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What are dreams?

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posted on Aug, 6 2012 @ 08:45 PM
People always ponder on what dreams could actually be..

Always thinking:
"But what does that mean?"
"Why would i dream that!?"
"Damnit..i cant remember what i just dreamt about"
"That was weird"
"That was amazing!"
And so on..

But iv'e always pondered onto dreams as to find the simplest explanation for them, and yet, when i think iv'e cracked it, Its only mere perception of what i THINK it is..allow me to throw to examples of abnormal dreams iv'e had open for discussion.

Dream 1
A constant character appearing in specific an inner voice. When i have my flight dreams, which is very often, he watches me from behind and when i origionally achieved this 'flight' within my dreams, its like i remembered how to do it and used that as a kind of 'ability' in other dreams, no matter the dream..
The main peculiar thing about these dreams is the fact he/she speaks sentences to me such as..
"Remember this feeling.."
"Your free in here, but also there is nothing stopping you out there,only yourself..''
''Remember what i taught you and it will become for there is no barrier, only your own..''
I find this amazingly peculiar as if i were to reference flying as a feeling like; running out of breath, eating with my mouth open, falling in love..etc. These are ALL feelings of some kind..a label if you will. So in the quantum world, whats stopping the observer changing the reality to fit its feelings? Like having infinite cake ingredients, but thinking you can use only so much of it..

Dream 2
This one is rather strange old boss woke me and offered me to go for a ride in the car..just a casual drive. Well, all was fine, laughing out the window, enjoying the sunshine, until something..different happened...

we were talking and he randomly interrupted me and said..
''Brett, get up..''
I said ''What?i don't understand..''
''Get up!..your going to be late for work! I'm serious!!''
By that time, i had just had a random realization and my surprise i had 5 minutes to get ready and leave for work..

Dream 3
Last but not least, dream 3. I was on a random field and funnily enough, my strange 'friend' was around me (i can never see him properly,only hear him whisper to me..) and he watched me do what i wanted..
Become a super saiyan (Dragonball Z reference) flew around..felt the power..felt the speed..yet once again..
''Remember this feeling and it will become..''
Strange thing was..i slowly lowered myself to the ground and turned to him..and said..
''This is just a dream isn't it..i'm going to wake up shortly, yes, yes it is a dream, this isn't real...''

I would like maybe..more peoples examinations as well as speculation.
For dreams have always got me thinking as well as others..

1. An inner voice/otherworldly character advising me..
2. A dream having the acknowledgement of time?
3. An acknowledgement of being within a dream..(lucid)


posted on Aug, 6 2012 @ 09:32 PM
reply to post by Winged-Sphinx

Dear Winged-Sphinx,

What an interesting post. It is my belief that we, our consciousness, is in essence a series of emotional states. Helen Keller although she had no language or what we would call "thoughts" still had feelings. Once she was given a language she was able to organize her emotions and have thoughts. Our dreams are representations of different emotional states that we are still experiencing from the thoughts and things in the world around us that we have not finished experiencing. The images and sounds are not what matter, it is the emotions, the feelings that we have in the dreams that we should consider. The emotions are merely expressing themselves as images. Peace.

posted on Aug, 7 2012 @ 01:12 AM
I have a re-occuring dream about my Dad trying to kill me.. I often think if I should take it seriously or what. Im 27 and moved out, but still have this dream.


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