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Freedom: Resurrection

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posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 02:05 PM
Throughout history the human race has repeatedly encountered what essentially amounts to the complete destruction of individual freedom. The process involves the fall of one or more empire(s), nation(s), state(s), etc where soon after something similar is erected in its place and ends, just as its predecessor, in ruins. The fact that this just keeps on happening can make one want to believe there's some powerful group of people keeping the "people" down.

The idea of brilliant large scale conspiracies can almost be a comfort because it helps one to avoid something they don't want to see. We want to believe that we, as a race, are so smart, that we could get this life thing right if only it were not for those so damned smart conspirators keeping us from the truth. The truth is there are no conspirators capable of telling you the truth, sure there are plenty of conspiracies, but none of those people know anything about why the world is always trying to kill itself or why every empire we build ends in absolute tyranny... Every damn time.

It's not something to be ashamed of though. We, as a race, are not stupid and neither are any of us, as individuals, stupid. We're just really young. Would any of you listen to a five year old and consider them stupid if they don't have as much knowledge as you? Probably not, they're five and simply haven't had the time to soak it all in yet. Well as a race we're probably right around that age, give or take eh? So we're not stupid, I'm not stupid and neither are you, we're just young and there is so much to learn, we have yet to really get our feet off of this planet.

From the beginning we've had nothing but weeds and bushes to point the way home and absolutely zero knowledge to start out with. It just takes time to learn and we must fail from time to time so we may learn from those failures. Every empire we've ever constructed has failed, we learned from those failures and each time we rebuilt we tried something different. Are we there yet? Can we see now that all of those have failed and it's not for us to try yet another empire with a few tweaks, but something completely and absolutely different. The complete opposite of an empire... Not the word, but the actual thing... Freedom.

I get the impression that many out there, conspiracy theorists not the least of which, know their freedom is gone, but fear they are too weak to do anything about it. Left hoping beyond hope and wishing beyond wishing that a revolution will break out so they can sign up. What you need to know is that you have nothing to fear and nothing to wait for. You do not need the participation of your peers because you do not need anyone to follow or follow you.

Simply refuse to say and do and be that which is against your will. Simply refuse to bow down before the judgment of your peers, fear not their ridicule and degradation for you need not their approval to be who you are, who you want to be. You need only your will to be, your will to exist. They may call you names, they may throw you in jail, they may physically abuse you, but have you the will to march forth? The will to remain vigilant in your quest to fulfill your own desires, the will to be your own king. A free person bows before no other, not written contracts, not written "laws," neither king nor president, neither friend nor family. A free person receives requests, not orders.

Do you have what it takes to free yourself? Free yourself from the tyranny of your peers. Free yourself from the tyranny of not knowing. Free yourself from the tyranny of fear, the fear of being nothing, the fear of failure, the fear of judgment. Do you have what it takes to get up off of your knees?

If so you need not sign up or like this post on some other web-site, simply be free. For the most part you can even simply ignore the attacks to your freedom that come from Governments, co-workers, managers, friends and family. Just say, I'm free now, wish you were here with me.

P.S. I freed myself from the "system" years ago. Since then I have battled with many "demons," both internal and external. I can honestly say to you that I am free. I am jobless, I will not bow, penniless and friendless. I have been ridiculed, denied sustenance, jailed, punched, deceived, threatened, evicted time and time again and probably more. I'm not going to lie and say that it's easy, but should you choose to step outside the realm of tyranny know that you are not alone.

If I die tomorrow I die a free man. If I die tomorrow I die knowing that I put everything I have into spreading the idea of freedom.
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posted on Jun, 21 2012 @ 05:27 AM
Freedom is an intellectual revolution. Free your mind.

They will place sanctions upon you, disallowing you to obtain things such as food and shelter. They will ridicule and deride. They will beat you and imprison you. They will pull everything from their bag of dirty tricks to steal your freedom and your life. They don't want you, they want you to be them. They are not your friends, they only befriended someone that looked like you, but acts like them.

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