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posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 08:50 AM
*a kookaburra laughs in the distance under the setting sun*

Somewhere in the outback of northern Queensland Australia, a secret congregation was being held under the shade of a billabong tree.

"Hey Skip, over here mate pay attention."
"I'm coming, jeez keep ya shirt on Ned."

"Ok guys listen up; I've had just about enough of them, ok!
It's bloody well time we did something about it Righto!
If we go in hard and fast they won't see it coming.
How many of you have lost a loved one to these, these, Uprights?!
Were tired of all these senseless killings! Ya hear me fellers?"

"They ran over my two brothers last night in a truck Ned"
"Thats just Sick!"
"Are you serious Skip?"
"Yeah mate, nasty stuff, nothing but road kill now."
"Maaaate, same here, they shot my missus and kid last week."
"Bloody mongrels! They have definitely gone too far,
something needs to be done about this Ned."

"No worries mate, Trust me, we'll be getting square soon enough."

That was two days ago.



This just in,

Brisbane, Australia is under a TERRORIST ATTACK, hundreds possibly thousands of people are dead in the streets. As we fly above the city we can't see anything from the news helicopter due to the clouds below. Oh wait, we, ok, we are now getting reports of an incident on the ground, we go now to our live reporter on the scene with the breaking news, over to you Kathy. Thank you Susan, yes that's right Susan, as we speak, what we believe to be a terrorist attack of massive proportions has come to what seems to be a stand still between the police and the terrorist. There are two seriously injured people lying in the street here today. An unconfirmed number of individuals responsible for the attack are now hold up in the building behind me where the Queensland police now have them surrounded. We have with us now the QLD Police Commissioner to give us an update on the situation at hand.

"Um, yes hello, we assume the individuals responsible for this heinous act of crime are holding hostages within the building and using them as human shields, we also have reports that they are well armed and of course "Believed to be linked to al-Qaeda", I know it's a long shot but we just think that they are, ok. We will know more when we can send in our hostage negotiator." Thank you for your time Commissioner.



"Struth Ned these clowns aren't playing, there everywhere."
"Yeah I know mate, don't worry though Skip, I always got a trick up me sleeve."

"Ned look, who this joker coming now?"

"Dunno, maybe it there leader?"

"Righto mate, that's close enough."
"Who are ya?"

"I'm Mick,"

"Mick! pfft dodgy name for a leader, I don't trust him Ned, he looks shonky."

"I'm the police hostage negotiator; I'm here to see if we can come to some kind of agreement, I can help you in exchange for the hostages, what are your demands?"

"Demands? Hostages? Is this joker for real Ned?"

"Yeah I guess this upright leader doesn't get it yet, this could be our ticket outta here Skip."

"Psst!!, hey Red,"
"Yeah mate?"
"Go let the fellers know, we bounce outta here soon."
"No worries chief."

"Stay outta sight Skip, and be ready for anything."

"Ok, just take it nice and slow old mate, no sudden moves ok; come inside before something bad happens."

"What we are seeing is what appears to be the hostage negotiator slowly entering the building with his hands in the air Susan, the air is rife with tension as we witness these events live."

"Don't turn around! Just keep facing the wall."

"Howza going mick, I'm Ned, Putcha arms down and no funny business ok, just listen."

"I got a serious message for you and all your upright mates out there ok; So ya better bloody listen!"
"I want you to tell them to stop killing our family members ok Mick."

"Family members?"

"Yeah, mine too; you cant just come into our lands and start killing who ever ya like mate, what? did ya think we would just lay down and take it sweet? silly bloody uprights!"

"Uprights? I'm sorry I'm confused?"

"Nothing to be confused about mate, your murderers, all of ya! We put up with it for far too long and now its time to get square."

"What? Did you think you can just do whatever you like? And there wouldn't be any reaction?"

"Ha ha, good one Ned"

"Its time for a change, A big bloody change mate, ok"
"We want it to stop, right now or it's gonna get messy, are ya hearing me mate?"

"Yes, yes"
"Ok, ok, ok, I'm sorry, was there anything else?"

"Yeah, tell em,

Tell em we'll be watching."

Mick noticed two heavy set kangaroo reflections standing behind him in the picture frame glass, "wtf?!.."

"Lets go Skip"

Yeah I dunno,

I Hope its half as worthy enough
to be amongst the other great talent
that I'm reading in this comp.


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posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 09:07 AM
Sorry bud

But whats your point ?

The title of the thread is so misleading.

People can post what they like on this site ! but this is a mouse click I will never get back.

I take it all back.

Short story.
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posted on Aug, 10 2012 @ 12:06 AM
reply to post by judus


I'm sorry for your reaction my friend,
Though I don't think it's the title of my crapy story that is misleading you.

One must always 'look deeper'.


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posted on Aug, 22 2012 @ 09:56 PM
Thanks enjoyed reading this, can see the pointers .
Its great to read original thought , humorous yet serious, multi dimensional.
Keep it up in all the appropriate places.

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