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RED LISTED!? Have I rocked the boat?

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posted on Jun, 28 2012 @ 04:48 PM
Im new to ats, I normally kinda creep about but i want to share what happened to me at school.

I'm currently attending college, taking a police program. I seem to be the one of the only "free thinker" in my class. most of the people are still kids at 17 yrs old. I am 23. I've taken so much crap in my life that when i see a problem, I call it out.

In my communications class one day, some kids were doing a presentation on racism. When they finished their slides and video and started their Q&A. I called them out. Every clip in thier video, every instance of racism given was a white man against blacks and I asked why. They stood their silently and the teacher told me my question was inappropriate and told me to sit or leave.
After class One of the students from that group came to me and told me the teacher told them to only show white on black crime, because if they showed any other she would fail them for showing clips to incite violence.
I was in disbelief.
I've watched videos on youtube maybe even read posts here on ats about Multicultural violence on whites being suppressed as not to rile people up. But to actually hear about it up close....I was shocked

A few weeks later we were doing presentations and had a specific guide lines we needed to follow but otherwise could speak about anything. I did my presentation on marijuana, as I thought it would be amusing.
The teacher sat quietly while kids gave presentations on Justin beiber,Hair care products,and music stars. During my presentation however she kept cutting me down, saying my presentation was dumb, my facts unproven and overall was unsound.
After watching all the presentations I figured mine went fairly well, as most of them were just terrible. when we got our grades i noticed mine was low, when compared to some of the kids who did not complete the bare mimimum of the guides we were to follow. I figured it was wrong and the teacher and I should speak as she had told us she used to be a high school english teacher n this was here first college year.
I told her id like to have a word with her. She agreed
On the day we were to meet she sent me an email putting it off.
again we were to meet and she put it off.
i told her id like to keep this between us, but if she kept dodging me id get the course supervisor
finally i recieved a message from her saying she set up a meeting with a moderator.
I agreed to this thinking it would keep things fair, giving another person a chance to hear my story which as far as im concerned was infallible (The fact that I completed the marking guide to a T and recieved a worse mark than a kid who stared at the floor and recounted a tale about him getting drunk and arrested)
When i arrived at the meeting to became clear to me very quickly that it was a trap.
My teacher sat back while our "moderator" The head of the english department, A ex laywer and Proffesor of the english language began attacking me ferociously.
She told me since I compared my mark to someone elses I have serious mental insecurites.
I argued a person cannot determine worth without comparing ones self to another.
She told me my topic was "Radical"
I argued marijuana is a laughable topic, and i did it to the teachers specifications.
She told me i was crazy, that i have severe mental instabilaties and insecurities.
When i presented my logic, shed cut me off, and give an allegory which i could easily destroy with my logic but shed simply talk louder, then shout.
She told me I was would be RED LISTED, marked as a radical,trouble causing person in the computer systems.
then kicked me out.
It was obvious that my teacher was afraid of a confrontation with me because i have such a good sense of logic, so brought in someone more skilled to fight on her behalf. (Cowardly bitch......)
Ive learnt in my police program that people can be LISTED where when police pull your name up on a computer it says you are a likely troublemaker.
Have I rocked the boat too much?
Should I have kept my mouth shut to keep myself clear of this fate?
Will a cop pull me over on day, pull me up on his pc, see im a "threat" and take action?

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posted on Jun, 28 2012 @ 04:56 PM

Welcome Fatalwisdom


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