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the aggressive questionnaire.

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posted on Aug, 4 2012 @ 05:25 AM

Hand cuffed and over the hood,
The torch light's bright.
Going through my pockets, the aggressive questionnaire.

Yes sir, no sir.
Compliant, play there game.

For no reason at all,
Picked up and dropped to the right.
From waist high, cuff's behind your back.
Whatcha gonna do..?
Like a human whip, the white flash rippled my vision of the roadway, Hard.

Am I dead?

This changes everything.

a Strange calmness flows over me now.

My mind was already open.
wait What is this?..ah hah !!

Perhaps Sensory Overload?
Concussion or shock doesn't last this long.

Was I suffering something or does everything seem different now?


Let me show you what you have created,
My new best friend

My senses are 10 fold.

I am ready.

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