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911 Was a Masonic Ritual Sacrifice?

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posted on Aug, 10 2012 @ 07:46 AM
This is an interesting video....One of the most interesting I've ever seen on 911.... (starts on part 2, not sure where the other parts are) what do you think?



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posted on Aug, 10 2012 @ 08:05 AM
Great videos-seen before. To answer the question, yes it was a ritual sacrifice. No it wasn't Masonic, at least not entirely. Masons get a bad rap because of the bad apples at the top of the pyramid.

posted on Aug, 10 2012 @ 04:42 PM
I wanted to add a few remarks, for such thoughts have been on my mind for too long and it is time appropriate to discuss them.

I can clearly understand why there is a difficulty in understanding why Masonry and the NWO Illuminati causes confusion and incorrect thinking among the masses.

Masonry and the NWO Illuminati are not the same group and most of all when someone utters the new world order, there is a huge difference in what Masonry wanted for a new world order and what today's Illuminati want in a new world order.

While I would tell you honestly that the world does indeed need a new world order, but the one that the current NWO presents to us is anything but what Masonry wanted for the world.

Anyone who researches will come to see that Masons want a new world order and have wanted one for quite some time, but what few will ever discuss is that it was the dream of a truthful, yet noble, decent, honest and just existence for the people of the world. A world for the benefit of humanity and not for the few elites who have murdered their way into power for control over the planet.

This new world order that true Masons wanted for centuries was replaced over the last few hundred years with the new world order for the Satanist Zionist of the world that have infiltrated the media, every religion, every system of government, education, science, medicine, judicial system and have eagerly subverted the original intent of the new world order that Masonry wanted for all of humanity with a system of evil that only benefits the few.

Today, this dream of what was once noble and good for humanity has been replaced with a quest for an evil Zionist system that only benefits the elite few and does away by genocide with the rest of humanity. God does not exist in their world and the existing NWO will in fact subjugate the humans left alive as slaves and will force a one world religion upon the survivors of the NWO holocaust.

I ask you, who cannot see the difference in this quest for a new world order as ascribed by Masons vs that which we face of a world where no one but Zionism and their one world religion replace the freedoms that mankind once had?

This major difference of a new world order that Masons wanted with the one we hear about so often today are not the same new world order. If you cannot by now understand this, then it would behoove you to do some study and verify for yourself what I just discussed.

We need a new world order, just not the one being presented.

The enemy of the world is Zionism and it also is the enemy of Masonry and just like in every system of government, even among Masons there are those who have been corrupted into supporting a Satanist New World Order and it is those few in every system around the world that helps to undermine the original quest of Masonry.

Many times those among Masonry that do cooperate are deceived as others are to believe in things that are not the truth. Add the element of a God into the picture and such a deception has been common in Masonry and in the many religions of the world for quite some time.

A world predicated on truth and real justice is a good world and a world predicated on greed and corruption is the alternative.

We see each day which system is gaining control, but please, do not continue to think that the NWO Illuminati are the same as Masons in Masonry for this is why among the masses this confusion has led to many untrue allegations against Masonry and untruths that continue to plague an organization that wanted only what was best for the world and not what was best for just the elites.

That's the big difference and while too often many researchers take pride in doing their respective research into whatever area they seek, too often these same professionals ignore what I and others know about the fact that Masonry has been corrupted by Zionism and because of it, they paint all of Masonry as evil and filled with Satan worshipers when this is anything but the truth.

Anyone who publishes or promotes some study of evil and Satanic symbolism should understand that to say all Masons are evil because of a few corrupt Masons is not the whole of Masonry.

Not all Masons support this fake Zionist New World Order and the sooner people understand this, then the sooner Masonry can be seen for what it is and not for what it has been associated with.

Thanks for the thread and I hope this makes sense to those who might wonder why such a thread matters to those who seek to understand that the existing quest for a new world order is not the same quest Masonry's wanted in new world order.

Anyone who ignores this fact is anything but professional or thorough.

posted on Sep, 9 2012 @ 12:07 PM

Originally posted by coyotepoet
To answer the question, yes it was a ritual sacrifice. No it wasn't Masonic, at least not entirely.

'Not entirely'? What part of 9/11 was even remotely Masonic?

posted on Sep, 9 2012 @ 06:29 PM
I really dont buy in to the 9/11 conspiracy - it was a terrorist attack co-ordinated by muslim terrorists...end of.

It was a horrible act of pure evil...the same as 7/7.

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