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Charlotte's Doll (2/3) [APWC]

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posted on Aug, 8 2012 @ 02:30 PM
Day Two

It repeats, like a broken record over and over, the frogs dancing then mutating into monstrous toads. The struggle that ensues seems endless, it seems like my mind has forgotten how to change the landscape of my dreams.

I awake, the dream turn nightmare still fresh in my mind. I shudder at the thought, as if a chill blew through the air. Where was Synthia? I look around but to no avail. Maybe I left her downtairs.

"Mum! Have you seen Synthia? I can't find her anywhere?" I called out.

"No, last I saw her, she was in your room." She replied.

"Ok." I said. She must be around somewhere. I got back to my room, when I heard what sounded like a quiet giggle. I couldn't work out where the sound came from or if I even heard it in the first place. 'Oh well' I thought to myself. She has to be under the bed, surely. I get down on my hands and knees, and start to move my hand around frantically.

A strange feeling consumes me. A feeling of anger, hatred and sadness rolled into one, such is the feeling of nightmares. It scares me a little, but then I did have one bad dream last night. Suddenly I think I feel something moving..."Ouch"...I cry. It was only a quick sharp pain, like a nip from a mouse, but it made me jump and smack my head on the underneath of the bed.

Finally I feel the cold hard porcelain, against my touch. "So that's where you've been hiding!" I said with frustration mixed with elation. "How did you get under there anyway?"

I go back downstairs.

"Mum I think we've got mice." I said.

"what makes you think that?" Charlotte's mother replied.

"When I was searching for Synthia, I heard a noise and then something bit me." I said annoyed.

"No it won't be mice, maybe it was a spider. Are you ok?" She asked sympathetically.

"It wasn't a spider." I replied frustratingly. "Yea I'm fine, if anything it's my head that hurts, after it made me jump."

(Night ensues)

It's almost bed time and although last nights nightmare looms fresh in my mind I'm too tired to give it much notice. I place Synthia on the small wooden chair next to the bed. This time I know where I put her. "Sweet dreams Synthia." I whispered.

(Dream ensues)

...A dream materialises and I see Synthia, sitting in the little wooden chair. I pick her up and begin to play with her. "Let's dance Synthia." I say with glee...'hehehe'...There's that strange little laugh I heard earlier, I thought to myself...'hehehe'...

"Is that you Synthia?" I said nervously and hesitantly.

I pull Synthia close to my ear, the cold touch of the porcelain has a nice cooling feel. I hold my breath and listen. I hear a quiet breathing, but it seems to be getting louder. It sounds familiar, and suddenly I realise, where I've heard it before. The Breathing is heavy and raucous, like a bad smoker with a cough, it just keeps getting louder and louder.

"No, please! don't start this again!" I cry out in fear of what's to come.

The loud dual tone demonic voice starts to speak again,

"Chhhaaarlotte....Chhhaaarlotte...You've had your turn to play with me. Now it's my turn to play with you."

The voice was horrid, just hearing it was enough to almost make me sick, but after hearing what it said, I would have rather killed myself in my own dream than go through the tortures I was most likely about to face.

The dream scene turned black as night, as if a storm had took out the power, and spotlight from no apparent direction flicks on, I am the focus off its attention. Steel wires wrap around my wrists, ankles and neck, like whips. I struggle to break free, but to no avail. It seems like an all to familiar dream yet again.

"How do you like to dance?!" The Demonic voice roared.

Just then Pinocchio's song "I've got no strings" started to play, which seemed fitting to the cause. That sick creature had a real twisted sense of humor.

Suddenly violent tugs came along the strings like an electric current shocking me into action. "Aaarrgghhh!" I let out huge gasps of pain, as my limbs were sent flailing to the music.

"Please!" I screeched. "Why are you doing this? Please stop!"

There was no reply, just the horrific raucous laughter of a sadistic being. I try and look up, I don't know what for it won't do any good. The steel strings begin to cut through my wrists and ankles, and the first signs of blood begin to seep through the sores. Like my limbs cry for no more, red tears begin to swell. Red flowers start to appear on the floor, drip by drip.

The steel wire like a noose around my neck tightens, as my head bobs up and down. I start struggling for breath. I look up for one last time before I fade away, a second spotlight spurs into action, and Synthia lights up like a giant. She's the puppeteer, and on her hard cold porcelain face I notice something's different about her. Yes, she seems to have a sadistic little smile wrapped across her face. I black out.....

.....I awaken, in a cold sweat struggling for breath. I look around, I'm safe, it's ok I'm back in my room. I pull the covers over my head like the night before and try to get back to sleep, even though I really just want to run to my Mum, and Dad...'hehehe'..."Please! what now?" I whimper.

The noise emanated from what seemed to be the wardrobe across the room. I peeked from under the covers, and ultimately almost pee myself when I notice the little wooden chair where I had placed Synthia, was now empty. "No!" I said determinedly. It's just a stupid doll, I will not let it get the better of me. I don't know what the hell is happening but I'm determined to find out.

I throw the covers off in defiance, and begin the walk towards the wardrobe. Every step seems harder than the last, and every step I lose a bit more of my courage. I get about three steps away and the wardrobe doors swing open. I let out a small yelp, but with the dreams that I've been through recently, this wasn't too scary.

Suddenly a powerful push from behind sends me clattering into the wardrobe, the doors inevitably were slammed behind me. I should have known as much. But this was too much for me to take, in complete darkness the recent nightmare looped in my mind and it broke my courage.

"Let me out!" I screamed, as I banged and smashed on the door's interior. "Help! Mum! Dad!"

Like my own personal superhero's, I heard a clattering through my bedroom door, and as if a curse was broken the wardrobe door's flew open. Out it spat me like a cobra, as I came crashing to the floor, soaked in sweat and sobbing. Low and behold, Synthia was sitting in the chair like nothing had just transpired.

"Honey whats going on?!" Cried Charlotte's Mum. "What were you doing in the wardrobe?!"

"It's her! It's Synthia!" I exclaimed. "She's evil! there's something wrong with her! She locked me in the wardrobe!"

"Charlotte don't be silly!" Charlotte's Dad yelled in frustration. "She's just a doll!"

"That's what I thought!" I cried. "Please take her away! Get rid of her! I don't ever want to see that evil thing again!"

"Look you just get back to bed before I get annoyed! We'll take the doll into our room tonight, and tomorrow you can decide if you really want to get rid of her. Or if you're being silly! Ok?!" Charlotte's Dad exclaimed.

"I'm not being silly!" I cried. "Fine then! We'll get rid of her tomorrow!"

My parent's left with Synthia, and I went back to bed feeling relieved but angry that my parent's didn't believe me. A weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I lay down and awkwardly drift to sleep

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