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Death by Zeitgeist; The Superfluous Freeman and the Engineering of Social Unrest

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posted on Aug, 7 2012 @ 06:17 PM

Purposed Population Control

Population control is not a “new” concept reserved only for capitalist societies. All throughout history, many nations have honed different methods in dealing with a growing jobless population. Herbert J. Gans, an emeritus professor of sociology at Columbia, describes in “Imagining America in 2033” many depopulation methods in great detail.

Induced Poverty – Poverty-caused illnesses, hunger, etc. kills off quite a few. This is the easiest tactic to administer through austerity of welfare programs, general procrastination of inefficient policy, or complete ignorance.

Labor Intensity – Many die from stress due to poor working conditions of government mandated construction projects or heavy industrialization for profit.

War and Acquisition – Limiting the jobless population while acquiring more resources is the most efficient model of population control.

Slavery – Provides a means of relocating jobless workers for profit while relieving stress on the local economy.

Imprisonment – Converting jobless workers to prison workers provides labor and capital to private industry.

Zeitgeist of the Freeman

The advances in health care and the institution of welfare programs have caused an anomaly, the Freeman. While these services have boosted economies during times of depression, the aftereffect has caused tremendous population growth. It produced “middle class” citizens who were immune to standard population control methods.

The Freeman is any person who can claim their right as a free moral agent. Any laws must be contracted with the individual. As such, that person must represent themselves in a court of law as a freeman to claim grievances against any broken contracts. In contrast, a slave has relinquished their freedom as a freeman via contract.

Under the current Zeitgeist, the only difference between the Freeman and the slave is their financial status. Once a Freeman is reduced to poverty, standard population controls can then apply. When the population is reduced, the economy is then reinvigorated. This is the basic building block of austerity.

How Surplus Workers became Superfluous

When a jobless Freeman enters the state of indefinite unemployment with no job prospects in sight, they become superfluous or unnecessary.

“A society that has permanently expelled a significant proportion of its members from the work force would soon deteriorate into an unbelievably angry country, with intense and continuing conflict between the have-jobs and have-nones.” - Herbert J. Gans

No jobs are being created for the superfluous who will eventually become the victims of the tried and true methods of population control. Poor economic outlooks by the wealthy, rising food costs, and failed policies will all contribute to this accelerated event.

Social Unrest, the Battle of the Freeman on Welfare

The social unrest we are witnessing today is completely engineered. It is the well-timed culling of an excessive population who provide no immediate financial benefit to a wealthier society. The more unruly the populous becomes, the more justification a society has towards forceful depopulation.

Many will be angered by this and try to discount any insight on this issue. However, population control is the indelible truth, a foundation to all major policy changes and new laws introduced over the past fifteen years.

In an article released yesterday, Ravi Katari provides us with a practical example:

“The state-initiated demonization of population segments not in accord with neo-liberal reforms is not unique to the United States. The Indian government has repeatedly labeled a vast sector of its own population as terrorists in order to justify the use of paramilitary forces to destroy associated rural societies that obstruct economic initiatives. The reactionary group, known as the Maoists, has employed violent tactics in an effort to oppose the corporate and government infiltration of the farmers’ lands. For these people, there is no New World or Manifest Destiny to absorb them. The only options aside from succumbing to state violence are to pick up and move into urban slums to find work or to simply commit suicide. Incidentally, the latter option has become a full-blown crisis with a quarter-million farmer suicides since 1995.” - source

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posted on Aug, 7 2012 @ 06:22 PM
Interesting and well-put-together post; thank you.

I used to be a believer in the "depopulation agenda" school of conspiracy theory, but in recent years I have come to see things a little differently - I now believe that a sustained population reduction can really only be a good thing. I believe the earth can support its current load, and perhaps several billions more, but the price we will pay if we don't curb our numbers would be a dramatic reduction of quality of life. Maybe the earth can support 10 billion or 15 billion or even 20 billion, but to do that we'd have to live more and more like factory-farmed animals. I'm sorry, but I think quality should take precidence over quantity.

We are human beings, not teeming bacteria. In my life alone I've seen us population double, of both the world in total and the US as a nation. There has been correspondingly less to to around, leading to grittier, more competitive conditions and a coarsening of the fabric of life.

That said, I disapprove of the methods being pushed by TPTB to curb population. Ideally this would be something that could be accomplished by the free will of humanity: people deciding on their own to limit reproduction based on a common-sense realization of the value of doing so. I am disgusted by efforts to undermine traditional family structure in particular. I believe and hope that humanity can come to its senses in a bottom-up rather than a top-down manner. Hopefully this isn't a case of having our cake and eating it too.

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posted on Aug, 7 2012 @ 08:39 PM
reply to post by CodeRed3D

Population control is not a “new” concept reserved only for capitalist societies.

What hipster sociology class did you attend? Soviet Russia was communist and more controlling than any capitalist society. As a matter of fact im not even going to quote the rest of that section because all of the things you described as "capitalists" are much MUCH worse in communist dictatorships. Everyone is poor and slaves to the state.
The whole "freeman" thing is a delusional fantasy that is pointlessly used in court by people before they hear guilty. It is probably the worst defense used in court.
"Depopulation" is a fantasy promoted by people like Alex Jones


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