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Bhutan.The Land Of The Thunder Dragon.

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posted on Oct, 7 2004 @ 05:03 AM
High in the eastern Himalayas is a country called Bhutan.

It is 47,000km in size (roughly the size of switzerland) and has a population of 750,000.
It is one of (if not the only) ancient surviving civilizations left in the world today.
It has on average a influx of approx 2000 tourists a year and some areas are totally off limits to tourists,because of this it has remained un-spoilt and changed by western influences.
Its also the home of the mythical beast the yeti.

I really enjoyed reading about this beautifull country and theres a fair bit of info availble on the web.I one day will visit it but at the moment its just looking and dreaming.

have a look.enjoy!



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