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OP/ED: Bush the Son of God

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posted on Oct, 6 2004 @ 03:02 PM
The presidential election is looming, amid electoral debates, CIA warnings, fresh outbreaks of conflict, retractions of the original reason for going to war all of which question the ongoing situation in Iraq and the actions of the resident incumbent in the presidential race, the feeling of the general American public with regards to the war supports the current situation and George W Bush in the ongoing conflict unwaveringly in the polls.


In light of the above claims a shift of public opinion would be expected due to the power of the media perhaps not dramatic but there would be a noticeable shift in response to these allegations whilst they are still being questioned and discussed.

Has America decided that there is a higher purpose for the current situation or have they had their own ideals used against them as justification?

The below article from a British paper suggests why the Bush has retained the support of the electorate:
Faith rules. After a faltering start to his presidency, Bush found his role in the aftermath of the attacks of September 2001 as America's pastor-in-chief. His inarticulacy without a script was an earnest of his humility and sincerity, his dogmatic certitude a measure of his godly inspiration. "His way of preaching was very plain," as Mather wrote of John Eliot of Roxbury, Massachusetts, "He did not starve [the people] with empty and windy Speculations." Confronted a couple of weeks ago with the CIA's grim forecast of mounting unrest and possible civil war in Iraq, Bush airily said, "they were just guessing". The president doesn't guess. As he intimates to his congregation on every possible occasion, his intelligence is leaked to him by He Who Holds the Stars in His Right Hand.

To doubt is to succumb to temptation by the wicked spirits. In the New Testament, empiricism gets a bad press in the person of poor Thomas Didymus, and Christ's rebuke: "Blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed." That the facts on the ground in Iraq are in clear contradiction of all Bush's claims about the flowering of liberty and democracy there is merely one of those tests of faith to which all true believers are subject. Of course we can't see it, but that makes the miracle only more marvellous, its very invisibility an inspiring moral challenge for the faithful.

In context it's clear that by "information" he wasn't talking about the stuff that passes from the CIA to the White House. This information comes from the guy whom Bush likes to call his "higher Father". As the president said in the closing lines of his acceptance speech at the Republican convention last month, "We have a calling from beyond the stars ..." - a claim that in some societies might lead to a visit from the men in white coats, but in America, among the faithful, is met with rapturous applause.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

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