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Iraq wars. Like father, like son.

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posted on Oct, 9 2004 @ 02:47 PM
For people who ask if Bush Jr. will ever be called to account for
the Iraq war by the international community.

The answer is no.

The Gulf War.. remember that. Bush Sr. with the administration
cronies, and the "coalition of the willing", against Iraq in 1990
(the buildup for conflict began before the "offical" start of war
that was 1991).

For those of you too young at the time to understand what that
was all about, you might be interested in
the conclusions drawn about that war, the US, and the President.

Compare then to now, and clearly " father, like son..".

Bush Jr. and cronies will walk away from all their shenanigans,
a lot richer, and no one in the end will do anything about it.

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