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About Alex Jones.

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posted on Oct, 7 2004 @ 09:02 PM
I must say that i find Alex Jones enjoyable to listen to and i agree with alot of the things he says (not all).
What annoys me about him is that he says he not doing this for the money and that he struggles with money, which is why he says he has brought in prison planet .tv to combat the high bandwidth price
Alex jones is the most listened to radio host on GCN and im sure he is paid very well, he also twists storys to make them fit the facts, ie. bohemian grove where he showed video of the elite in a socalled devil worshiping ritule (i only saw men in masks and a load of rednecks in the audiance).
what makes me laugh is that he always talks about the government using fear to sell you there agenda, but on his show he does the same thing by scaring the pants off you about the govenrment puting chemicals in your water and then adveratises his solution, i,e the berkey walter filter.
If you notice on GCN, most of the adverts start with the message "protect your family" and then offer you the solution product.
in my opinion he is rolling in money, he is slowly letting go of (since i have noticed he is not updating infowars that regularly) to concentrate on where you can fight the new world order for only $5.95 a month, since i never subscribe to any sites i guess i will be less informed. If Alex Jones has over a million loyal listeners then i guess a fair chunk of them will be subscribing to his site, how much money will that bring to him and Paul Watson? also think how much he gets for his videos, i know he say to make loads of copys and hand them out, but this is the best way for him to get loads of free adveratising and eventually more subscribers to his site.
Don't get me wrong, i have been listening to his show for 2 years since the build up to the iraq war and i find alot of his stuff interesting and i agree with almost all his views on 911 but that does not change my view that he is lying when he say he's not in it for the money.
I also found an interesting bit of info on him.


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