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Human looking aliens thread

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posted on Aug, 7 2012 @ 04:23 AM
I only encountered human looking aliens during my experience, so i was wondering if 2 people that encountered the same type of aliens would be more inclined to be friends , than say one person had a encounter with a grey and the other had a encounter with a humanoid. Im sure this theory has been explored, but i cant find info on it. I also realize aliens prolly could project what they want you to see to further their agenda.. Im not saying i believe or dont believe Travis Walton, but i encountered a blond woman, and a very tough lookin fella, in Travis waltons book their is a couple pics of the humanoids, and the guy i saw was not in the pics, the blond woman was somewhat simalar , but all blonds look alike haha kiddin. Those were the 2 main entities i encountered , there were other humanoids in the object, but their faces were obstructed from me , like the only way for me to describe it is, a cloud or white smoke , was obstructing their faces. I have to cut my post short , if you had a encounter with these entities , please post here, i will add more details later. Thanks

posted on Aug, 7 2012 @ 05:53 AM
Well the shock of seeing a little grey man would put your mind on a different wave length than seeing a human looking alien, but I have a question to you what makes you think they could project whatever they want to look like?

Besides the answer lies within you mate, only you can decide if they were human or like what Travis explains

posted on Aug, 7 2012 @ 06:51 AM
reply to post by FoxMulder007

Well done you have just set yourself up.... and now you will be called all sorts of names, so I will do the same.

I have encountered human looking aliens, but I was told by them, this..... you only see us, as we want you to see us.

Therefore all the others, :- Greys, Reptilians, Demons or even ghosts etc., could be the same aliens.

Having said that I have seen different types of u.f.o. : Disc type in daylight, Jet black cloud type, and it looked like a human shape lying on its back, in daylight again, about 100ft long, and the third was like a 8ft bubble with red and orange blocks in the bottom, this was at night but was very close and you could see the bubble shape with the light from street lights. It flew against the wind and didnot go out of shape.

I have never seen a triangular craft or moving lights but that could be because of the reasons given above.

If others don't see any... hard luck... thier not ready.

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posted on Aug, 7 2012 @ 06:03 PM
I suppose i set myself up to be mocked. Or is that the alien agenda, are aliens intergalactic pranksters making fools out of us folks.. haha kiddin .
I spent some time with these enitities, and i payed my dues so to speak, so i do consider myself a expert in my own right, this site is full of Monday morning quarter backs, which is cool, the people that talk smack do make good points ocassionally, i was hoping for some funny jokes at my expense.
I started this thread in hopes that perhaps if there is a humanoid race, maybe they abduct certain types of people, like kindred spirit types, i got along with the entities, if they were alive on earth , i would want to hang with them , as i could talk with them and never had a awkward moment.
I had a point i was going to try to make, but i have to logout now....

posted on Aug, 8 2012 @ 09:09 AM
Human ETs are probably some of the most common ones, along with greys. People who deal with one are still dealing with the other, the whole human race has checkups. Greys are the universal maintenance workers, some similar types may be biological life forms but they're bots, some operate as computers, some are worn as suits.

I'm not sure what you mean by being friends with those more likely to see one type. Remembering anything via ET, is a wakeup call, sometimes its a kick in the pants, ie some people are unaware of the mistreatment of animals and very self absorbed about this system that exploits so many humans and creatures, and so sometimes they feel exploited themselves, but they would not be experiencing that if they were working on their souls more and striving to help those around them and asking questions and wishing to help more if they can, then things change alot, the veil would start to lift in other place. But this is happening to everyone, most don't get to remember even the kicks in the pants, this usually indicates someone is more ready to wake up more.

So for the people waking up, all of humanity is family, in different grades and unconditional love for all is important, not seeing what another has for you, but what you have for another. Some may be friends based on similarities or basically soul family, past steps too, some times it karmic, ie. to address past relationship issues. Difficulties in relationships with others are often karmic, or a learning moment.

I dont use entity for ET. That is something different, ie those who have passed on, or havent even incarnated, I refer to ETs as corporal though in infinite channels, we only see our time frame and frequency really, but corporal is incarnating into a system, having reproduction through natural or cloning methods, etc etc.

posted on Aug, 8 2012 @ 09:15 AM
I have strong opinions about the Travis Walton case, those pleiadians worked with greys, as is often the case actually. But have wondered why they didn't splice time for him. People usually get missing time of an hour or so, but if its a longer time, they will put you back a second after you left, for example in my experience after seeing a grey at the door, a rose colored grey with twiggy body and limbs, I knew we were on some list that night and had quite the dream of abduction for the family and was told, "this day took 9 days to complete", when I went downstairs my sons immediately shared that he felt the whole room shake and it was as if he was dropped off, but the time didn't leap ahead. Though he has shared missing time while up several times. The only way 9 days can be covered is if they do a time splice. And that fit into what I was allowed to remember. That morning I had had contact, the telepathic kind that is easy to shake off and ignore, and in both that, and in the actual memories they were human, on the craft it was 4 identical tall blond women that looked like clones.

With Travis no such thing occurred. He was returned quite a while later, and his crew was charged with murder. I thought about it, and realized this group ensured a very large public exposure and that all of the crew would pass many many lie detector tests at odds of millions to 1, a movie was made.

Et was forcing disclosure.

edit to add: Also, I've been searching for answers regarding this particular group and consider it highly likely they are either the same group he encountered or related, sharing similar genetics. Because the man I picked out as looking similar ended up being his police report drawing. And very much a match, even the blue skin form fitting uniforms. The women are softer than in the picture. More like Billy Meirers women but shoulder length blond hair. I have glimpses of memories of this couple since childhood even taking my brother, doing checkups, being good with kids, much cooler with adults. Scientists primarily. And they conduct hybrid programs.

I got someone who finally read my posts on another forum and gave me answers that I recognized, for I kept arguing with them that they werent' being loving and Love did not do this, nor any advanced people. I was told at that time I had a daughter and was really concerned for my child, where she is, what she is being used for, is she safe?

And I've been told that a time is coming, when things are going to be changing here, and that all the hybrids and children will be found and many rescued, that a place off planet has been arranged, various places they can live and thrive. They were not allowed to do this. It seems some groups are considered renegades, and this person told me this group was a pleiadian splinter group, what we would call renegades, though I knew they were not negatives but not positives by my standards. They followed orders too much in a kind of collective, were beehive mentality, but, to me there would be alot of variety of assignment and work going on then, and variation, and they're in the same boat we're in, they need to raise their love.

And again in the Travis Walton case, they seemed to be forcing public awareness of ufology and I don't consider that negative.

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posted on Aug, 8 2012 @ 09:41 AM
Usually when you're posting, you don't get people who can add a bit understanding to what you're going through, and you just keep the memories adding together, meditating and attempting to wake up more for answers and rarely does anyone have anything they can add to it. That is one reason I don't like the way ufology experiencers are set up on this forum. Creating a safe place to share and add insight, clues and memories is important, to get more answers, we have our own inner draws to certain information, our own senses and buried memories that can lead us to answers. Its either alot like this, which to me feels like a controlled place for ufology where the main purpose seems to be to steer people along the lines of what TPTB want, hence your talking in a room that has all these controllers in it. That is common, or its a room where everyone is going on about channelings and GLF and basically distorting the entire ufology thing, those rooms are not designed to assist in memories or answers either, but to really distort the whole thing. So while information is shared online, its still like the online is all these different control rooms not really helpful in giving and receiving information.
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posted on Aug, 8 2012 @ 10:50 AM
Well i suppose this thread is going to crap here soon, PM me if your in or around Sacramento and have had a humanoid encounter, and would like to chat. Maybe we could grab coffee or catch a MUFON meeting.
I guess i should post something on topic , so i dont piss off the mods.
I mentioned i encountered a man and woman humanoid, and they could have been married ( or what ever its called where they are from) so i mean this with respect, and as a way to further describe my encounter, the woman smelled very good, she had a very nice perfume on, not over powering like a chanel #5, and not too fruity like a kid perfume, it was just right for the situation at hand. The man was very polite.

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