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Shimon Peres interview on Greek television

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posted on Aug, 7 2012 @ 01:28 PM
I have promised myself that i will never participate in the Middle East issues forum,for many reasons.
But watching this interview,i just couldn't help myself.

In the interview the president of Israel talks mainly about the economic crisis and the situation in Middle East.Explaining why Iran can't have nuclear weapons and for a little moment he talks about the "new world order".

All countries are changing because the world has changed. No one has a choice. Whether it will pass in modern times or be left behind, poor and insignificant.

Instead of a national economy,we have global economy. No country can escape from the effects of the global economy. And no country can control the global economy. We have the global economy without global government and national government without control of their economies.

So does this mean that it is imperative to have a global goverment as well?
Does he reveal a plan or is it just my imagination?Destroy every country's economy and goverments, in order to establish a global goverment.

As for why Iran must not develop nuclear weapons

I do not know anyone who threatens Iran. But as you know Iran threatens Israel with destruction. And not only that. Iran has imperial ambitions. He wants to become ruler of the Middle East. The Middle East consists mainly of Arabs, not Muslims. Iran, however, wants his version of Islam to dominate the Middle East. No other country in the world in the 21st century who wants to become empire. Just one. If you want to become empire, if you threaten to destroy another country if you are the epicenter of terrorism, developing nuclear bomb, my God is the greatest risk. Not just Israel. There is no leader in the world today that does not consider Iran as a threat to peace and security of its people. Iran wants land, wants oil just wants to be bigger and control. This is an old-fashioned ambition of occupying more land and more power.

WOW,according to what he says,Iran is a true "comic-book" villain.To be honest that is the first time that i hear of Iran's ambition to become an empire.

Full trancript of the interview in Greek.

The interview:

So what do you think my friends?
Discuss and play nice.

PS:There are a couple of forums that this could fit,so mods move it where ever you like.

posted on Aug, 7 2012 @ 01:41 PM
You interpreted exactly as you typed it.

It is the New World Order he and everyone is talking about.

The trumpets have silenced.

posted on Aug, 7 2012 @ 01:41 PM
Very interesting
I recommend everyone to watch the interview

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