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GOD and the ennemy within

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posted on Oct, 7 2004 @ 08:36 PM

Why wage wars on others whose standards of living are so different than ours.

It's no wonder that the orthodox seem to hate us so much. We export views of our standards via different media for the world to see, which help their mullahs stir up their so called religious fervor in order to attein martyrdom. All for the glory of Allah.

Yet, some of our leaders, in the name of democracy, want to impose our ways by sending our own troups to convert them. It has been done through the ages by many religious groups, all in the name of God. which really hides the real reasons for doing so.

Yet, we are loosing these wars abroad without realising that we are loosing the most important war of all, being distracted by these conflicts from which many will not come back.

While we spend fortunes waging those foreign wars, the real ennemy, the weapons of mass destructions, are amongst us with much deadlier effects than any bombs. We chase so called terrorists all over the world, while others, by the thousands who live amongst us, are spreading their viruses nearly unimpaired.

This war is also being lost but most of the energy we can muster is being spread abroad. Local law enforcment can not cope with the growing catastrophic quagmire we are sinking into.
Our leaders are doing everything possible to keep the attention of the masses away from internal problems, repeating, (bis-bis-bis) that they are doing a great job in other lands.
Tell that to the parents of those who have gone, never to return home.

Yet, the young brothers and sisters of those who died on foreign soils are in a greater danger from within, theirs will be slow deaths with great suffering. Pity our future generations. We have seen degradation set in for many years and it is escalating.

For the believers in God,it is said that He gave us a choice, to be or not to be.
Those caugh in the traps have no choice, no will to make their own changes needed.
I made my choice and live in peace though I also went to war. I soon saw the folly of it all. It did help me to make my choice.

posted on Oct, 8 2004 @ 02:08 PM
If you are an American, I will grant you a great reward.

If you are a foreigner, you will be gifted some other time, but I congradulate you on your ability to see clearly.

What you have spoken is the plain and simple observation of what is. It is the truth. America is a greatly confused and disturbed land - its people are constantly evil, its government constantly evil, and the corporations and marketers consistently evil, but they pretend that they are the "righteous ones."

America suffers from a psychotic form of hypocrisy, its children are taught that America is the "Lord's chosen" country and that its systems of government are the most righteous. They are then duped into the service of its systems of money and vice, until they are converted into its believers.

The American system subverts all religion and morality and substitutes it with its own corruption. The wars America wages are not for any kind of morality, or higher cause, as most people of America are unable to advance ANY high cause. Most do not have any understanding of virtue, righteousness, or truth, very few excepted.

Very few people are sufficiently free of the trance of lies that is spun by the powerful forces that govern America to see these things. Even fewer are brave enough to speak of them.

If you look closely you will see the true motivation of these global wars isn't for any kind of moral cause, but is actually a manifestation of the will of those who desire a total global order of Western-Style social structures. They say, free market democracy, but in truth it is to prepare the nations of the world for the same kind of slavery that America is in. It is the perfect slavery - one where the people think that are the "most free" you can possibly be, but in truth are owned up to your eyeballs in every possible way.

The middle east is perhaps the last place on earth where men retain their Liberty, and the powers of the modern west cannot reach. These wars are part of the attempts of the New Order of power to finally attain global dominance.

America has never done anything like this before. It has never invaded a nation without cause, and the people are unable to understand it. It isn't debated, it isn't questioned, only murmurs are heard from the opposition. We fear our government, because our government has become a tyranny.

The republic is long dead, America is no longer a republic. It is a federal tyranny, a superstate that is increasingly becoming a corporate-ruled system. Its people are almost ALL corporate men, their backgrounds and educations were from the corporations, and now our government is an evil secret combination between corporations and politics. It is an ugly and corrupted time we live in, and it is only a matter of time before the intelligent people see it for what it is.

Congradulations on your perception, it is a true accomplishment to attain it. Develop it now and begin to speak more.


posted on Oct, 10 2004 @ 01:11 PM
Thank you Arkaleus. Does it matter what I am? As I live and breathe, I am just a simple human and yes, my blood is red. At birth, I received senses, like most of us, and that includes the power to be able to think and later, I learned to be able to express what I do think.
As far as religion is concerned, since I could think and since I was curious, I did ask a lot of questions which where considered heresies. For instance, in my neck of the world, I was told that jews, blacks and all non christians were damned. This did not relate to my thinking about what we were told as being from a GOOD GOD, created by Him or It.
I visited many parts of the world on four continents and did prove, to myself at least, that indeed, humans were just that, and that included non christians.
Some members of the human race are considered "deviants" by most religious groups. If they are right, then, the Creator, it would seem, made a lot of errors.
So, I'm not religious as perceived by many but, on Thanksgiving days, which for me are every days of the calendar, I do give THANKS to what or who ever as permitted me to just be, ME.

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