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Just a personal experiences of one guy

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posted on Oct, 7 2004 @ 02:17 AM
This is my first post and i dont know if this will make any sense but i just didnt find any thread about ppls own experiences related to ufos n stuff. First of all im writing this from my work because i just moved and havent got net at my home. Im also from Finland so sorry about my bad english
Now to the experiences. I have hasd them just one too many. I moved because the place i lived was "a bit" freaky. My parents still live there. And my dad never stay home alone. He wont say why but my mom told be laughing that one night a group of aliens came inside the house by some weird method and talked to my father who freaked out totally..The weird # is that i have seen many strange things here (the place is in helsinkis coast, lots of forest)
First thing i saw was when i was 9 y old. I was watching strike to columbia from tv and all the sudden picture lost and lots of aerie sounds came from the telly. I yelled at mom and she had same # on her tv so i thought it must be the antenna. Then i saw a yellow light lurking from outside the house and went to the window. When i looked out i saw a very bright green/yellow object rising from the middle of the forrest straight up and when about 30m from ground it just went off like a bullet. 2 second and it was behind horizon. Immediatly after that tv started to work as normal but it started to rain hmm...i dont know the word but its ice that comes down the sky, and lots of it.
This is starting to look a 2 big message but anyways, second time some weird # happened was when i was with my friend crossing through one dark forrest where no one ever went. We were middle of the hill when all the sudden all the bushes started to move a bit and we heared weird beebs all around us. Exactly like bats but they had feet and they runned circle everywhere around us. It was so dark that we didnt see a # but i have never freaked so much of anything. We just ran about km and the sounds followed us to the end of the forrest. I have never gone back to that forest after that
there are lots of other incidents but i will make long story short and just say that freakest of the incidents was when one night a gray hand dropped a frog throught my window (that room had a window at level of ground)..after that i found one frog / 2 weeks from somewhere inside the house, sounds funny but it just doesnt make any #ing sense.
Well thats my story, more to come later if someone interested to hear.

posted on Oct, 7 2004 @ 03:10 AM
I'm interested. Anything else you have to share I'll read it.

I'm particularly interested in the discussion that took place between your father and the aliens, if one actually did take place. I want to know what aliens would wish to discuss with us. Perhaps you can get your father to talk about the incident with you.

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posted on Oct, 7 2004 @ 03:28 AM
When i have asked him about it he always just smiles and says "nonsense" etc. Doesnt admit a thing
...but my mom told that they talked about some "treasure" under a big rock near our summer cottage. He drove there next day and searched everywhere but didnt find a #. Our familytree has lived on that area about 10 generations..
Always when i try to get him to speak about aliens and stuff he just says in latin "there are life in a forest"..weird #


posted on Oct, 7 2004 @ 03:39 AM
Your experience sounds interesting I haven't had anything like this before (Only had two sightings ever) but I've always wanted to for some reason. Anyway your not the first person to have these experiences and your surely won't be the last I just hope your telling the truth and not another person lieing taking us even further away from the truth. A lot of people experience what you have when you have these experiences do you feel anything? Such as evil, calm, happy, etc...?

posted on Oct, 7 2004 @ 03:59 AM
I have no reason to lie and i dont care if ppl believe or not. My friend wont believe me but they dont call me a liar either because im known as a truth teller.
About the feeling...well now i have moved away to the sub urbs so no more freaky # for me
..but when i still lived with my parents and had this weird incidents i always felt like beeing watched and like somehow someone tried to tell me something. and dreams...i havent remembered a single dream for years now and i dont know why. My girlfriend tells me that i talk a alot during sleep and i have woke up many times standing/sitting around the house with no idea how i got there.Maybe someday i will have my answers, maybe not. All i knwo that i have seen too much this freaky #. Also there was VERY often this enormously loud vibration which came always during the late hours of 05.00 or something. The sound was a bit freaky, like a washing machine. It sounded like it was coming straitgh above our yard but when i went out several occasions to find out what it was i never saw anything. But i heard the sound go away (like very fast to another direction) and then coming back at me..felt like some invisible craft would hover above my room every night and just stare at me..i have had way 2 much of these little happenings that could be something or could be just something very common.

posted on Oct, 7 2004 @ 04:07 AM
I never said you were lieing I just said I hope your not I do believe you. It sounds like whatever happened to you has affected you later on in your life. By that I mean something else might have happened when you were younger such as a possible abduction that you can't remember and they are just keeping tabs on you for some possible reason. I know this is really hard but see if you can try and remember any dreams you might have had when you were younger that seemed 'weird' or try and think even more see if you can remember anything.

posted on Oct, 7 2004 @ 04:37 AM
yup..i has affected me allright..insomnia + amnesia...cant really sleep..and wont remember anything..when u wrote about remembering some dreams about childhood i had this one flashback from our previous home when i was very young. It was winter and i had told my parents that gnomes had visited me..they had laughed and i got very pissed and took them outside my window..there were hundreds of little footsteps all around our dozens of babies would have been there running....there were really stunned by all this because it couldnt be animals but it sure wasnt humans either..well this stuff just keeps coming to me
..maybe some freaky ets have chosen me to be their guineapig about how much a man can take before snapping or something. But somehow i feel morehow surrounded by guardian angels than some freaky monsters..time will tell but im sure this stuff will continue to happen me..

posted on Oct, 7 2004 @ 05:46 AM
Wow Appe,
Have you ever notice anything on your body that seems different, scars,bumps or anything that you can't explain? I't seems strange that you can't recall any dreams, I suggest looking around your head for anything that could affect your normal Brain waves...
Uncertain of your exact location, but it sounds like your parents house is out in the middle of nowhere so to speak... How many people are around that area? Have you talk to any of them about the strange sounds that you mention?

posted on Oct, 7 2004 @ 06:21 AM
Its just on the less populated area of helsinki. Yup sometimes my friends were late at my place and they heard it my girlfriend did..Dunno about the dreams..just wont remember..when i wake up i have often this peculiar feeling that i should remember what i have dreamed but i just cant..and for scars and #..dont know where to start
..lets just say doctors cant say whats wrong with me but theres some weird things happening around me. I repair electronic stuff for my living, laptops etc...and i have this bad carma that things just broke up when i enter the room/touch them..bad choice of career i think
..another thing is that sometimes i can read ppls thoughts..and insert thoughts to ppls heads..but it doesnt work to all if i just repeat my in my head "say you feel tired" and stare my friend it will take about 10 seconds and then he says it
...but i have just put those things to the 1 to zillion cases...
i also have these "i know something bad is gonna happen" feelings for time to time..and it have saved my life couple of times..once there struck lightning to 1 meter ahead of me..and for some reason i just stopped a second before remark i was about 5 y old at the time..
this february i was going snowboarding to lapland..but i cancelled the bus trip day before and said my gf that something bad is gonna happen anyway and i dont wont to loose this new job i have because of some freaky snowboarding we didnt go...the bus rammed to a truck carrying paper piles..about half of the passengers died instantly when the paper rolls rolled inside the bus..this list goes on and on but i dont people to think "what a freak"

posted on Oct, 7 2004 @ 06:53 AM
Don't concern yourself of what others think of you! Thank you for sharing, your looking for answers, continue.

posted on Oct, 8 2004 @ 05:29 AM

Don't concern yourself of what others think of you! Thank you for sharing, your looking for answers, continue.

Yeah,spot on mate-i am really intrested in what you have to say!

would you mind being a bit more specific about the place your from?
i only ask because it would be beneficial possibly to check and see if there were any reported/documented cases of U.F.O activity or military presence in this area-im sure youve probably checked this but it might help us all to do some research for you'


posted on Oct, 8 2004 @ 05:41 AM
Well there is military base island just km where i used to live
..and finnish ufo sightings arent listed so its hard to say if someone else have seen something...but i have heard lots of different sightings from friends and their friends around the regions where i used to live..
interestingly when i was in military ( i was enlisted on the island next to my house) during every shooting range practise there was this long bla bla before the actual shooting about rules when stop shooting, like gun jamming, animals on range, fire etc. but the leutnant had added one more rule about stop shooting if unidentified flying object would come to above the was funny because army doesnt admit anything about ufos.
There was also this case aroun 93 when 3 jaegers had photographed an ufo above santahamina (the base island)..dont know if it was a hoax or not..

posted on Oct, 8 2004 @ 05:51 AM

but the leutnant had added one more rule about stop shooting if unidentified flying object would come to above the was funny because army doesnt admit anything about ufos.

whooooooaaaaaa!!!!! now thats a bit close to the mark!! i could understand it if he said if any of our unmarked military aircraft come over the range stop firing but actually use the word u.f.o. in front of basic national service soldiers (i presume thats what you were?) is pretty strange!

again can you give the name of the base?

what aircraft do you normally see at the base?

Is there any areas of the base that were "off limits" to you,other than normal military stuff?

Did you notice strange activity at the base when you were there?

Is the base ever used by american troops,british etc?

posted on Oct, 8 2004 @ 06:04 AM
there arent any aircrafts around the base..its in the middle of Finlands capital city Helsinki so its pretty of limits for aviation..expect if there are some training operations going on then there might be few helicopters around the area..and no there arent foreign troops at Finland
and about 80% of the island is off limits but i have been there here and then lurking around..nothing usual there..only storage facilities..I presume there have been some incident of flying object above some shooting range or it was a joke..dunno for sure..but army can be very hush hush about everything they want..if something is secret, then its definetly a secret..unlike in the usa

i cant tell much about military because we have this oath where we swear not to tell any classified stuff..i presume every other nations army have it too if needed..

posted on Oct, 8 2004 @ 06:26 AM
sorry,when you said island-i thought you ment an actual island 1k of the coast,not in the city? language difference i suppose?
yeah i understand about the oath thing,fair enough.

posted on Oct, 8 2004 @ 06:35 AM
it is actual island
..but its still in the coast of helsinki..very 200m of water between...
i cant post map somehow..the image just doesnt show..but heres a link to the map
its the island at lower right corner called "santahamina"..i used to live on the coast just north of it..near the bridge...

posted on Dec, 3 2005 @ 02:33 PM
Just searched this post to check things out before posting the incidents to finnish ufo recearher forums ..mind can alter things you know but seems that i remembered these things correctly allright ..many thought filled my mind when reading my own words forgotten.i´m now 23years old living with dog and girlfriend and have studied ufo´s for 14 years now. With internet it´s so much easier
Well i just couple of days ago speaked to my parents about these things again. And to my surprise they weren´t denying anymore. Mom said that he remembered when i talked about her about the time i saw ufo from my room after tv went crazy.
Then she again started to tell about the incident when my father said he saw little beeping men
..father sitted right next to her..not speaking a word
but he wasn´t saying "gibberish" etc..He before did.

About the incident of mine:
I´m not 100% sure but what i remember now is that the lightning of the "craft" was one red light and on green light.The "craft" was so black that you could only see it because the darkness covered the starts behind it. And the lights didn´t reflect light at ALL to the craft. And i think i must been closer to twelve than nine..i try to find the official report to finnish ufo recearchers if i can.

Well..nothing more to add..except weird stars from balcany but i´m no astrologist=).Dunno..maybe more later when i have some digi cam ;D

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posted on Dec, 3 2005 @ 05:05 PM
all your happening sound very interesting...

keep us all updated!


posted on Dec, 3 2005 @ 05:17 PM
Welcome aape!

Interesting story!

Your English is better than some here on ATS that grew up speaking it.

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