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The solution to global warming, space travel, and just about everything.

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posted on Oct, 5 2004 @ 10:04 PM
Humans have spent so long adapting the world to us that we have begane to fear change and completely ignore changing ourselves to be an option.

One new type of thinking and problem solving is the solution to so many problems we face today, changing ourselves.

People talk of climate change, be it warming or ice ages as if these are something we've never been through. Well, if a neaderthal with a spear and a few furs can make it through an ice age, so can we. If people today can live in tropical jungles filled with poisons and disease, so can we all.

The problem isn't surviving change, its fighting it. Yes, nations and economies will come and go but Humans will go on. If the world become hot, people will live an appropriate life style. If the world become cold people will change how they find food.

Space ship earth has survived asteroid impacts, ice ages, heat waves, pole shifts, massive tetonic upheaval, and many other major changes. These are only disasters to those who can't adapt.

The same can be said for space? We talk about the near impossible task of making Mars like earth and yet we are on the verge of full genetic modification og humans. Identify and modify genes and you can have thick skinned, low O2 breathing people who are resistant to cold, radiation, and low O2 volumes living on mars.

Running low on water? Fine, redo the kidneys, make them more water effecient, and bring down our needed water intake.

Engineering ourselves is the future of humanity, not controling the planet and universe around us. Evolution has been using this technique for over 3 billion years, now its our turn to recognise that its not the universe that is easy to change, its ourselves.

posted on Oct, 5 2004 @ 10:49 PM
Because the LARGE majority of people connect that with "Playing God".

Do you really want to go fck'n around with your own DNA be my guessed, But I for one would rather change the planet then change ourselves.

neanderthals were very near extiction, I hope the human race never comes that close again. Which is another reason people want to colonize Mars, "So we dont have everything in one basket". If a Ice Age happened to earth now the human race could probably survive it, but billions would die, plus while in the ice age which can last for several thousand years, our technology would go down the hole, and we would be back to being primative neanderthals, I for one dont want that to happen, our race would basically be starting over from scratch, nothing would be remembered of our current cities and civilization.

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