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How to Start a Resistance Movement

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posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 07:26 PM

2. Become invisible. Go underground. Create an identity that cannot be traced, located, or discovered by the authorities. Adopt a nom de guerre. Become independent by being self-funding and self-supporting. You can continue to live your normal life if you wish, but you must have an underground persona for your resistance work. Your normal life can provide cover for your underground life.

4. Recruit members. The longer you've known them, the better. Encourage them to establish cells. Whenever a cell has more than ten members, divide the cell. Then form circles from groups of cells. Appoint circle leaders. Communicate with the circle leaders (but also maintain some direct links to individual cells for sensitive operations). Form sections from groups of circles. Appoint section leaders.

Go on the offensive. This may involve lawful action like protest, civil disobedience, tax resistance, a letter-to-the-editor, work slowdown, embargo, consumer boycott, agitation, silent non-cooperation, noisy non-cooperation, unprovable minor acts of sabotage disguised as oversight or accident, ostracizing employees of government agencies, setting up alternative self-sufficient communities, and so on. In addition, however, a typical resistance movement in today's world often undertakes unlawful operations like terror, sabotage, assassination, and seccession.

Full file


How to be invisible

Declaration of Independence

Good Video:

posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 07:52 PM
eh i think it would be better to have a less centralized nature kinda like how the bajorans of ds9 over threw the cardassians where no one knows any ones names and its all done through hand to hand courriers that way you lessn your chances of the whole group being taken down in one action,also you would want to have a variety of supplies cached in various locations and a way to find and access them while they remain hidden.

and ideal recruits would be single individuals with no family ties in the area to lessen chances of betrayal (see red dawn)

studying anything writen by ho chi men(sp) could not hurt as he almost wrote the book on it

chemists,farmers and any one with engineering or electrical experience would probably be a plus

posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 08:07 PM
Step 4: Don't advertise it in a public forum.

posted on Jun, 27 2012 @ 03:29 PM

Originally posted by iwontrun
Step 4: Don't advertise it in a public forum.

no kidding, the OP is going to have operators at his door any minute now............
not to mention the drones over head of his house now.....

posted on Jun, 27 2012 @ 03:43 PM
I really never understood the mentality of the resistance movement - I mean exactly what do you suppose we should do - I'm as guilty as the next guy calling for legal and lawful action against obvious criminal activity like the kind the TSA is despensing only because WWII taught us about such actions and where they lead to...
I know, I took an oath to protect the consitution and the TSA is really reaching the limits of the envelope -

here check this out -- DJGrooveline put a video - on the subject - that I understand, dont participate.

posted on Jun, 27 2012 @ 04:22 PM
A few things.

This is very vague but very informative. Source being Che Guevara and the Cuban Revolution.

Secondly, no, there will be no one coming up to houses and drones flying overhead. It is thinking like this that is so ridiculous that keep people from taking action. No one is going to take anything like this seriously until actual action is taken.

Lastly, what would you do as a resistance? Resist. Abandon the system and directly fight the current corrupt one.

The bankers are not going to hand the economy back over to the people, the people are not going to "vote" the government back under their control, and things are not going to ever be hunky dorey again unless people actually take action. That is where the resistance comes in.

posted on Jun, 27 2012 @ 09:24 PM
reply to post by gwydionblack

You are correct sir, they rule with fear.

posted on Jun, 27 2012 @ 09:32 PM
reply to post by gwydionblack

Secondly, no, there will be no one coming up to houses and drones flying overhead.

No drones needed, they just sit back and observe. I believe that drones used on the average citizen is still a few years away.

If you honestly think that "they" are not paying attention to what is on the net, then you are fooling yourself.

I had an encounter that I have talked about two days after I was googling some pretty crazy stuff on the net. I was looking for some information and clicked on a few sites.

I think that "resistance movement" would be one of the key words. Especially instructions on how to stay "under the radar".

Please do not be so naive. Millions to billions of dollars go into monitoring people. Why would anyone be exempt?

posted on Jun, 28 2012 @ 04:30 AM
reply to post by gwydionblack

You said,

It is thinking like this that is so ridiculous that keep people from taking action. No one is going to take anything like this seriously until actual action is taken.

Actually, the feds will immediately be in contact, offering supplies and instructions on how to assemble and use said materials.
Then on the day of supposed use, they swoop in and claim it was their brilliant "detective work" that has shut down a local terrorist cell!

Historically that is what happens anyway...

Change things peacefully until "they" won'y allow you to, then do what you must.

posted on Jun, 28 2012 @ 04:33 AM

Originally posted by liejunkie01
Why would anyone be exempt?

Some will get what they call Executive privelege.

These are the terrorist cells we should be crushing, the ones in a position to do real harm.

posted on Jun, 28 2012 @ 09:32 AM
If you look anything at my history of posting on ATS, my timeline on Facebook, or my history on the internet - I should have been the first candidate that was visited long ago by agents. I was told time and time again by people on here and my blogs that people were going to "show up at my door".

So I pushed envelopes. I have now openly called for and said that I would lead a revolution on here on ATS. Has anyone showed up? No. Are they monitoring me? I am sure they are.

Great thing is, anyone with a mind knows how to cover their trails and not be open about their plans and ideas on the internet and on their person. Should the government come knocking on my door, what would they find? They would find a survivalist and a few guns for personal use. They would find no weapons, no illegal substances, no plans for resistance, and nothing out of the ordinary. They would ask questions and I would answer them and I would tell them exactly how I feel and I would detail my rights according to the Constitution.

Fear. Fear of the invisible boogey man keeps people in check. And now, even if they don't ever unleash drone surveillance on the general populace, it is just an additional big brother boogey man that the people can fear.

"No... we better not resist. You can't see them but the drones are definitely watching. You can't see them, but the microphones are hidden everywhere."

I don't care about drones. I don't care about surveillance. I don't care what big brother thinks. The whole idea of a resistance stems on the idea of NOT CARING what the government and TPTB think about what you are doing and caring enough about the goal and purpose that it outweighs the fears, true and imaginary, that come along for the ride.

Stop living in imaginary fear because as long as you have nothing to hide, they have nothing on you, and you have nothing to fear... but fear itself.

posted on Jun, 28 2012 @ 05:01 PM
I'm fairly certain that an in-country resistance movement against the U.S. military would be nothing short of suicide.

Not to mention, what's the exit strategy, even if successful? What, the guys with the guns make the rules...??? How is that much different?

Not seeing it. Unless a SHTF event took out some of the tech they rely on and leveled the playing field some, the modern U.S. military would own any resistance movement in the U.S. Heck, on spotter locates your HQ, then calls in a stealth airstrike. One minute, you're planning your next daring raid. The next, you're in the afterlife before you even heard the bomb fall. No thanks.

posted on Jun, 28 2012 @ 05:22 PM
reply to post by Gazrok

Once again, the innate fear that is instilled in people by the theater of war is astounding and I have to bring them back to reality. There are and will be no "air strikes" on US soil especially against groups known to be affiliated with unarmed citizens and with the open message of the end of oppressive government.


American emotion stands daily on the brink with many people, only staying complacent because of things such as family and well being. When these things are taken away from people, they begin to have nothing to lose. This is why resistance began growing so heavily ever since the economy began to tank.

Could you imagine the support the resistance would receieve from the people on the fence when it is reported that a bunker containing American citizens including unarmed women and children was bombed by the government in the name of the "greater good". Do you think they would be able to hide such a thing? When the next neighborhood over receives an airstrike, I think it will be quite obvious who was responsible and why.

Resistance in the US would not be like stories are made out to be in Afghanistan or the jungle refuges of Cuba. It would be in your neighbors home. It would be in the grocery store down the street. It would be in the local bar. If the government ever decided to blow up such bases using their grandstanding technology - everyone knows damn well how that would effect the outcome of such movements.

So no. I will not buy into the fear that the government boogey man is more technologically advanced than we are. I already know they are. But I also know that in order for the power in America to stay in power, they need to appease the people, not make them all their enemies, and thus - their hands are tied with just how much they would be capable to use against American people. Let them bring all the gases, sonar weapons, ect - it is still not enough to the willpower of a strong resistance.

And do not ever forget, that just because the military has hold of advanced weaponry and it is illegal in public - does not mean the public cannot get a hold of it. We all know that story. In fact, in some cases it is easier for the public to get a hold of more lethal weapons than the military can due to the procedures, checks, and balances the military has to go through in order to use and apply such weapons to different units... and no, they don't have an infinite supply of high tech weapons to go around to every soldier.

Last but not least, you assume the military would be on the government side when in fact, some of them will, those expecting a nice fat paycheck and having no moral high ground - but many will be standing alongside of the resistance and even working both sides. That is the reality of it all my friend.

It is all a big game of cat and mouse and the government has turned most everyone into mice to hide in their holes and never question the power structure. All it takes is a little insight to realize that the whole structure is an illusion that can be walked right through.

posted on Jun, 28 2012 @ 06:04 PM

Originally posted by gwydionblack
reply to post by Gazrok

Once again, the innate fear that is instilled in people by the theater of war is astounding and I have to bring them back to reality. There are and will be no "air strikes" on US soil especially against groups known to be affiliated with unarmed citizens and with the open message of the end of oppressive government.

When I read that, I instantly pictured "The Resistance's" HQ bomb to hell with head lines reading, "Multi-Million Dollar Drug Lab Explodes".

The Government can and would drop a bomb on US soil. They are the masters of cover ups.

posted on Jun, 29 2012 @ 04:41 PM
With all the false flag events our government has pulled, including 9/11, Columbine, VT, OKC, DC Sniper, War, Titanic, etc should be no surprise that one day they plan for everything to collapse.

American Revolution 2. They go hide on their hidden 8th continent, step back and watch the military fight the people. Just like Syria. All us conspiracy theorists/revolutionaries/protesters will be labeled "terrorists".

The army will be too brainwashed and "loyal" to know the difference.

However, there is one huge difference between us and the military. We have true anger. If they had true anger against the System like we do, they would not have given themselves up to the government in the first place.

This anger is where resistance groups come in. Arson, anarchy, rioting, looting, military assassination, destruction, etc. This has to be a hardcore form of resistance, as 75% of America still believes in Jesus Christ. Cant imagine too many christians revolting against their leaders.

The military would have weapons, but not a game plan to fight U.S rebels. We'd be in trees, caves, mountains, city's, everywhere. Pistols, rifles, snipers, shotguns, bombs, fire. WAY too many of us to kill. Un-trained yes, but we have a legit reason to fight. That passion alone could win it all.

BUT - Marshal Law would be set in place, FEMA camps would start filling up, & many, many people would die.

Thats how you start a war in your own country.

(This of course, will only happen once America realizes there is NOTHING to fear. From Terrorists to Aliens, everything has been fabricated to keep you from seeing the truth)

posted on Jun, 29 2012 @ 05:04 PM

Originally posted by g146541
Change things peacefully until "they" won'y allow you to, then do what you must.

Are we not at that point?
"We have to pass the bill before we can find out what'sin it."
"It is NOT a tax, it is a penalty"

posted on Jun, 29 2012 @ 05:11 PM
Okay, some problems with this.

1) Become independant by self funding or self supporting, so basically they're saying only for the very rich or for survival nuts that can live off the land.

2) They're saying to have an alternate ID that no one knows about, but then to use your every day job as cover? How can you have an alternate ID living off the grid, but then hold an every day job? Doesn't make sense.

3) They're telling you to stay in the shadows but to also start a protest movement through legal means, which means putting yourself out there to interested parties?

This article makes absolutely no sense.

posted on Jun, 29 2012 @ 07:35 PM

Originally posted by Thunderheart

Originally posted by g146541
Change things peacefully until "they" won'y allow you to, then do what you must.

Are we not at that point?
"We have to pass the bill before we can find out what'sin it."
"It is NOT a tax, it is a penalty"

You'll get no argument from me, as I see it as illegal, it is extortion and un constitutional.
In fact, they cannot figure if they want to call it a penalty or a tax.
Looks alot to me like a crook trying to get his lie together...

posted on Jul, 1 2012 @ 01:51 AM
reply to post by southtower

My problem with this is that there was nothing about deception or trickery or alliances beyond the cells because in modern times those would be two very important parts of a rebellion. Get other countries on your side or majr corporations within the country. Say these are your targets and leave the main few off your list of targets and then they'll say forget the list and then yu can strike one or tw things of importance on the list befre they realize it....those are just a few possibilities of course.

posted on Jul, 1 2012 @ 03:48 AM
Quit blaming faceless enemies, and cursing the world, because institutions don't act solely on your behalf or beliefs. When you do so, you negate the notions of civic and personal accountbility. Nobody is making you live in America, and you're not a patriot for wanting to overthrow a Constitution based Federal Government that recognizes lawful consent of free-minded individuals residing within the countries borders, through the inclusion of the Bill of Rights.

I don't fight in the dark because I can't see who I'm hitting, and that even makes the assumption that I would entertain the use of the most primitive form of conflict resolution, violence, because I refuse to take the time to seek lasting resolution and communicate effectively.

I don't fight, because I don't have anything to prove. A child can throw a temper tantrum, but a man takes responsibility for the world they have allowed to exist. Is your call to arms truly selfless for the betterment of others, or just flat out selfish venture? Either justification results in unnecessary pain and suffering directed at others, many of whom will be innocent. You have civil outlets at your disposal, use them to promote your vision of meaningful change. If you refuse, then you're just another hypocrite who nobody will follow or listen to anyway, and your words will be lost to time. Fear and personal economic obligations have nothing to do with my choice to act well-mannered in society. My genuine appreciation for being alive and the insights revealed through the writings of John Locke and Adam Smith, among countless others, dictate my actions.
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