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posted on Oct, 10 2004 @ 09:09 PM
You don't really have to reply to this, this is just a place where it's okay to talk about religion or say anything you really want... so I just felt like puting this up for fun.

my poem...


It couldn’t have been coincidence
she…coming back
I think it was He who kept her alive
He, who says He lives forever


Can someone explain
why It felt real
it wasn’t morals
oh no
anyone can have them

it was bloody cold
so old so old
this world was sold

Tell them to back off
they don’t know me, go

”what’s up”
he would say
yeah I liked him
not like that, though


Honey, I’m not listenin,
Maybe I don’t care
because it runs though me…
like air…
but hey…tell Glenda I miss her
I know you guys know her, even though you don’t like me
no… nobody did.
Please tell her…tell her…suicide is not an option.

That’s right, I don’t care about this life
I heard there was a lifetime and I heard there was eternity
I heard I could eat a rock and I heard I could eat warm bread.
I was ready
bloody hell I was waiting
Maybe I just knew this life would slip away
way away
But you can stay and keep your day
Though I’m about to break this wall
made of bricks
found myself breaking commandment
five, eight, and …six…

The sun was gold
the sun was shining
Can you feel the heat?

I saw him,
yes... him I liked
not like that though
Eyes of blue
like the sky
like the pool I was in.
I couldn’t look directly in them
because I saw Him
Him who saved me
too great…
or as he would say

Way away
like I said
but I’m okay.


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