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Acoustic Spectroscopy

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posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 04:12 PM
Hello everyone, I was reading through the many posts regarding 9/11 and possible conspiracies. Though many of the arguments both from civil engineers and pilots is quite strong, a large portion of the explanations depend on the use of explosives to bring down several buildings. I believe there is a way to test if indeed explosives may have been used.

There are several audio and seismic recordings of the buildings right before they fell, if indeed explosives were used, then if the audio is analyzed correctly, it may be possible to determine if indeed explosives were used. There is seismic data, though much of the analysis isn't very clear. One datasource that I haven't seen analyzed is the audio data. In recent years some research has been done to detect and distinguish different types of explosions, useful for the military. One such paper is:

Acoustic Analysis of Explosions in High Noise Environment

You may also try looking at the references.

This paper is highly technical and requires some pretty serious programming and signal processing knowledge, so if you can find an electrical engineer who works with signal processing, then you may be able to analyze some of the best audio evidence and determine, with certain probability if indeed explosives were used.
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