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Religion as mentalities

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posted on Oct, 8 2004 @ 03:43 PM
Okay, I'm sure everyone has thought of something like this at least once, but what if everything we beleive in religion is actually a symbol to a mentality. It's kinda hard to explain what I mean, but lets take christianity for an example:

God- Nature, justice, and good use of power. Nature, because God is described as the creator of everything. Justice, as the God of the Old Testament was makking sure that his will was obeyed, and that no wrongdoer went unpunished. And power, because the biblical god was all powerful, and used this for good, ie: not to destroy things for no good reason.

Jesus (or the messiah of other religions)- Humanity, forgiveness, serving others. Jesus was (through most of his life) a human. So this represents our state of being. Forgiveness represents the ideal that we should forgive our enemies, in order to build a better world. Same with serving others.

Holy Spirit- This represents the capacity for all the above that exists in man. It shows that we are capable of all of it. It is what exists of these mentalities in our souls.

Devil- This would be the opposite of the Holy Spirit. This mentality represents the desire to serve one's self above others. This is the destroyer that god condmned to Hell, which shows our ability to defeat the evil within ourselves.

Okay, so that kinda sums it up. Tell me what you think... Thanks.

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