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Occupy Your Eardrums

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posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 05:46 PM
Any boss would be proud to promote The Employees, a Midwestern four piece alternative / rock band that has been climbing the musical corporate ladder in Chicago without taking a sick day. Clocking in over time working on their sophomore album release titled, Unemployed, the band has been hard at work putting the final tweaks on this new concept album. From the depression of our economy, unemployment, corruption, environmental disasters, flu epidemics, the death of the America dream, and wanting to escape from all of it, The Employees take us on a wild Ride. Who else to know better about the economy than The Employees in it?

FREE Album Download w/ Lyric and Promos here:

These guys are friends of mine, and trust me, they are the real deal. Lets take some action and get this movement off the ground. The Employees are NOT here for profit, but for spreading the word. You are being lied to everyday by the MSM.

Do you like Tool, Rage Against The Machine, Pink Floyd, then you will love these guys. Fresh sounds for open and angry ears. Lets unite (Us "The Employees") and make a stand. Creative development and words of wisdom. Spread the message. You realy think Obama is the 'Change' you all wanted??? Think again! Hes a puppet working for the corporate elite.

Seriously, listen and learn. The Employees want you to join them in the good fight. The fight for true freedom

Ryan (Lead Guitar), Henry (Bass Guitar), Steve (Drums), Chris (Lead Vocals, Keyboard, Guitar)
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