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A Dream or an AP

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posted on Oct, 5 2004 @ 12:19 PM
Today, while going to sleep, and eyes closed, I felt my body vibrating amazingly, and then I felt a pull for several mins as if my soul was charging up to go, and then in a sudden, whoosh, there I went, with a feeling of absolute liberation.

I kept telling myself "I am not going to resist it" I am going to let myself out of the body. I could feel my soul flying, then I just had the compulsion to open my eyes, and I could see my room, and the top of the duvet, but what I could also see was interference in the space of the room(distorted, blurred) and circulating dots spinning around me, as if I was in some space-time warp or something. In the blink of an eye, and all at the same time: the whole room span 90 degrees clockwise - I zoomed in at amazing speed through the warp tunnel - it transformed into a blue scene with a white train-express way dashing down the side of a track. I freaked out and found myself back in bed.

I was kicking myself for freaking out, I continued to lie there, hoping I would AP again. I started vibrating again, and again my soul left with a forceful but libreating whoosh. After that, there seems to be a cut-to telling my mom about my AP experience, except it didn't really happen, I dreamt it.

What do you make of this?

posted on Oct, 5 2004 @ 01:09 PM
I was going to post a new topic on this subject because the very same thing happened to me last night! I'm surprised someone beat me to it.

I was very tired last night, i was feeling the same way that you in the first minute of waking up each day, slow and relaxed basically. i was so tired i just lay down and tried to concentrate on not being distracted. within a few minutes i must have dozed off and was dreaming. Although i was dreaming i still felt quite conscious and in this dream i was running though i cant remember what from, i was getting faster and faster and then my body felt as though I was falling off a cliff- an incredible sense of speed coursed through my body. This feeling would be similar to the comedown on a swing except much more powerful.

As i said i was still concious and I therefore tried to continue this strange feeling without without waking however after just a few seconds this feeling was so powerful that I began to get scared and wanted to wake. I was then frightened to find that i had alot of trouble trying to open my eyes but when i managed it i saw something phenomenal- I seemed to be hovering about half a metre from my body and the room looked all wavy as if it was underwater. This was too much for me and i was actually very frightened and was panicking then the room vibrated everywhere and my 'spirit' lowered back into my body.

I jumped out of bed once i had full control again, i felt so wide awake after what had probably been about 20 minutes of resting and then i noticed this tingly energy flowing from my head to my limbs which subsided after a few minutes.

I have had this feeling of speed in dreams before but i had always been 2 frightened to ignore it and wanted to wake. but now i look forward to it happening again.

was this an OBE? (out of body experince)
or possibly AP?

actually.........whats the difference???

Im surprised this happend to another last nite since i had never experienced it before. Did anyone else have a strange night??

IC is the way I described this 'speed' the same as how you felt 'charging up'?? because it sounds very similar.


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