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Why come

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posted on Oct, 8 2004 @ 10:35 AM
Why the hell come there isn't an economic system election where the citizens of the U.S. may get to vote to select what type of economic system they truely want?

Americans are so conformed to go a certain way--Don't you see this?! One might say that America has been confined to hold less liberty. Only together we the people can expand the liberty in this country.

There most certainly needs to be made a new bill or whatever that gives us Americans the voting power to be able to change the economic system. So inform your congressman or make some kind of petition or do whatever it is to bring about a day when Americans can vote to be able to change the economic system!

It shouldnt have to be a poor class of people among in America at all! If you the people are so intelligent then use your brains and make it so it doesn't have to be a poor class of people in United States of America. At least create an opportunity for people to be able to change.

My brain storming:

Since I thought of an economic system election, such an election should be held on March 9th (my b-day ) and be held like maybe 9 years apart.

For such a forthcoming economic system election the unfolding plans of newer economic systems may be introduced for the people of America to decide on.

This kind of economic system election will revolutionize the intelligence of people of America. The civil revolution will be televized!

On the ballot you should see and be able to choose:


Plus, there should be commericals for them just like those campaign ads to inform the people. And there should be debates held even by some kind of persons or teams acting as the representative for the particular economic systems.

[Edited on 8-10-2004 by Sign Related]


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