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Drink 8 cups of coffee a day, to keep the cancer away?

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posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 11:25 PM
"The TV said it so it must be true", literal word for word. I won't name names here.

I burst into laughter for a moment but then I kind of got a little angry.
There's no way that can be true, please correct me if i'm wrong.
i'm no doctor and without google I imagine all that caffeine and sugar mix can't be good for anything in your system besides accelerating your heart and piling up in your liver, decaying your intestines and stomach whatever etc..
sounds like the preceding environment for a cancer?
or has coffee changed and is now fighting cancer? lol.

I think I was more annoyed at the fact the TV said it so it must be true. TV has it's truths here and there but 8 cups?

posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 11:29 PM
and another thing, I heard that we don't need to drink 8 cups of water a day, that's a myth somewhat, it doesn't hurt, but then the story proceeded to say that you don't need to drink water at all because you get that much water in your food...please...what is that?? no water at all every day because it's "in your food" ????

posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 11:32 PM
Coffee is more than caffeine and sugar.
8 cups may help prevent cancer but I imagine that it's not so great for cardiovascular health.

posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 11:34 PM

Originally posted by MeesterB
Coffee is more than caffeine and sugar.
8 cups may help prevent cancer but I imagine that it's not so great for cardiovascular health.

I forget it's a plant, like beans and stuff right? must have some kind of natural positive qualities to it if people have been drinking it for a couple centuries.

I'm trying to do this without google lol..starting from scratch.

but 8 cups? what kind of advice is that? almost like giving the nod on going overboard with it.

posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 11:41 PM
I drink a whole pot of coffee every day.
also a gallon of water
and smoke 2 packs a day for 18 years.

But I exercise every day and I don't eat junk food. i.e. soda, fastfood, candy, pastries, chips.

I'm completely healthy. I think as long as you are active and eat right, you will be just fine.

posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 11:45 PM
I also know people that swear by water.

They eat garbage, and pound coffee at the cyclic rate, but they drink 2 gallons of water every day and they appear in perfect health.

I don't know, everyone is different.

posted on Jun, 27 2012 @ 12:00 AM
the myth of a glasses of water has been shaken but that is not 8 cups.....that is 8 x 12 oz glasses of water not 8 cups of coffee, most drink coffee in smaller 6-8 oz cups normally, and i am not talking about some grande from star bucks.....before you discredit this....remember the coffee bean comes from a plant that has had other positive health aspects.

edit: for 25 years, i have survived on one big meal a day, whatever i want to eat, coffee during the day and adult beverages at night.....i'm 5'8, 145lbs, can run a 5 mile, smoke a pack a day, and never get say what you will, i will keep drinking a couple pots a day throughout the work day and flip to beer and booze at night (in moderation of course).
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posted on Jun, 27 2012 @ 12:01 AM
reply to post by watchitburn

If you don't mind me asking, how in blazes can one smoke two packs a day? Is that 40 cigarettes, or 50? Makes me feel ill just thinking about that. I smoke half a pack a day, or 12 - 15 smokes, and that feels like way too much. Your lungs must feel like concrete.

Back on topic, this coffee thing is a little overboard. I've heard eating tobacco can help remove worms from your gut. Anyone care to test that out?

Same idea with this; despite what the article says, the consequences seem to outweigh the benefits.. Coffee is addictive. It can make you feel sick and stressed if you drink too much (in my experience). So what if the antioxidants can fight cancer? That irregular heartbeat caused by hypertension as a result of all the coffee I've been drinking is what's likely going to kill me.

posted on Jun, 27 2012 @ 12:07 AM
reply to post by Dreamer99

i disagree, when i was in the army, drank a ton of coffee and smoked probably two packs a day, smoked before the run, smoked after the run and never missed a beat.....most of the other guys did the is it that we did such quantities of 'bad' stuff and yet still perform at 11 min 2 mile, 100 pushups in 2 mins and 120 situps in 2 mins.....what about the people that smoke 60 years straight and a few years after they quite smoking they die of cancer? or those that smoke from age 20 to 95 and die of natural causes?

posted on Jun, 27 2012 @ 12:37 AM
Many years ago, as I was on t.p.d on usenet, there was a debate about the number of chemicals in certain things, and how little we know how they synergise, hence why medical so and so never really worked for people.

Coffee, I read, has over 400 chemicals in the beverage. But then as I was in IRC one night babbling to fools and freaks someone challenged me on that fact. I could not for the life of me find it again.

But I read it and it was not on a blog (blogs didn't even exist much back in 95/96, wikipedia was unheard of, google was a good search engine, deja news stored usenet posts in an archive and the internet was fascinating, compared to the bland tepid pool of murky crap it is now) and it was indeed from a reputable source as I was fact finding to fight against ignorant politically correct neanderthalls that would justify slavery because "IT WAS THE LAW."

so, somewhere someone knows this also, 400chemicals.

One day they tell us caffeine is bad for the heart (it has no noticable effects on hypertension however) and to limit our daily intake, and then they tell us that it's good for the heart and more cups per day is in order.

I knew a cop once who told me that if he had his way, tea and coffee would be illegal.

Imagine you wake up in the morning, and bam.. no java to kick start those first morning doldrums into motivation.

But I drink about 4-5 cups a day, in a soup mug, with 3 heaped teaspoons per cup. and nothing beats sitting down with a turkish grinder and grinding manually by hand your own fresh beans, and making turkish coffee. It's like MUD, but god damn it's wonderful java!!

posted on Jun, 27 2012 @ 12:54 AM
reply to post by pointr97

True, however I pointed to my own experiences when speaking of my interpretations. Not everyone will feel the same way, all our experiences are purely subjective.

In my experience too much coffee leaves me jittery, paranoid, sweaty. If I followed this regimen of 8 cups of coffee in a day, I fear I would die clutching my coffee cup and my chest with a twisted smile across my face.

As for smoking, I really don't understand how some people can do it. A former boss of mine used to smoke two packs a day, unfiltered. At the time I didn't believe it. I couldn't imagine doing that; you'd have to chain smoke. As it is, some mornings I wake up feeling like my lungs are a living tribute to the La Brea Tar Pits. I couldn't force myself to run in that condition.

posted on Jun, 28 2012 @ 06:58 PM

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