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911 doubt, can someone help ?!

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posted on Oct, 8 2004 @ 05:44 AM
Ive been hesitating since i woke up today if i should post about this or not.
I finally decide to do it because i have some thing in my mind which i cannot understand.

Yesterday night i watched a documentary about 9/11 called "911 In Plnae Site".
And i have some questions that maybe some ppl here can help me.

About Pentagon.
I saw the 5 frames gif, which is the only security cam image released by the governement......So my questions :

- Why we see no airplane in the images ?
Maybe because there was no plane ?, in this case where did the airlane which they told us went ?
- Why the date/time stamp in the pics have a background and why it shows wrong date ?
Maybe because they edited the video and took off some frames where we could see what have hit ?
- How could a plane 124 ft larger left no print in the building, since the collapsed part has only 65ft ?
If u see the pics from the building before it has collapsed u see no major hole on it or any debris near the damaged area....and how come the left side of the collapsed area which still up have untouched parts inside ?...we can even clearly see a pc monitor in very good contitions.

I read the other huge and nice topic/research in this board, and im sorry but i see nothing conclusive there and no proof at all about a plane had crashed there....

What happened to the airline ?....if it didnt crashed at the Pentagon...


About the WTC.....
I searched a bit over the net and i see that some ppl reported that the 2nd plane they saw crashing had no window and was not an AA plane...
So, what do u think about this ?

Again, if was not the airline, where did it goes ?
What happened to those ppl in that flight ?

Another anomalie is the strange explosion near the WTC tower before they collapsed, what was it ?
If u have the oportunity to see the vid which was broadcast (live at that time, and never showed again) u can see the exact time when the explosion happens.

Another thing
Larry Silverstein (leaser owner of the WTC) interview on CBS..
.....he made the decision to pull it out...
To implode a building needs weeks of planning and the aid of lots of come they managed to prepare an implosion in about 8h ?
Maybe this was prepared in advance ?
Someone think that it was everything manipulated, why ?

ffs...each time i see something new about this i have more questions than awnsers.
Sry if most of u are tired to talk about this subject, but i really needed to talk about this to someone.

How come a governement can lie like that, everyone sees its all bull# and nobody do anything ?

Here some links i have

Sry if my post is a bit confusing, but im very confused and couldnt express my self better.

if some MOD could fix the images i posted would be nice....i dunno how to post images in this board.

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posted on Oct, 8 2004 @ 07:25 AM
go here :

all threads pertaining to September 11, 2001 can be found here.

Good Luck.


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