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BEWARE, the world is on fire.

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posted on Oct, 10 2004 @ 01:56 PM
Iran, Irak, Palestine, Korea, might be compared to the defunct AXIS of EVIL
of the 30s. The League of Nations failed the planet then, as may also do the UN.
Internal conflicts, as stated by some on this forum, must be solved internally by the people for the people.
Intervention by others, which shoul come from the UN only, should be used only when a nation invades another, as in Kuwait.
In my part of the world, as in a few others, exist an important group that would split our country. They are free to try and have many elected members of our parliement. But, at each elections, they are rejected by the people, those who matter.
One reason for this is that the people are getting more and more educated, they can read, they can think and vote freely.
Our governments are far from perfect, in fact, sometimes, some members are plain rotten, however, that is the hardest choice the people have to make when comes the time to vote.
For the time being, we live in peace and should be able to do so for a while yet.
Mind you, yes, we also had bombs and innocents killed. Order was restored without a single shot being fired by troops or police.


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