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posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 08:57 AM
This is piece of creative writing , offered under the applicable licences withstanding , as are all my posted productions on above top secret . com . They are not intended to produce any particular responses .

I'd like to explain the world as I see it . I do think before I speak and realise that would be an enormous task , requiring enough work to fit in a book . A long one .

But somehow it might happen . Over time my views have changed and morphed into accepting both the new ideas and scientific discoveries which I have encountered so far , in about 24 years of having any wherewithall much .

In comparison , some of my views have not changed , and these have over time become tried and tested truths , at least to my mind , and certainly those of others.

Its always nice to see , what someone else has passed to me at some time , being taken and up and assimilated as a way of mutual agreement . Not being replied to much , is not necessarily a bad sign , if people cant really argue with what you tell them . But people do regularly argue with me .

I am not one of these people who would say , 'do your research' in defense. Research comes second to attitude in my opinion . The attitude you take in life is a primary precursor to what you know or not , hence what you can and can't understand or use , what you will or wont benefit or suffer from , and what you end up doing , or not doing , in life : your attitude , or my attitude , or anyones attitude , is what will bring them results , whichever attitude it is that they have to take . And everyone takes an attitude , everyone .

With the above in mind , I dont think its a bad thing to try to pass on information , or call it advice , to anyone who has not yet come across the facts of life , whatever they may be . It took me a while to realise these things , or at least the depth of meaning they carry towards intelligent action on planned or unplanned operations , after further progress through the passage of time . So I try to make things simple , and help anyone understand .

What I had thought of while using this site , ( i dont watch much television0 ) is that I have not really passed on anything yet of firm value in my particular field of research , I had not promoted or divulged the methods of my own operations at home , when these could certainly benefit people the world over I expect . These I have kept so far as per norma protocol is that you dont reveal trade secrets , really, to anyone except family . You dont hand over the formula to the competition lol.

But I think its time to release some of these things which I have either naughtily , or prudently kept a secret . I cant decide which . My excuse is that no one would listen anyhow . There might be no flags on this a wall of text
some guy who thinks he knows a things , even i am there on the ignore button . beleive it .
But its a bit of creative writing so what the hell .

There is one profession , of all the worlds professions , which is the best profession to be in .
Its 'gardening' . What's in a word ? In this one , a huge amount , huge . A gardener himself may not even know this . Many who call themselves 'gardeners' are not really very well educated , and they bumble along , just getting the grass cut and borders trim . Gardening looks after even the simplest person very nicely , as long as he is self employed . But he better have gained at least some experience from someone first , because gardening can also summarily eject people with cuts burns bruises , electrocution , stings, blisters , even death .

But thats something that still makes it the winner . When you're a gardener , where is the work ? Just look outside - the work is from here to Timbuctoo , and down every side road . But gardening encompasses more than just home or commercial landscapes - the world is a garden . Farmers , are gardeners , they tend plants .
Businessmens of all kinds are gardeners , they farm resources or dig supplies from the ground , or service any sector , in some way related to gardening . Propagating franchises is similar to gardening , growing your business . Care home owners are farming people , and its a gardening process of a kind .

So , if you are a gardener , then everyday you learn the business of gardening , which is , in effect , the business of living . From subsistence to managing the trust fund's estates . Gardening will everyday make a person more whole , more knowledgeable , more complete . More like a natural human being .
The children of gardeners are often reputed as the best acheivers , not simply practically minded .

What gardening is not , is building houses . But building houses and structures must at all times fit in to gardening circumstances , even down to the necessary design of the foundations , and the physical boundaries of the plot . House building is like a partner to gardening , employing the same skills , however the modern day materials and techniques set it apart . Modern life has separated house and garden , as if the two were non related , and , besides the point , these two need to converge again .

Gardening the word has its roots in 'guarding' , where the idea of guarding a plot for use came from , and it follows that gardens are typically fenced and protected in various ways to give results for the 'guarding-er'
against potential animal or human theft , against wind and weather damage , against other unwanted intrusons .
The gardener learns from early on that to protect and defend against the forces of nature and circumstance are primarily important to success , not just in gardening but also in life .
The gardener learns what effort he must undertake and where he does not need to bother with effort , if he is good . If he really knows this way he will always learn and employ new methods, sustainable solutions , recycling, other cost lowering techniques . He will recognise when in what application a solution will work. If he doesnt he has failed to keep abreast of his field .
A this point highlight the office worker who is farmed by 'managers' into desk arrangements that suit their managers - how big a difference in quality of life , work experience and job satisfaction . The prize went to the apprentice or the naughty kid who failed college . An old boss of mine , got into gardening after selling his milk round . You couldnt say he wasnt motivated - he was the opposite . And he was stinking rich - a hardball landscape contracts player with people like trinity street , who might not even pay if they were p$ed off at all .
He story was to me that , in the village pub , these rich commuters would ask him , @whats your job /?
He only ever said he's a gardener , not 'landscape contractor' or any bull. Then their response was to turn away , not rich enough for us . The fact is he was richer by a long way than any of them , but having his dad and others to tell him the ways of the world , and knowing that respect from the likes of me is more valuable than a rich mans wife's jewelry , and having a life, before , during and after work , means he did not need them . He was always better off without them . Its how things like this stay quiet , but now you know.

So the gardener's world is a truly great place. I feel relaxed , fit , healthy , easy about work and payments , unmolested by the ptb , I've got unbreakable assets and limited liabilities , steady income , and I keep on learning

posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 10:05 AM
reply to post by ZIPMATT

I did some landscaping last night...brought in a bunch of mulch and fabric and installed it around my rock bed. Planted a couple banana trees and some small flowers. Now I just need some solar lights installed

Thanks for the read, it made my day. Especially because I run a hedge trimming and lawn care business.

posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 10:08 AM

A sensible gardener will not take a strictly capitalist approach . This i find to be mirrored by the fact that some companies are very strict on their wel paid staff about morals , truth telling , business ethics , respectfulness .
Its very true , you cant do business , real profitable business , on lies . Or no one will trust you anymore .
A lot of the prnciples that work on a small scale , also apply to large scale situations . For example the real deciders in the corporate world are as rare as hens teeth in reality , and that means they have to operate mentally just about on their own , the same way then as I would in my business .

Taking tips and advice from me has worked in regards to investments that people have made , in many instances.
Good gardening makes life more profitable , in the long run , the goal is abundant resources and satisfied customers , from the breast feeding baby and mother , right up to the vehicle manufacturers bank accounts .
Where large firms have gone wrong is often in economies of scale , being unmanagable (you need to let people get on with things sometimes , or just not do things at all) . Large investments always incur large liabilities , every single time too . Yet in the context of toxic debts , governement bonds , and still banking with barclays , all these things are not obvious always .

Or you wouldnt get mistakes .

And heres an example of a mistake , one which gardeners who are still in business will let you know , as long as you're not setting up next door. And it is this . DO NOT follow with the veritable _delusion that a lot of people have about 'quoting' for your work . If you want to stay in business , you DO NOT QUOTE . You ask for an hourly rate , whereby the client may check your working at any time , and the client must pay , at the end of each days work . Ideally this would be the case . If the client can be sued for payments , and you have suitable arrangements in place already to do so , then consider contracting for exact arrangements. The quote is what you do not give , collecting the money later or by a finishing date is not acceptable in any shape or form.
There are then 2 protocols you must have to gardening business of any kind . 1 . There is no final bill. All payments must be received on time or work stops immediately. 2 There is no timescale for completion . No oneration must come from a calendar or clock of any kind.

These recommended terms for business are not strictly capitalist or exploitative , but they protect the client/provider relationship sufficiently to make it viable , and your business profitable . It is based on respect and evidence , and fair exchange , with liabilities mutually limited. I have come across many a deluded indivual who has lost all business accumen to the nonsense that comes from the schools of 'know your trade better than you' kind of folk , the 'anyone can throw concrete about' kind of nonpayers , and the the pretending to be sharks who start demanding there be quotes , or no work . Seriously - turn away from them.

Someone told me , he was quoted work for his house extension , took the quote he was happy with , and was happy with the result . Now everything has be a quote to him . How will you make a profit otherwise? he asks .
So so paid this much to get her hedges cut ..
ITS UTTER BUll from someone who doesnt do my books , never worked in construction or gardening , never didnt get paid for labour and materials and his own he had subbed , in the meantime , to the thickest of people.
If he'd have done his house up the gardeners way , he wouldnt have got quotes from anyone. He have demanded to know the day rate of each contractor he used , and overseen the job for much less money - minus the profit of the builders which they took from him , not unjustly.
They just know that people are not producers , not consumers of their own products either . Good or bad , they're exploiting one enemy of gardeners , the ignorant consumer . As bad as loose cows in an orchard , a gardener learns that some animals have the potential to wreck everything , all his hard work , in very short order . nb They dont seem to be interested in consuming the end results of work being done , more the work itself is what they will worry about , or feel they consume, even down to whether the builders play radios or smoke . This is the sort to watch out for .

So the gardener has to learn the rules of gardening , the real things about people plants and animals that are going to matter in life , in cludeing in the house , the loft , the garage , the kitchen , the bedroom .Theres no bugs under his bed , the bins are changed , the floor swept , just like that . From gardening you both learn respect and gain respect , if your efforts are effective , your time has been more than worthwhile , as your physical changes you have made , for the time being , will always reflect well . The gardener leaves the place tidy and everyone's happy . And actually , some are jealous . The gardeners got a suntan and no debts , none .
But jonnymelad in a suit is off to work again in his posh horsy , miles and miles up the road , well away

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posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 10:12 AM
a course in marigolds
the botany of desire
the secret life of plants

2 films and one book that are like the zen of gardening for anyone who is interested

posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 10:24 AM
There is nothing I would rather be than what I am. A gardener.
I tend my land.
I plant the seeds.
I keep the seedlings safe.
I keep them warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot and water all in between.
Their needs come first.
I feed them and nurture them and sing to them as they fill me with joy.
I try to make peace between my plants and the bugs - Sometimes I even squish them, those bugs and rip them out, those weeds.
My plants are my life, my cycle of life.
I eat what they give me when they produce and I do not cry for a tomatoes when another fruit is in season nor do I plead for a cherry tree to grow apples.
There is a song in my soul I wish I could share but you wouldn't understand it even if you could hear it.
Unless you're a gardener.
That song we live to - of hope and growth and ripeness and death...
And there is nothing I would rather do.
Than be a gardener.

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posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 10:26 AM
Some gardeners make a sh*t load of money by growing and harvesting from weed plants. Just sayin

posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 10:56 AM
Thanks for the replies it is good to be sharing and nice to meet the gardeners of ats .

I might write another 5k or two on here , so am on the case with that . In america , where s theres a near legal market , I bet they are quids in yeah. Thats one of the fastest growing crops in the world , and most highly nutritious , you can run cars and power station off its oils and resins easily , esp with the biofuels market , and air-flow technology but it s a bugger to harvest , unless you're a gardener, or someone with a dedicated giant size allen scythe

posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 12:19 PM

When balancing the books as a gardener its as much a mental process as a physical mathematical adding up .
At each point through the seasons and progressive developments a review , as thorough as need be , needs to be used . I 'd recommend taking time over reviewing things , and incorporating the more ephemeral aspects , such as the liability incurred , just by leaving the house , for example . Health and safety does nt cost anything . It cost nothing , except if you want to do things , the correct ppe .

It costs nothing to speculate , nothing at all . But good speculation can be a great advantage as opportunities arise.
A building in of insurance policies , not those you pay for , the ones you designed fit for purpose , or the engineering controls , or the cerebrally-guided selection from shop shelves of the exact correct kit or materials for each or multi-purpose job or use . Preferably before it happens . The idea is to explain , so they can get out of the box.

It costs nothing to arrange things carefully , but 'going to work' properly on something should not be held back , because you have to make some profit somewhere . Do it on the right thing though / this dichotomy .

Labour and its supply is a source of profit . Materials are their supply are a source of profit . The storage of such and delivery aspects , including every penny of the prices for these things , matter towards advancement , both in the old ways of the world , and in the new doings of business , in gardening or building or farming . Robot field technology is a potential monster to mankind , or a veritable boon like reliable irrigation systems , these days the parts being fabricated in China or similar . Capitalism on a world scale is or seems to be a necesssary evil , but it should be run on old world gardeners protocols - you improve the environment , not rape and despoil it .

The issues of Agenda 21 are very much gardener's issues . Just on a huge scale . It is feared that the new protocols - such as family life, roads, land ownership and domestic living being unsustainable ? , yes I heard that
are terribly in favour of the metaphorical pigs who have got control of the farmhouse again /Orwell The bad evil gardeners . The treacherous dealers - and yes they do exist . Even on the small scale . And then there's the ones who havent got a clue in the firstplace , and never really will. Such is life.

What people need is regular radical re-evaluation of their circumstances , and state of education - a gardener's review.

Without being dragged from the thread , then integrated profit is where one business serves anothers ends and vice -versa . We'd assume the UN support a corporate style of sustainable , which is not without its uses , and it is hoped there is no desire from the state to move into production to stabilise it if it can educate in how to garden , or put out what should be given in terms of education . How not to lose your kit would be a good start , but most people should know that . What we dont want is people treated like farm animals or nannied from cradle to grave . We do want roads, we do want family life , we do want domestic living , just in the ways nature intended .

Which brings me on to some of the finer aspects of the gardener's world , or those slightly harder to see.
Things really do go back to fences and boundaries , these are fundamental , and the very base of our whole societies (by country) is on that of land ownership , given the economic and statutory circumstances , and the right of the individual to property rights . This is the very basis of life in this world , economically speaking , or from the necessary point of view of the gardener . This I beleive explains why there is a large difference in the behaviour of say , the police , to certain crimes .

To break into someones house , forcing entry , to occupy their property without their consent , to not remove oneself from the land when ordered by the owner or his agents ,

These things are punishable by the summary justice of swat teams , if who carries it out is serious about it .

Then again , many other crimes , which might be seen as worse crimes , go unheeded , unpunished . Its like the law of 'get out of my house' . everyone understands it , just not in these ways . It is true, fair, and necessary for normal life to function , and the it is the view held by advocates of egalitarian consequentialism which favours property rights (see wiki 'justice') . Fences and gates and posts . And the consequences of being on the wrong side of them ....

IT only remains true and fair as long as politically speaking there are enlightened liberals , somewhere near being listened to. These would be gardeners of sorts , they dont want to see the apple trees being torn down by cows
Very sensible . Being a land-owner and its pespectives may come in another post further down , with addressment of agricultural/farm business tenency

posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 01:00 PM
reply to post by Skywatcher2011

yep, starrrr, it's so humanizing to garden....those guerilla farmers, I guess they're more unable to plant in the wilds... what with the lack of water as the decades march by.
they should just grow for their own in the corn bed frame area.

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posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 01:21 PM

The issue of fraud and the taking of goods or land is of high importance to landowners , and those who advocate property rights as being the only equal or practical way to distribute resources . The thinking that goes into to theories of justice is beyond the point where I have to leave off , but I would guarantee they are worth a read .

Knowing that death is a great leveller it should be realised that several aspects of land ownership are precariously hanging over , like the arctic shelf . When a property owner dies , then the lawful and enforced proceedure is that of inheritance . So if you inherit land to are entitled to keep it . But what is not mentioned is the 'finding' of land , the ownership of which has passed over , to no one . While constitutionally speaking the queen is owner of all this country here where I am (UK) , there is a certain entirely unspoken law being , effectively , 'if you are not here , then you are not chosng to enforce any law to force me to leave . And no one (they dont own the land) else has come to enforce it for you . And thus there is a law in the uk that 12 years occupation , especially by improvement work on unowned goods , gives you entitledment to lay a claim for it with the land registry . The land registry charge fees for applications to find out who owns a piece of land , and if no one owns it , it s yours .

In scotland , land rarely changes hands . It is , apparently , just about all ties up in trust fund accounts . These funds have remote managers . Sometimes they are bankrupt / toxic debt sometimes not.
The same apples , if you are not here , the I can stay here . I am improving the property for ...'you', and 'us'
And sometimes if it wasnt for those plucky peasants who existed on being gardeners , no house get built , and no mill was built on beer and bread.

Realistically , it can be done , and realistically , it cant . Sometimes in life you have just got to take a chance , or thank God someone gave you a tip off .

Anything we do though is still buit on hard work . The proverbial blood sweat and tears of worry . You never know what's coming next or what the proverbial idiots will come up with for you . Life's a challenge if you're looking out for your self , its a winnable one . And once you know what you're doing , add the others to the plan . When are teams which work as teams ,when there are only small or even disabled hands to plant in rote , this is when it works - you eating , guaranteed , and there is your start . Then go from there to build your house.

The agricultural tenancy is a remnant of the very sensible dealings of the old world - when winter , the harvest being stored dry and safe , and everybody getting through it together was of paramount importance to human survival and progress . Land ownership is entirely unsustainable without agricultural tenancy , because the landowner needs the tenant to agree the terms which are obviously to the landowners favour . These are obvioius factors to the survival and profit of both landowner and tenant - fences , access , hedge cutting , roadways ,security of buildings , maintenance of features , all of thes factors the tenant carries out or the landowners , while he also provides them with a level of rent. This would be a low figure given the work the tenet has to do , down to even £60 a week on 350 acres , as example of existing 100 yr lease .

Doing the math and presenting the business proposal , sometimes called a farm-business proposal if it involves an integrated profit . This is the work of the tenant and he must work out how much rent he offers . He provides projected figures, with balance sheet and profit and loss account . He also swears to undertake the necessaries given the council tax or sublets or maff regs or office business, if he is to get the proposal approved and become the tenant . For maybe 7 years or longer and multiple renewable terms etc. , as is offered and according to the tenants iwn assessmet of the land and what he can do with it . The landowner gets to specify about the wood rights, the shooting rights , the method of farming etc. He can reject a diversification proposal on technicalities should he wish to . There's good reasons for ploughing and not subdividing whole fields for landlords, obviously.
Sublets may be specific to request etc , potentially flexible arrangements.

For the gardener the goal is to build assets towards housing his family - and any potential tenant must specify his level of assets . This would be -
livestock - listed & market valued ( if he has any yet)
And deadstock - (his assets are his tools and effects plus stored materials)
By example to run an 80 acre farm you might be expected to own or have at your disposal around £60 000 worth of assets for the job of farming . With gardening then tools and machinery , materials and living stock are interchangeable with agricultural operations / supply analysis / further
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posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 02:48 PM

If you are not a gardener and you have got this far down the page there here follows something you might not understand . If you are a gardener or a farmer or even a landowner then this would be for you . There have been some very good things happen on farms , and some very bad things indeed . Matey got his arm ripped off, now he hasnt got it , he has to type with one hand too . And for small potatoes . Off a busy pto shaft.

It wasnt any of us , but it was him who took it . There have been many farmers kill themselves and live in literal fear of the next working day , and the clueless idiots again . For Gods sake this a crying shame. There are farmers paranoid and being bled dry to beyond bankrupt . Dead more like . So we present the view of gardner towards these. The land will we make it a dead zone , even all that space ? For who's banks' multiple toxic losses?

For crying out loud they should living in council flats , while the roadsweepers (in credit... at all )! move out !
Should we pay the economic torment to middle men , the pirates , or ourselves ?

Steering away from radical moments, the first benefit of integrated profit is sustainability , a mutual arrangements with shared liabilities , gains through cutting of material supply losses being primary to securing business , and furthering profit sources . The word 'revenue' refers in ways to the changing of places , or changing of hands, re-venue. The finding of virgin land or new customers is a base goal . In the other hand , staying in one place for too long can bring unwanted onerations , such as dear mrs cook worrying with no need wether yu are coming this week, wasting your time ringing you up 0 you dont profit from oneration . So in advance for any theories or suggestions coming , then , short term is not always a bad thing, things changing hands quickly or even less slowly either . Temporal observations of long and short term analysis must be over-riding when understanding integration techniques for businesses. The future is when the harvest is , as we all know .

Basely speaking without drawing a supply diagram with the arrows depicting movements of people goods and operations through a business , the integrated profit system applied the pairing or gardening and tenant farming or other occupation of land resource intended but for agriculture / theoretical

To supply rent to the landowner , the tenant runs a landscaping operations , off farm up to 3 days a week , and uses the staff he employs both for this business and his agricultural oversee, 2 days a week

This then becomes a sustainable arrangemnt in itself , and hypotheticaly and in reality , the land can be fallow as long as the tenant foots the rent . From his gareing business. Set up like this , the gardener/farmer then proceeds to make due links between both aspects of business at the same time as , or moving away from supplying , purely external needs. Farmland , good enough , can be used to propagate garden plants , or enough turf to supply the landscaping requirements (at @ £2.50 a metre?) , or the manure , topsoil , the compost
The feed work both ways , in and out , so the farm can take with and pass on sales of food to gardening clients (unlikely) but as example . All facilities are shared , without exception by both arms of the trade , including storage .All materials a re shared as the farmer can charge to accept any greenwaste for compost from garden clients (check legality)
Surplus products or unsold goods have a home , esp if storable . Idle hands can be found jobs/new skills to do if need be on a diverse set up . Sublet by pleasantries become profitable labour or partners in profit. Wastes products suc as pre-sale veg trimmings / old straw / grass cuttings , anything becomes of value , critically , as long as you have got the space , the land obvioiusly, and the buildings./ farmhouse (0.001%)
Local markets can be adressed by integrated profit systems , the business becomes a known local trader if it survives and there plenty of exmaples of sometimes old businesses run in this way . Education being what it is , and with all the reliance on science that goes on nowadays, diversification can become a dirty word unfortunately. Having a tractor, a trailer and plough, is honestly , the only way unless your landowner likes lots of free horse manure. Average landowners are pretty savvy, but I woulldnt say they wouldnt recognise , or ignore sometimes , a good idea. They'd do both , so proposals such as these are worth a try. For the gardener if he can get tractor maintenance and develop his mechanical abillities, or if he can deftly hire and show it to be a maxim he can use, then the combination is the key .

In this world you have to have both , you cant be a purist all the time . If you're pure about some things then good , but in the mix is where it happens - what you can afford to pull off when . Avoiding attatchment to nightmares- /the review

posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 04:23 PM
What i would add to this thread which will not ramble further and move away from theories or emotional rhetoric or hypothetical proceedure it is worth it to provide perspective as per a long article of creative recommendations .

These are 1 . A good gardener will run a clean business , or everytime his work is finished the environment is _spotless , regarding these faults -
loose (floorbourne) debris of any kind
blocked access ?

in nonspecific order

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