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wierd deja vu

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posted on Oct, 10 2004 @ 10:07 AM
Last night me and a friend were walking down the road to his friend's house when some random drunk guy started shuothing "what are you staring at" we thought he was shouting at some kids that were sat on a step, the guy ran up and pushed my mate from behind then hit me when i turned round- i hit back and landed one on his face and then my mate hit him after that- then he started to go into his pocket i didnt know what he was going for but it couldnt have been a big blade cause he was reaching far down his pocket. I was ready to give him a flying kick to the head though.
Now the second after he hit me once i actually registerd that id been hit i had deja vu i knew what i had done before and i knew what i had to do i just kept my guard up when he came at me and i very nearly did give him that flying kick to the head- he soon backed down when i started running towards him- eventually his girlfriend grabbed him and we went our seperate ways.
In the end me and my mate felt sorry for the guy- he'd obviously been drinking and was in a huff about something, wew joked about him being brave to just flip on two guy's and also thought he was lucky that he didn't start on any of the loons from my town.
Well thats the story of what happened, but it got me thinking about deja vu. I have deja vu about once or twice a year and each time it happens I know it is happening sometimes i go along with it sometimes i snap out of it, i see these experiences as 'sighnposts' in my life cause everytime i get deja vu i seem to be more concious and more aware of what is going on around me, its like sometimes (when i get it) i can switch off because i know what is happening and i just go with the flow.

Has anybody else had an experience like this? Dose anybody else see deja vu the same as i do? Happening at times in your life that are significant for some strange reason?

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