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Consciousness Engineering ... and a Black Triangle UFO ???

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posted on Apr, 24 2003 @ 09:11 AM
Another entrepreneur was suggesting teleporting "consciousness" rather than a physical body in a "pseudo" time machine. His ideas were based on entangled quantum bits in parallel worlds. Which might be the way to go, anyway, because our immune systems take too long to adapt to radically new environments. Sort of a mechanical way for the rest of us with under-developed remote-viewing skills to -- at least "visually" and mentally -- interact across space and time (shades of Montauk!).
This fellow's "Star Chamber" website eventually disappeared like so many others for unknown reasons. I don't know if he was on to something, or just conceptualizing, or was a dis-info agent. Some things ring true while others do not. His temporary creation of exotic matter -- key in his design -- is not out-of-the-question according to some mainstreamers who contend it is not as far off as most think. The electronic RF prototype modules in his photo gallery seemed impressive (although I do not see how they fit into his designs). His papers referenced leading physicists although his math seemed lacking. (But didn't Edison himself mock many academically-trained "der perfessers" with all their complex theories but not a patented invention to their names? Their cop-out response would always predictably be "it's an engineering challenge [to prove me right]".)

This author also had a design for an Aerospace Flight Vehicle that used a "smart skin" and a Tesla coil arrangement (whether for drag reduction, electrogravitics-assisted propulsion, or "plasma stealth" a la the Soviets, I'm not too clear on). In that paper he showed a prototype model which resembled the "Black Triangle" UFOs that are reported today (with small lights in each corner and a big one in the middle). He seems to be based in the U.K. but spent time in the San Francisco area in the late 90's. For what it's worth, I archived some of his stuff under Item 'H' at . At the very least it may generate an idea-or-two for some of you.

Perhaps the estimated 300-1,000 year lag of Earth science from ET "magic" can be explained by Mind-Consciousness/Matter engineering. You might also want to read the articles on the page.

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