all have this ability. We regress and progress.

I will contribute one of the many experiences I have had with Angels. When I was 7 years old a friend and I went up a tree in his back yard. It was a tree house his father built for him about 40 feet off the ground in a 200 foot oak. We were getting our selves situated and before my friend could close the hatch behind me, I went down. Now gravity says I should fall straight down, unless I hit a branch on the way down, which I didn't. I fell feet first, but just before I hit the ground my body went from being feet first to back first. I felt like something caught me at the last second and changed this. I had the wind knocked out of me, but I was calm. I laid there and my friend scurried down and ran for help. I should have had broken bones from a fall like that wouldn't you think? That was the 3rd experience I had where I believe an Angel saved me from serious injury or death. Prior to that was when I was born and the other was when I was 3. I will tell you about those and many others another time. Star and flag for your post sled. Much love. Ascension211

Take care.
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posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 12:48 PM

I find it best to do what I call dream programming. Drink a glass of water ( hydrates you ) before you "sleep" , tell your self you want to remember what you see, hear and feel. Deep breaths, in through the diaphragm , out through your mouth (In with the positive air out with the negative air), find your center. When you wake have a journal to write what you remember. You may need to do this many times for you to connect and remember. Meditation, to me needs to be a specific amount of time (at least 1hr.) to be effective for dream programming. Meditation certainly is necessary during the day, but not always possible to have an uninterrupted amount of time to achieve the trance state you need to contact your spirit guide/higher power. Hope this helps! Ascension211
reply to post by Kurius

posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 12:52 PM
reply to post by ascension211

I heard also that leaving a glass of water on your night stand next to your bed will help to clarify dreams and make them easier to remember. It has something to do with water and filtering of energies I think. I can't verify that though, it was just some information I came across about a week ago.

posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 01:14 PM
reply to post by Darkblade71

The water is for lucidity:

1 : clearness of thought or style 2 : a presumed capacity to perceive the truth directly and instantaneously : clairvoyance

to help the energy flow.

posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 01:16 PM
Need to lift your spirits? try this,

posted on Nov, 2 2012 @ 11:30 PM
reply to post by ascension211

Thank you so much. I have just listened to Robert Schwartz interviews on Youtube. He mentioned in one of the segments, that certain events would happen naturally at the right time as we had pre-planned before birth.
I will certainly try your method. If I don't succeed, then I know it's not my time yet...
But I would truly appreciate it if you could ask your Spirit Guide(s), what's the meaning of all these - ie. why do we even have to exist (be created), let alone learn lessons to reach Enlightenment? What's the bigger scheme of things? I have heard some say to be eventually "one" with the Creator? But why?

I believe Michael Newton wasn't able to find out the answer. There are some information which he just couldn't access. I hope you can. I look forward to your posting the answer(s).

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