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Check this out! - 80 Teddy Ruxpins Speak the 'Emotion of the Internet'! VIDEO

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posted on Jun, 27 2012 @ 01:14 AM
T,E.D. (Transformations, Emotional Deconstruction)
Saw this and think its pretty cool! Aaaand a little creepy at the same time! hehe

Basically, It is a wall of 80 mounted Teddy Ruxpin dolls that speak what the 'feeling' is on the internet! Each feeling is accompanied by one of 24 vignettes to that are matched to the feeling of whats being spoken by the Teddy's at the time,

TED is a large, wall-based installation consisting of an array of 80 Teddy Ruxpin dolls that speak emotional content gathered from the web via synthetic speech with animated mouths. The speaking of the emotional content is accompanied by one of twenty-four musical vignettes that have been paired to the emotional content being spoken. Each vignette, representing one of twenty-four subtle variants of human emotion, have been composed in such a way that the beginnings and ends of the short pieces will seamlessly dogleg in any possible configuration and stream endlessly as a unified whole. The installation is allowed to drift about freely through the emotional landscape being driven only by those who are contributing content to the piece whether unwittingly or consciously.

There is an info sheet PDF link on the main site for this project, T,E.D.,

Thanks to the interconnectivity provided by the internet people have never before been better able to express their emotions to the world community. Every day hundreds of thousands of people use a myriad of blogs and other online outlets to discuss how they are feeling on an endless array of topics ranging from superficial thoughts on the quality ones ‘hair day’ to extremely intimate considerations of love, betrayal or even whether or not they should end their lives. Literally every subtle increment on the scale of the human emotional condition is expressed on the World Wide Web. Alas, due to the tremendous scale of information available many of these expressions are buried within a sea of noise. The goal of my installation “T,E.D.” is to give a literal voice and physical presence to a portion of this content as it is expressed in real-time.

It is really worth reading if you found the video interesting! the creator goes into the particular circuit board used, why he choose which music to which emotion, how he even determined the emotions, etc etc

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posted on Jun, 27 2012 @ 02:06 AM
Sweet bearded Jesu that'll keep you awake at night!!!!

But also very interesting! S&F for posting it.

I think it's an awesome idea that he obviously put a lot of thought into. Gauging the "general feel" of the internet is always a very curious, eccentric, and just plain nifty idea...if you think about it.

I would recommend others to read the article in the OP simply because it is so interesting.
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posted on Jun, 27 2012 @ 10:10 AM
Sounds like the internet needs some antidepressants. I didnt like creepy ol teddy when it came out, now I like it a lot less.

I was thinking... wouldnt it have been much more amusing with about 5000000 furbies??

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