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UFO's, Aliens, Gaps in our history, What governments know and why it's not all public.. Connecting

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posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 07:52 AM
There are some things that i have been interested in for a long time. UFO's, Atlantis, Aliens, ancient history and so on..
After all this time i seem to have connected the dots to paint a picture for myself that seems to fit. I would like to post my theory on ATS to see what others think of it and if it would be considered as a working idea. Please feel free to rip this apart and give me your ideas

Here's my theory..

UFO's are not from outer space. UFO's where built by humans on this planet. Grey's or EBE's are not sentient beings but mere bio engineered pilots and workers for humans. These humans watch us, document what we are up to, try to stop nukes, keep themselves hidden as much as possible, warn us, advise governments at the highest level who can maintain their secrecy. Their technology is so more advanced than ours maybe by 1000 years yet they live with us and you may have seen one. The idea of space aliens has been promoted by governments as a kind of dis info so people like me wont reach this conclusion.

Pretty bold theory of mine to put across isn't it?
Well as Christopher Hitchens once said “Exceptional claims demand exceptional evidence."

I will do my best.

Where do i start? Basics first leading up to something i good.. Keep reading.

(1) Tampering with Nukes. We all know this happens like the incident of UFO Landings-Rendlesham Forest, 1980 right next to a nuclear warhead site.

Also some articles of nuke parts being stolen Nukes parts stolen and documented

Last but not least UFO Beam Penetrated Nuclear Weapons at Whiteman AFB.

Ufo switches off nuclear dummy warhead
This is an amazing example

(2) Hollow earth theory. North and south poles.. Talk of advanced race of humans. Funny how when the first nukes where detonated we started seeing UFO's flying around, possibly trying to figure out what has happened Google for results on 'nukes/earthquakes making earth ring like a bell'.

There is so much data on hollow earth that i'm not going to waste space on this thread about it. Look it up on other ATS threads. All i'm gonna say is Google earth has white washed or blanked out a section of the north pole . No commercial flights are allowed to fly over a certain part of the north pole. The Nazis where very interested in finding 'The people under the ice' and

Also accounts of Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd is everywhere.

Crystal like palaces, peaceful humans inhabiting this inner area of the earth who are concerned about the destructive nature of ours. All documented. Pretty cool huh? When i have more time i will put more links in here.

(3) Aliens 'Greys'. Bio-engineered beings.. I had a link but lost it.. Will need to make an edit on this thread to put it in when i find it again.

(4) Technology of ancient times and accounts of ufo's.
Huge level granite boxes in ancient Egypt with perfect right angles. Recorded history cannot explain some of these things. This is a perfect example of ancient high technology that has been lost. This is an awesome video that explains so much. Please watch this video as it ties in perfectly with this thread.

(5) Government denials and cover up.

Would it be so difficult to imagine that since Roswell there may have been a government cover up with intentions of making the public actually think it's space aliens from the likes of Zeta Reticuli. These recovered bodies are the biological androids from inner earth? How about the idea that government has carefully filtered down the media that space aliens exist while at the same time denying it at the top level and occasionally getting high level military sources to 'admit and expose the alien phenomena' to keep the idea fueled. Like a boxing ropeadope. Point everything to the stars while its actually from right here. Reason being: The other humans don't want the public knowing about them yet.. I will get to that last sentence later.

(6) WHAM! It's possible! I'm an atheist by the way although there are references to these things accounted here that i can't ignore.

The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel refers to those tribes of ancient Israel that formed the Kingdom of Israel and which disappeared from Biblical and all other historical accounts after the kingdom was destroyed in about 720 BC by ancient Assyria. Many groups have traditions concerning the continued hidden existence or future public return of these tribes.
The concept of the "Ten Lost Tribes" originally began in a religious context, based on Biblical sources, not as an ethnological idea. Some scientists have researched the topic, and at various times some have made claims of empirical evidence of the Ten Lost Tribes. However, religious and scriptural sources remain the main sources of the belief that the Ten Lost Tribes have some continuing, though hidden, identity somewhere.

Its remotely possible that hollow earth inhabitants where an ancient break away from a group of peoples who took their technology with them and separated from us. You have already seen on the youtube video that ancient maps depicted accurate land masses many many years before it was all 'discovered' Not saying for 100% it's the lost tribes of Israel but it's a start.

We all know that Mormon religion is Masonic.. In fact, Freemasonry is quite ancient and secretive mix of apparent elites that may actually know a little something. The reason i mentioned Mormonism is the fact that there have been some things in it that i have found run along the same lines of the theme of this thread. 'The lost tribes of Israel will BREAK THROUGH THE ICE AND REVEAL THEMSELVES'

There are also discussions in the Talmud as to whether the Ten Lost Tribes will eventually be reunited with the Tribe of Judah, that is, with the Jewish people.

Was Joseph Smith a complete loon or was there a few things in Masonic history that he slipped into some of his wild ideas to get into the public.


How random is that. I'm not subscribing to the Mormon idea nor am i putting weight to the idea of lost tribes of Israel but when researching hollow earth theory and UFO's i couldn't help but make a connection with some of these things. Its possible that its bat# from the Bible or whether there are scattered parts of secular history recorded everywhere that needs assembling without subscribing to the idea that 'GOD put them there' As that is no answer at all.

I WILL be adding to this thread.. I'm only about half way through but running out of characters for this post. Please help me to further my research if you want as i want to work on my theory. More Soon

posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 08:19 AM
Your idea has come to my mind and that 'Greys' are engineered by humans and not from another planet, and that all is to pretend there is technology from elsewhere, while it comes from the Nazi. However, there is a big hole in your idea. You say these were engineered by humans, and yet you say they have higher technology than humans - how when humans as species designed them? And if you say that the 'pilots' are the ones that built hgh tech stuff - that makes no sense - if all is made by humans, then humans ( a certain organization) is in possession of such technology, and how come these pilots observe us if they are still workers for human.

Also why would that be? Why would they not reveal that in the first place, so as to make religion certain and tell religious leaders - don't worry, these are beings we produced, you don't have to worry about religion, religion is the same as it is.

I am now leaning to the idea that most of the things even unknown objects in the sky are man-made but it is possible that even the Nazi took that from beings that are not human. In fact, I am more leaning to the other thread saying 'some ufos are not ours'. I think the air space is currently flooded with like 95% man-made objects and around 5% that are not and are either natural or could be even ET.

posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 08:31 AM
I am in partial agreement with the 5%.

What i meant to say is these Greys seem to command superior technology to the rest of us 'topsiders'
The greys as well as the technology that made them and the crafts where all constructed by vastly technologically advanced humans. The 'greys' never made any of it they are just the users (workers) so that these groups of advanced humans don't have to. If we where as advanced we would probably do the same thing but we're stuck with asimo as out best.

posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 08:36 AM
link The Nuclear weapons of this planet are being Destroyed, and theres not a damn thing the Corrupt Goverments can do to stop it. The NWO fool and their lackeys either Surrender or Die.

posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 08:37 AM

Originally posted by jonobot654
I am in partial agreement with the 5%.

What i meant to say is these Greys seem to command superior technology to the rest of us 'topsiders'
The greys as well as the technology that made them and the crafts where all constructed by vastly technologically advanced humans. The 'greys' never made any of it they are just the users (workers) so that these groups of advanced humans don't have to. If we where as advanced we would probably do the same thing but we're stuck with asimo as out best.

The greys are all gone. The Draco Hydra Reptilian scum have all been killed , or removed and ALL OF THEIR BASES DESTROYED. All D.U.M.B.'s have been deconmissioned and taken out.

posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 08:37 AM
reply to post by jonobot654

According to sources, these brains hold more intelligence than humans, I don't see humans trying to create beings that are more intelligent and may eventually overthrow their creators. I do not think if Greys exist, that they are really human creation.

However, some laboratories allegedly do alien--human hybrids so hybrids with such Greys, that's possibly done by humans as well.

posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 11:49 AM
Several problems I see with your theory. 1) the earth is not hollow, we know as "fact" because of the propogation speed of sound waves through the earth. Every time there is an earth quake, or a nuclear test, it registers arund the world. 2) they cannot be only 1000 years ahead of us, as making an entire construct the size of earth, or hollowing out a body, the size of earth, both pose logistical nightmares that render a mere 1000 year leap at modern rates of advancement less than adequate for a project thousands of times smaller. not to mention the obvious lack of any evidence at that I have ever encountered to substansiate such a theory. 3) I find this to be the most interesting part to me personally. That if they were removed from our gene pool for as long as you are saying and living in an obviously different environment than us, than what makes you think they are anything like us now? They would no longer be what we call "human" just like dogs are not wolves. Or the branching of any number of other species seperated into differing environments. They would have to have been down there for eons minimum, just accomplish the least of your claims. So logic would dictate, that through countless generations of seperation, we and "they" even if we were once of the same stock, are no longer .

I suppose that I have to state the obvious flaws in my own review of your findings though. 1) I assume that we were not at some point in the distant past a space faring race, or had tech we would today find to be magical in nature because we lack an understanding of it.2) this planet might have already been hollow when they found the door way into it, thus ending the need for building or hollowing out of the earth to begin with. I suppose it is perfectly reasonable to assume that maybe another advanced race built/hollowed out the earth for purposes and ends we can't fathom and early man found it, thus accelerating their technological developement.3)I also must conceed it is perfectly reasonable( for the context of this exchange anywyas.) To assume that if we did find it and we became way advanced very quickly, then returned to the surface and found "us" using spears and stone axes, would want to intercede and help advance our brothers up the technological food chain. Which would explain how we came so far so fast.4) I must also admit, that if they are technologicaly advanced as you say than what would stop them coming and interbreeding with surface dwellers in order to maintain species cohesion.

So all in all, I would say my critique of your theory has more holes than your theory. Thus leading us back to your well deserved S and F. Intersting read and thought experiment if nothing else.
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posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 12:24 PM
Yeah OP, you have some of my views on whats been going on. It's easy to find on search images, if you want to see the pictures of classic 'flying saucers' in paintings from hundreds of years old to thousands of years old. It could be, tho this is my sheer speculation, that advanced civilizations at the time of Atlantis and Mu, maybe even predating them, went subterranean. I find more evidence pointing the way to this earth for anomalous ufo/alien origin, than space, at least space within the last 200 years. Although, some guys during the 1700s would see things moving over the moon with their telescopes. But if a breakaway civilization has been around for a length, they could have long co'opted the solar system.

posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 12:54 PM
A few reply's..

The hollow earth theory really needs some good work on it. I don't imagine it would be hollow like you would hollow out a pumpkin. It's the no-fly zone and the blanking out of possible entrance that gets me. People have documented a warm breeze sometimes when venturing near that area.. The Nazi's sure knew something was up..

There are many caves and entrances like mammoth cave and so on.. It may be something like a honeycomb.

This break away idea of humans to these areas and taking their technology with them is something i will be working on. As said before why over the past 2k years are we re-discovering things that have been made or done many years before like for example the ancient maps and so on..

There are many video's like this one but when watching it try to not think ancient aliens from outer space.. Its much more plausible it was us but something happened.. Went underground maybe?

Gobekli Tepe is a mystery.

Derinkuyu is a huge network of underground chambers that was found but no one knows who built it..
History seems to have a fondness for the underground.

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posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 01:24 PM
Jesus came for the lost sheep of the House of Israel, so you can scratch that off your list.

Fairies also abducted people, terrorised people, were seen flying around in lights, "hybridised" babies, snatched babies, supposedly stole babies, caused missing time, bemoaned the state of nature, had sexual relations.... they were little, pale coloured, big heads, big eyes, asexual bodies. Sound familiar??

God sends the delusion so that you believe the lie. And you are believing it. Don't you think it worthwhile to seek Him in repentance and in the love of truth instead of wasting five more minutes on a DELUSION?

posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 01:32 PM
At the end of my original post i stated that i'm not putting weight to the religious idea i'm just pointing out an observation.

I am looking at roads into my theory that may substantiate it or is critical to it. That's all.

posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 01:37 PM
reply to post by WhoKnows100

I always thought that ufos/aliens as the fallen one third after Lucifer, could be just as good an explanation as any. Who were those sons of God in Genesis, who looked down upon the daughters of men and found them fair, and took unto each of them wives, resulting in monsterous offspring? My own personal belief also, is that these Archons have something to do with the PTB and keeping the world in a state of lockdown all the time. I have an old vid of famous powerfull men through the centuries, warning and hinting of other pervasive powers that they are afraid of.

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