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The Babylonian Conspiracy.........

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posted on Oct, 11 2004 @ 10:46 AM
Ahem... to this forum , i am about to bring to your attention to one of the biggest conspiracies in religious Dogma. now currently as for as long as i can remember it is this going on, wespecially in the american evangelical sector, that the antichrist and Babylon exist in Iraq! the antiChrist will rise form the EU (the revived roman empire ) and so on, how twisted, everytime it gets. they shout from the hilltop aha! the russians are coming! the antichrist is Putin and he's from russia! aha when saddam Hussein was building or trying to rebuild Iraq, there were they again, printing books predicting that Sadddam is the antichrist and look he's rebuilding Babylon, look what the state of Babylon? Chaos! Then they misquote Daniel saying that the reveived roman empire will be babylon, well take a look closely at the toes of the statue trhey will try but never succeed. Which country on earth closely resembles Bbylon of revelation 18, not Iraq, or Europe, it's America, mind i am not antiamerican or against it, but just take a look closer, and read revelation 18, and you will see, does europe have any famous musicians known the world over? think , and get back to me....

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posted on Oct, 11 2004 @ 12:22 PM

Originally posted by crusader
bring to your attention to one of the biggest conspiracies ...... the american evangelical sector, .... Which country on earth closely resembles Bbylon of revelation 18, not Iraq, or Europe, it's America, ........ think , and get back to me....

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You could be correct
there is a ongoing deception being played out, and organized religions keep sending out new clergy, taught their church's doctrines,

You could be right:
as the anti-christs' land is also the place known as 'the mountain of Assembly' (we call it the UNITED NATIONS Building in NYC!)....find that in Rev

Your probably right about USA=seat of authority, because:

In Daniels' Day..the earth was flat (not recognized as a globe !)

when Daniel says (the AC) resides in the 'uttermost parts of the north'
the real meaning is North, BEYOND Russia & north pole-> beyond present day Canada and into the USA part of North America (where of course NYC is **the mount of assembly** and where DC is (the AC seat of authority)

++++ GO AHEAD AND DRAW A CONTINUOUS LINE going NORTH FROM JERUSALEM...without stopping at the north pole....NOW, ALONG THAT LINE DECIDE IF ANY NATION OR PEOPLE could resemble the qualifications as outlined in scripture...of the anti-christs home land... a home land which is mighty & trade & rich & has authority over other nations--> (qualities of Babylon)

Again Daniel tells of (AC land/ nation) being able to send an army across the WHOLE EARTH (without stopping)...**that resembles the USA deployment of troops for both Gulf War I and the present Iraq invasion**

-->> i won't go into all the points that have been twisted around, which in turn deflects the real indentification of peoples/nation/tongues which are prophecised about and against in scrirture...Just letting you know theres' some others' out here, that know where your comming from...

If your so inclined to evangelize your message, go ahead with it

if your only 'testing the water', go ahead

see ya around the site, peace

posted on Oct, 11 2004 @ 12:31 PM
by the way thanks for your comment st. udio, have a great day! . anyway. Jerimiah 50 and 51 also talks about this Babylon , which is a mingled people about . Maybe referring to diffrent races. also in Revelation 18, part 3 last stanza, ``the merchansts of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.`` Consider this, everyone, world over, thinks the u.s is the place to make his or her fortune, think..... Not Europe,Not Russia,, certainly not Iraq, and not rome..... The reason the televangelists and others will fail to tell you that america is the babylon, is 1. Fear of persecution. and 2. It's not the politically correct thing to say. The american people have always been programmed with Hogwas, that America's is God's land, and that only God blesses America. Wrong Teachings.
word out

posted on Oct, 11 2004 @ 02:56 PM
some links :

Also read HABBAKAK in the OT. VERY VERY SCARY, it may be speaking of whats happening in Iraqi right now...please note another name for the Babylonians were the Chaldeans.

posted on Oct, 12 2004 @ 01:37 PM
I will have to check up on that habbak thing just now, all this as you know the war on terror is part of what should take place. Actually the war on terror and 9-11 was just excuse for the eroding of civil liberties and the pretext for wars without end. It' all the expansion of the Babylonian system, but yet we ahve people living in Babylon and who are instigators telling the people other stories. though.

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