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we went to the moon, and it was freakin sweet

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posted on Aug, 10 2012 @ 08:20 AM
Now.. I've spent quite a while looking at all the points people have made concerning the Apollo moon landing. And I have to say there are some interesting points made, that actually made me doubt we'd been there for a second. But then I noticed every point I was coming across had already been explained.
And all of these explanations Satisfy me completely.

It seems now, all the conspiracy theorists can say on this one is "well, you can't trust NASA" or "they're lying". Surely its time to put this one to rest guys?

I'm sure there's plenty of threads saying similar things to this already but I just thought I'd bring it back up after reading a thread about how curiosity hasn't landed on Mars and the gullible masses have been tricked again.
I think its insulting to say the least, if I had good enough reason not to believe them then I'd say fair enough.

Is it just the insanely religious who push this be or just the theorists from the days of Apollo and area 51 and whatnot. The kind of people who refuse to accept advancements in technology and personal thought?
I'm not saying ALL these people are wrong. It just seems they're only still trying to prove their point because countless times they've been proven to be in the wrong.

There are countless examples out there as I'm sure most people know.
Overall I really don't feel the need to doubt anymore. And I think with today's advancements in technology and science we could easily do it again. But of course the point is, why would we? Until something on the moon catches our eyes and makes us go "wow what the hell is that!?" We won't be returning anytime soon.

But yeah as usual I mean no offence to anyone who disagrees I just wonder why people need to anymore?

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posted on Aug, 10 2012 @ 08:52 AM
The evidence for us visiting the moon is pretty compelling, especially since we still have a laser reflector up there and with a good enough telescope you could actually see the landing site.
The videos however just seem fraudulent. Wires are seen. There's NO dust cloud from when they landed or took off. Just fishy is all.

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