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A Timely Reminder,... Reflections on Grandfather ... [APWC]

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posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 08:04 AM
StoryTeller: In Time ... immemorial!

Just like the grains of sand falling through the eye of an hourglass, so are the days of our lives....

Narrator: Nice to see you!

I live somewhere in the suburbia projects ...

I just hang about leaning against a wall and quikly return things that are given to me in the right light.

I often see myself reflected in Grandfather and Grandfather reflected in me!

Here are some things I reflected upon ...

In order of chronology ... 12 months ago, Melody Rhymes Grandmother, Harmony Jukebox (deceased may she r.i.p.),

... passed away and Melody made Grandfather come live with us, instead of him going to spoil and wither away in some reject opshop retirement home.

So one day he arrived in a white van and they wheeled him in and left him standing in the hallway.

Grandfather looked a bit brittle and weathered stiff like very dry old wood ... but his brassy face hadn't lost any vigour and it shone magnificently.

The driver didn't shake his hands as they left though and I thought that was rather rude, but Melody was very happy.

Grandfathers heartbeat is as steady as a clock ... Tick Tock ... Tick Tock ... and although he can be flat and see sharp when he is a bit wound down he is generally all natural and that helps everybody stave off falling out of tempo with the rest of band-wagon!

It is not as bad as organ failure but you still can't march and dance without being lockstep & in tune with the symphony.

Bass Clef, Melody's boyfriend, said that Grandfather is "No Treble!" and is glad to orchestrate to Grandfathers syncopation.

When Grandfather is feeling very wound down and at rest ... Melody has the Key to wind him up again , but that is on a secret chord fretted about the 5th ... amendment situated right between Melodys voluptuous cleavage (psst. follow the cleavage ok) so I hope your taking notes and learning to play along. Don't be a boob and get yourself exposed ok ... it will attract all kinds of dirty old men!

Grandfather stands over 6ft tall and very still like a military sentry guard ... keeping overwatch and being very regimented about alerting us to the passage of time with hourly alerts.

Grandfather is always calculating on the run and despite his rundown looks he has an amazing endurance going for several days before Melody needs to chime in and save the day.

Even when at full rest and completely wound down Grandfather is still correct twice a day regardless and who needs batteries when one can just spring into action after dialing him in on target timeframe.

When he is fully wound up and in the swing of things Grandfather is the pace setter.

Grandfather isn't rusty at all and he has all his fine mesh gears up top working so that he can cognitize and communicate what is best window of opportunity to act now timewise.

Grandfather is a well oiled and lubricated machine and powered the inner spinning flywheels of his still functional mind turn him on and around, but you would have to look him directly in the face to notice that because time doesn't make any of its own sound it just retweets it, now aint that profound..

Grandfather is also an excellent swimmer although I have never seen him get wet or take a dive, he take leisurely hourly laps clockwise all the time and he tactfuly swims the temporal rivers and timestreams to bouyantly float 200+yrs down through the ages from whence he was once originally berthed many rapids back.


Grandfather has an older more famous cousin in London UK called Big Ben, but they have never taken the time to visit andI think that is good because nobody, not even Grandfather, wants to be overshadowed by a towering POM. Does that ring any bells?

Anyway ... What would I know? I am just the hallway mirror!


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posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 08:10 AM
um.. hmm i... uhh so... i see but.. umm what is going on? confused.

posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 05:20 PM
reply to post by Zatox

Explanation: Uhmmm?

ATS Short Story Writing Competition: My Cat Says the Darndest Things Writing Contest [APWC]

Personal Disclosure: :shk: I hope that helps!


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