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Learning to write Prophecy!!! No need to read it

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posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 01:45 PM
I just learning to write in English, Please don't read it...

My Little Prophecy.

In WWIII two mightiest nation will fight across the sea,
There will be BloodShed across the World;
Price of war will be paid by Common People,
Europe will be highest hit in terms of death toll.

War is fought on the Name of Holy God,
Western Religious believer will loose;
Winners will find that there religion is fake,
All will be forced to look in Asia to find Reality.

Yellow skin people will fight for Justice,
Unfortunate Europe will pay the Price;
Time is too bad for Europe now,
Earthquake, Weather and now War.

There is man with no Power of MAN'
Simple, Sober and so Polite;
People will find the Spark of God inside,
Yes, You are correct "He is the one Almighty"

Mehandi, Dajjal, Anti Christ, Christ name you give,
No one will stand against his awesome powers;
King of End of times is so Powerful,
That he will not indulge him self in War.

Fake God is made using contract,
Considering that he will govern the people;
So that damage to the world can be stopped,
It's very unfortunate to give powers like that,
Because power suits only in the hand of User and not abusers.

Simple question of one small kid,
he will refuse to answer due to lack of knowledge;
when forced to answer he will become volatile
Mr. Italy will be caught red handed by the people.

He is fake we should found the real one will be voice everywhere,
People will look possible people only in there religion;
Simple thing people are forgetting that,
Religion you follow is modified according to time,
He is the one who follows his own religion.
So, Look around in the world people is most unexpected to you.

As expected by the people, YES there will be mighty earthquake
But it will not be only once or one day as said in books;
Earthquake will come every night till troubled time is there;
multiple times it will break apart the mountains and lakes

Intense heatwave will hit the earth,
63.7 C will be average temperature;
Wobbled earth need to be blamed;
Now you will understand why we should not drink and roam around.

Almighty has power to change the words of books,
No word is final until he executes;
People will be surprised when he says he will change,
Yes it is fact that he can change.

You will tell he is GOD,
He will say he is NOT;
He will try to avoid and hide from you all,
Only she will be able to force her to become GOD.

When troubled time is on the heads,
People will sing prayer of Greatest Dancer of the World;
Prayers will be never listened by him
until half + 1 (she) does not sing the same.

Heaven will be made on earth,
Will help him to build here?
Those who joins the hands will get part of it,
Those who refuse will be jealous of the same.

Even if you are not the part of his Kingdom
that does not mean you are not invited
His Heart doors open for every one
and he will be happy for all of you even if you are not there

I reveal his name here
His name is HAPPY HEART
There in interiors of Asia
he is learning is Special Art

For him his love is entire life,
He has only 31 qualities of GOD
32nd is missing,
He can not achieve that until he overcomes his own problems
with the help of her he is 100%

He is the one who looks beyond time,
Starts and Stops time
as he did to delay the End of Times
He uses time to create his own multiple identity
yes, He is at more then one place at same time.

Rules are his father is broken by him,
He has soft corner for everyone;
Always wants to give a chance,
Does not understand Satan needs only one chance.

Forget that you will be able crucify him this time,
He is far more powerful then you even think;
But for sack of humanity he will scarifies,
He will pass away a second before you will try to crucify.
Body without soul can not be crucified.

Two religion feeling Bad will be Western and Middle,
He will pronounce both the fake one;
He will refuse to endorse the oldest one too,
There Holy river Ganges will dry, and to follow his words.

Now people will think is he Satan?
are we once again in the wrong loop?
Answer is no it is needed to save world.
True religion is only that which he is asking you to follow.

He will revel the real secrete of Gold and Silver
We always only wondered why it is expensive;
Secrete will increase the life span of Humans;
Good life and Healthy Life is awaiting people.

Regime will transfer life on Mars;
Only Single Plant life will be now Myth;
Satanism thinking will go off from world
So called democratic will be go and settle there.

People on Mars will be under control of People earth,
Bug name Independence will bite them there
They will follow what did Americans do to Britishers
At last history repeats it self.

==== Remaining now Later on ===

posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 01:58 PM
reply to post by BookofKnowledge

You are a cheerful soul, BookofKnowledge ! Spelling excellent.

posted on Jun, 22 2012 @ 11:15 AM
Thank you for sharing. I like it! I can't wait for the rest
But I wonder, will it be here or in a new thread?

posted on Jul, 4 2012 @ 12:39 PM
reply to post by 3n19m470

It will be here in same thread dear... Will write again soon

posted on Jul, 4 2012 @ 12:55 PM
reply to post by BookofKnowledge

Hey there BookofKnowledge ... well only time will tell if all of these things will happen as you have predicted but I have to say I do like the way it's written and your english and spelling is very good indeed

Well done I'm giving you a Flag & Star for a great effort. Woody

posted on Jul, 4 2012 @ 01:01 PM
What will be russia's involvement? Rothschild?illuminati?

posted on Jul, 22 2012 @ 02:38 PM
Second Update:

Oh my Dear France again you are in the list,
This time you will get hardest hit;
There will be small Star strike on your land,
Possible coordinates are 50.50 & 2.50

Those are fools which are calling this untrue.
It's fact it is already visible now;
Don't listen to any theory any more,
See your self in is near to Sirius Star now.

A comet so bright will pass near by earth,
In between Internals of solar systems it will be great ignite;
for 7 Days it will be so bright that world will feel the end is near,
Near miss will save earths atmosphere.

Two Sun prophecy said has become true now,
Look comet behind cloud and you will learn now;
Entire world will see Two suns on there head,
Fear Mongers will run for ET's help.

Now its time for Great Darkness to Arrive,
Sun rays will struggle to reach earth;
Inside the coma, Fire will rain from Sky.
It will lead to Great damage to man kind.

Fire Ball size of Ostrich eggs will fall from sky,
Northern hemisphere will have great collide;
It will carefully choose the striking point to extend the damage,
will hit those places where maximum human time lies.

Damaged Factories will spur chemicals for 3 nights,
Gases all around Death toll will rise;
Chemicals are responsible for extend human death toll,
Gods wrath was actually pretty small.

Before this sun will also play his role,
One day it will blow off his upper crust on whole;
Pure and Glowing Red sun will be seen by world,
Don't fear, it is just beginning of end of the world.

Remaining Next Time.....

C ya Guys

posted on Jul, 22 2012 @ 02:49 PM
Interesting prophecies. Where are you getting your information? Dreams? Visions? Books?

posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 03:20 PM
reply to post by kaylaluv

Obv. from ancient books.

posted on Aug, 27 2012 @ 08:22 AM
reply to post by BookofKnowledge

Follow me. Even as Jesus asked, who will be my disciples and help me in the cause of God?


posted on Aug, 27 2012 @ 08:23 AM
Here is again some special quotes for special people.

Earthquake Earthquake every where,
Sea roaring, Heavy Tides all around the world;
Fear now and Run now,
No money can save you.

Those who are living in bunkers underground,
Will face basic engineering fault,
Earthquake brakes the wall of bunker,
And water will fill and make it watery grave.

Wondering about the Mountain of Gold,
Can it be real or not?
Theory says it will appear on the earth.
I sense fake prophet will do something to prove it.

Gold beneath the tree is good concept,
Wondering will it really work?
Cooking Vessel of Gold and Silver.
Wow he is so rich, You can not imagine.

Fixed Price regime is arriving now,
He will lead the food at best price for people;
Why he wants to fill empty stomach?
Oh yes, empty stomach is home of evil.

Silver coin currency, Wow it seems great,
Fixed earning of 1gm of Silver per hour;
that's too low, I think, But,
It will work for the people.

Gold coin currency for external Trade.
Home costs as less a Gold coin
Working 50 hours will gain a coin
So FREE home awaits everyone.

remaining next time..

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