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Turkey And Iran. Time Travelling UFOs and World Events

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posted on Jun, 23 2012 @ 11:59 AM
I have been watching closely with much trepidation the unfolding madness in Turkey/Syria and the decades old horror of what took place in Iran and what is going on there now. I expect many of you will know of the spectacular UFO sighting in 2009 in Turkey and it has come back again in 2011 I believe? I also remember the Tehran UFO incident in 1976/77 in which an Iranian jet fired at a huge UFO but had little effect.

What if these UFOs were observing the countries prior to major historical events? I have not quite decided if these were ETs or Time travelling ETs or human time travellers from the future. But it does strike me as being odd that there were sightings in Turkey and now Turkey is in the centre of things with it's jet shot down by Syria and as well all know, Syria is a mess right now. I also think it is also suspicious that there was a major UFO incident over Terehan a few years before the Iranian Revolution.

Could it be that the UFOs/occupants are doing some sort of monitoring to observe a country or land area before major events happen in that vicinity that has an impact on world history? What is your take on it?

posted on Jun, 23 2012 @ 12:25 PM
Quite possibly. Or maybe its just obvious to observing ufos that theres a lot of tension in the area. Theres also been ufo sightings over the dome of the rock in israel.

And what about the triangle by the iss?

posted on Jun, 23 2012 @ 12:43 PM
1976/77 hey , maybe "they "are a little more advanced now. But how advanced do time travellers have to be before we say "wow" , just sayin . scratchya later

posted on Jun, 23 2012 @ 12:50 PM
reply to post by phroziac

can you provide a link for the triangle by the ISS?

@OP: anythings possible in this crazy @$$£D world

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posted on Jun, 23 2012 @ 04:07 PM
Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. However, even though the theory that UFO's are always around before something historical happens, is around for some time now. But, it has not much weight if we calculate all the sightings that happen around the world and nothing major happens. Throw those into the same pot and I believe we can assume that the negatives outweigh the positives.

Just a thought.


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