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Bush's plan VS Kerry's plan

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posted on Oct, 10 2004 @ 12:12 PM
Bush's plan for the future, as stated in the 2nd debate:

we're going to train troops [125,000 by 2005] ... we're spending 7 billion [to train the troops] ... we're going to find Osama Bin Laden ... get the Brits, Germans, and the French to pressure Iran to give up its nuclear ambitions ... we're paying attention to the Axis of Evil ... removing troops from Korea and Europe and replacing them with modern weapons ... no draft ... a lot of good people working hard to stay on the offensive ... spread freedom ... get seniors to sign up for drug discount cards ... 2006 prescription drug coverage is offered in Medicare ... continue lowering taxes, but still spend whatever is needed to protect our country, while lowering the deficit by half in 5 years ... make sure Congress doesn't overspend ... increase the economy by having an "energy plan" and a "litigation reform" (he mentions no specifics) ... increase wetlands by 3 million ... proposed the Clear Sky Initiative ... continue to push clean coal technology ... spend money on development and technology that will help the environment ... allow small businesses to join to purchase healthcare ... spread health savings accounts ... won't spend anymore money on stem-cell research beyond the 70 lines already out there ... no tax payer's money will be spent on abortion ... enforce parental notification laws ... promote maternity group homes


Kerry's plan for the future, as stated in the 2nd debate:

Fully fund the "No Child Left Behind" Act ... allow NATO to help (or completely take over) the training of Iraqis, something the group brought up as a possibility in a meeting a couple weeks ago, but was ignored by Bush ... implement a process to reduce Russia's loose material in four years rather than the 13 years it would take under Bush's plan ... work on a massive global counterproliferation effort which would include scrapping our own plans for bunker-busting nuclear bombs in an effort to hold ourselves to the same standards we ask of other countries ... increase active duty military spots by 40,000 so that we don't need to use a backdoor draft of National Guard reservists or a reinstated draft to fill our military needs ... remove catastrophic cases out of the healthcare system and pay for them via a federal fund so that they don't artifically impact healthcare premiums, which will allow more affordable personal plans, as well as allow small businesses to offer healthcare packages, which will increase the number of Americans covered ... raise the child-care credit by $1,000 for families to help them be able to take care of their kids ... have a $4,000 tuition tax credit that goes to parents -- and kids, if they're earning for themselves -- to be able to pay for college ... implement tax cuts for people making under $200,000, while repealing tax cuts back to the Clinton level for people making above that ... currently sponsoring a bill along with McCain that will eliminate tax loopholes for businesses that outsource jobs overseas ... create a manufacturing jobs credit and a new jobs credit for people to be able to help hire and be more competitive here in America ... reevaluate the Patriot Act so that it cannot be used in a way to deprive American citizens of their most basic rights ... put the 100-200k frozen embryos already stored away in fertility clinics to use by using them for stem cell research


None of the Bush supporters took me up on my offer to go thru and post what Bush plans to do in the future to put America on a better course, so I did it for them, using the same guidelines I did with Kerry. Actually, that's slightly wrong as I mainly posted specific future plans with Kerry, whereas Bush spoke in more generalized terms so I had to include plans such as "find Osama Bin Laden." I should go back and list the more generalized plans of Kerry as well, but I think you get the picture as is.

Reading these two plans for the future, you tell me which is full of substance.

I will give Bush credit, at least towards the end of the debate he did come up with some specific plans like Kerry had been providing the entire time. Bush's plans for healthcare were specific, I only wish his plans for Iraq, and Al'Qaeda, and the economy provided the same sort of "substance."

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posted on Oct, 10 2004 @ 04:36 PM
So quiet....

....this is the internet-equivalent of that 5+ seconds of dead air when Bush was staring dumbfounded into the camera during this first debate.

I guess it's obvious why no Bush supporters wanted to go thru and pick out the "substance" from his 2nd debate, but I didn't think if I went and did it for them they would still dodge the issue?

Vote for Bush in '04, we're gonna:
- pay attention to the Axis of Evil!
- stay on the offensive!
- spread freedom!

Boy, talk about a lack of substance

posted on Oct, 10 2004 @ 04:44 PM
Its very simple while bush supporters will bang their heads to justify the actions of our president, the truth is that in four years he could have done all these promises that you posted, but instead we are in debt, we are in a war that our president don't even know anymore what he went into war for, because bin-laden taliban and Al-queda are not in Iraq.

So what does he need 4 years for? To finish killing the nation?

While kerry is offering hope, bush has to defend is poor record.

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posted on Oct, 10 2004 @ 05:01 PM
Why bother saying anything? You are condescending and you won't LISTEN or CONSIDER what is said and your intention is just to pounce on anyone that goes to defend . I won't speak for all Bush supporters, but I'm not in the mood for dealing with that right now. Tomorrow is another day and perhaps then I'll be more in the mood to deal with you.

But while you are singing the praises of Kerry's 'plan' please explain to me how he will implement these things while at the same time lowering taxes. You cannot do all of the things he mentioned AND pay down the national deficit unless you are going to do serious cuts in other areas and those other areas would have to go WAY beyond just governmental waste!


posted on Oct, 10 2004 @ 05:04 PM
The following info is in the Columbus dispatch. The Bush health care plan is estimated to cost the tax payers 120 million and the Kerry plan is supposed to cost 650 million over the next 10 years. Since everything with health care is going up 20 to 30 percent every year the bush plan will probably be around 500 million and the kerry plan around 2.6 billion.

posted on Oct, 10 2004 @ 05:08 PM

Most of us declined as alot of these topics have already been discussed at the Campaign 2004 Forum. Please follow the link to it here:

posted on Oct, 10 2004 @ 05:09 PM
Our nation is in the gutters right now and to get it out of it we all have to pay for it.

Unless the rich companies in the counry that make money out of us will give back some of it, I don't see how bush is going to do it, but at least kerry is giving hope.

bush has not problem spending our tax payer money, he thinks our nation is a bottomless money pitt.

posted on Oct, 10 2004 @ 06:52 PM

Originally posted by Jemison
But while you are singing the praises of Kerry's 'plan' please explain to me how he will implement these things while at the same time lowering taxes.

Repeal the tax cuts on those making above $200,000, and not getting us involved in optional wars with $100 billion+ price tags would be a good start.

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