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New Collaborative Writing Idea And I Would Love Feedback

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posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 05:15 AM
I have an idea for a new collaborative writing thread and wanted a general consensus on the idea and who would be interested in participating if I started it. I don't want to put it up if nobody is interested in playing along so I don't have a huge failure staring me right in the face every day.

This will involve your imagination skills being tested to the limit!

I want to create a genie thread where one starts off with a wish. The following poster will grant that wish and use their creative writing abilities to screw that wish up beyond imagination....ending with their own wish that loosely follows the previous post. So on and so forth.

An example would be as follows...

I wish for my own cruise ship.

The next poster would reply with something akin to...

*POOF*! Your wish is granted. You have your very own cruise ship but little did you know that the ship had to come from somewhere. It turns out that there are 3 heavy set men and a donkey hot on your trail for stealing their ride. You realize this and try to go faster so you can escape their wrath. While speeding you hit a snow white baby seal doing just enough damage to tick him off. In his haze of floating stars and encroaching darkness he makes eye contact with you and thinks you look like the guy that came there a week ago to club his family. The ship matches what the seal remembers at any rate.

He sends out his warning call and within minutes the sea is covered in large, very angry seals. They manage to jam your propellers, leaving you sitting like a dead duck in the middle of nowhere with the ship's real owners still chasing you like the hounds of hell.

You can stop there and tie in your wish for the next poster to grant. Something like...

I wish that (poster's name) had gigantic oars so he could try to save himself before it's too late.

Then the next poster would start with granting that wish and screwing it up all over again. It can be funny, scary, paranormal, etc. Your choice.

I think it could be fun and hope I explained it clearly enough. It can give everyone a chance to have a bit of a laugh while honing their creative writing skills. A win/win scenario.

Just reply to this or U2U me if you think it would be a good idea and you would like to participate in it. It won't really work if I am the only one doing it.

Thanks everybody!

posted on Aug, 6 2012 @ 03:11 AM
Ok folks, I have had just a few replies so far and from those with writer status but I have had a few more than that from folks who don't. I actually didn't even think about this being a "closed" forum until people started sending U2U's. So my next question is...who would want to participate if I posted the thread in the "Short Stories" forum? I am thinking it should fit in just as good there as here if more folks can join in.

Again, you can send me a U2U or reply here...if you can.

BTW, I would appreciate it a lot if a moderator can tell me if this thread idea can still be posted in the "Short Story" forum before I do it. Please? I know the physical appearance of the please makes no difference, but I can add "pretty" to it if that will work.

As usual, you guys are awesome.
I am excited to see how this will turn out!

posted on Sep, 27 2012 @ 08:41 AM
This looks like a "game" for the "Chit Chat" Forum to me.

No second line.


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