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ATS News Political Desk: Upcoming ATS Regent Candidate Interviews

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posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 10:42 PM
I am O.B. Waters, your (official unofficial) ATS News Political Correspondent for all matters concerning the upcoming ATS Regent Elections. I am currently making my rounds doing exclusive one on one interviews with the Politicians of ATS Virtual World who have entered the race for ATS Regent, and this is the (official unofficial) thread where all such interviews will be posted, as they come in. Please stay tuned to this channel (Thread) for all such ATS Election News.

My First interview was with political candidate Druid42, longstanding member and writer here in ATS Virtual World. I am certain all the citizens of ATS will join me in thanking Druid42, and all the participating politicians, for taking the time out of their busy campaign schedule in order to interview with ATS News.

You, Druid42 have made the statement: "people can rule themselves"

However, many would beg to differ with this, a decidedly unSocratean statement. How do you see this viewpoint played out within the ATS virtual world of denying ignorance?

Answer: People can decide for themselves, yet they refuse to, due to years of programming by that infernal device called the television. People used to be able to think for themselves, yet now, they seek answers instead of rationalizing for themselves. The motto of ATS is a very addictive MEME, and it permeates more completely the longer an individual spends time here. The more time you spend logged in, and read, the less ignorant you become. Some are thicker than others, and take a bit longer, but over 500 posts, and you begin to see the light.

In what way do you believe you can be an advocate for the people of the world here on ATS?

Obviously, there are no "click your heels together" answers as in The Wizard of OZ, but there is the resolve to help others find answers to their questions. Many here are seasoned members, and with their help, functioning as a community, I see my flaws enhanced by their wisdom. It's only by standing on the shoulders of giants that you can see farther. I learn every time I log in, and my understanding of the world around me is far from complete. My answer would be to realize that there is not enough time in your life to learn everything, so you have to pick a few favorite topics, and go from there. My role as Regent is hollow when compared to the ability to make a post that brings more meaning into a person's life.

Do you see your views which may differ in some areas with some of the peoples of the world (such as your stance on extra terrestrial life) ever getting in the way of being a good and decent advocate for the peoples of the world?

Of course not. I am open minded, and will never, nor have ever, ridiculed an individual for making a thread here. If you think you have a realistic image of a ufo and present it here, the membership will decide it's validity. I base my platform on facts, not speculation, though I will admit it is healthy to speculate periodically. It keeps the logical centers in your brain from overruling emotive responses. Sometimes, you just have to say that the picture invokes emotion. You can't always remain a "Spock" in your thinking, you have to be flexible. That's just the way I am.

Do you believe that some laws currently at work in our world to be a hinderance to the peoples of the ATS virtual world?--such as the banning of people and subsequent refusal to address any of the peoples questions regarding the matter. Do such things sound like totalitarianism to you and do you believe they are incorrect as seen in current fashion?

I was a reader of One Particular Person. He did a video series, which I thought was cool, however bland. He got banned, because of his actions which violated the T&Cs.

It's not totalitarianism at all, it's a privately owned website. There are strict rules in place, for good reason. I've read old threads, and there have been several unsavory events since the conception of ATS, and I will uphold every rule that ATS currently has. Having actually read complete threads from 2005, I have a good understanding of why the T&Cs are in place, and will state for the record that such a system is required. Rules, especially those resulting from past experience, are necessary and fair. It follows closely with my platform, disobey the rules, and suffer the repercussions. I know that ATS is fair, so when they ban a member, it is for a just reason. Sorry, I am, for the member that couldn't conform.

What do you personally see the role of Regent of the ATS virtual world to be, and how do you intend to fulfill such a lofty responsibility?

It's an imaginary position that is ceremonial only. I don't get extra anything for being Regent. However, I would be diligent in my usage of the "alert" button, and would remain as I am now, helping others learning, and continuing the efforts of all to make ATS the best forum on the internet.

How would you address the current mudslinging going on in this election? Do you believe mudslinging to be an effective campaign strategy or do you see it as against morals and standards?

It's a clever strategy to get candidates to show their true colors. I will say that people need to remain open-minded, and not be polluted with anything that could taint their thinking. If you have an opinion about a candidate, there is no amount of "mud" that can change your own views. To do that is allowing yourself to be manipulated. Honestly, if a candidate has a "smear" campaign, they have every right as I.

I Thank, once again, Druid42 for his time and candidness

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posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 11:01 PM
My Next interview was with Candidate PurpleChiten

With the name of your party being "Birthday Party" I believe a lot of the citizens of ATS would like to know, is the position of ATS Regent something you would take seriously should you find yourself as winner of this campaign?

Greetings fine reporter! Those of us who have experienced birthdays are well aware of the seriousness of said parties and how they change over the years.As Regent, it would be necessary to give the position all of the seriousness that is important to said parties whether it be the lower numbers filled with balloons and clowns (entertainment for the masses) or the very advanced number filled with clowns and balloons (doctors and heart catheters).

How do you view the position of Regent of ATS virtual world with yourself in the seat?

Since I did make the time jump, I have already won the office, the election itself is just a formality. I did jump ahead 4 years into the future and can say that my term was filled with great success where all people were brought together in their individuality and It was celebrated in ways that are unconceivable to us at this time.

What would you do and how would you advocate for the people in the event of unexpected wars breaking out?

From the time jump, I can also confidently say that no wars will happen on my watch, so we need not even concern ourselves with that possibility, thank goodness!

To claim a direct line to GOD is a powerful claim, do you see this as a possible advantage and how would you address any detractors to such a claim?

It’s not so much that I have a direct line to God as much as he has a direct line to me. My advice is often solicited by many life forms both corporeal and spiritual on all matters public and private, usually in my own imagination, but that’s beside the point.

Thank you for taking the time to gather important information and disseminate it to the masses!

And I thank you as well for your time
(and for the laugh!)

posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 11:06 PM
negating political correctness...

When's my interview? Lets get this show started!

Libertarian-Farmer-Labor-Conservative party representing!

PM me when the voice of reason is requested, until then...

posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 11:15 PM
One on One Interview with gimme_some_truth, respected longstanding member, and former moderator, who needs no introduction from most:

Your stance on the recent mudslinging going on in this race is quite clear, and the peoples of the ATS virtual world truely appreciate such a stance. However, it appears inevitable that you will have to deal with those who make mudslinging their campaign stategy, therefore I would like to ask, how do you plan to address the mudslinging when it affects you personally?

Hi, as you know, I am currently dealing with a family crisis and am supporting my family as we work to get through this sad time. So, forgive me if my answers are short. As I stated, while I am still on the ballot, I will not have much time, if any, to actively campaign.

But, you took the time to write down these questions, so the least I can do, is offer you my answers, brief, though they may be.

As a mod, I dealt with mud slingers, trolls and down right rude people on a daily basis.You learn to develop a very thick skin. You learn to talk to and discuss the issues with them in a civil but firm manner.

I have always been successful in getting those with a more...stand offish attitude to eventually calm down, and discuss things more rationally.

Like any good diplomat.

This was something I have always prided myself on. Not getting caught up in the anger and being able to deal with people who are, successfully and calmly, reaching a satisfactory conclusion for all parties.

The thing is, you simply can't let the mud slinging affect you personally. An ATS Regent must have thick skin as they will be dealing with happy people, angry people and everything in between.

In my experience here on ATS, I have learned not to take anything personally, which helps me to stay calm, remain unbiased and civil as we work together to reach common ground.

You have positioned yourself as a lover of the elderly, and advocate for the people. How do you plan to address the needs of the people when their views and stances might be opposed to your own? Do you find yourself to be someone who can speak on behalf of those who you might find yourself in disagreement with?

The same way I always have. From the day I first joined, I have strived to be civil and honest with each of my fellow members in every post and thread I write. I am proud of the fact that I have been able to carry on, honest and calm debates, until both sides have reached a conclusion

Different opinions does not equate to arguing and fighting. The key to finding the solution to a problem is taking your knowledge, questioning it, answering the challenge of others in a civil way and working together, considering all view points, until the optimal solution has been reached.

The key to finding solutions, is examining other peoples mind sets and working with them to find it. If you do not keep an open mind and exchange of ideas, no satisfactory solution can ever be reached.

Which is why,if I am elected ATS regent, I will gladly welcome all ideas, opinions and thoughts and will work together with the people of ATS, to create a better and happier community.

How do you feel about ATS virtual world issues such as the banning of people and the subsequent refusal of the ATS One world government to speak publically on such matters? Does this appear like totalitarianism in your view? What might you do to address the complaints of the citizens of ATS in regards important matters such as this one?

Well, I am unsure of the reason why certain people were banned. In my experience and opinion, the moderators and admin here at ATS, have always been and remain, unbiased. They come from all walks of life, religion, backgrounds and belief systems.

It is a great set up to avoid bias and bully mods... They are chosen for having a reputation of being honest, unbiased and a great advocate ( Which is why I was asked to be a mod)

So, I am led to believe, that if they were banned, the staff had a fair reason to do so, keeping in mind, I do not know the specifics of the case. I can only work with what I do know, which is that in my experience, we have always had a great and unbiased staff.

As for ATS staff not talking about it. This is very understandable to me. They have always had a stance of not talking about actions taken against other people. If you are not directly involved, they feel it is not your concern.

I do not consider that totalitarian. I consider it privacy and respect for the person who was actioned against. If you broke the rules and got banned for it...You might not appreciate the whole world knowing what you did to get banned.

If people wants people to know why they were banned, I figure, they will tell others themselves. But again, I do not know the specifics of this case, so I must speak using my experience as a moderator.

As for how I would deal with people complaining and wanting to know why they were banned. I would be bound by the T&C of ATS. Something I have great respect for.

Continued Below:
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posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 11:17 PM
this is awsome i love the professional take on it OB
lyou should interview beezer about hosting the platform\anouncments thread..
I love it nice break from hum-drum yada yada

posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 11:17 PM
reply to post by OpinionatedB

As a member of the Self Appointed Independent Observers Cartel. I Wish to Thank You for assuming this arduous task of interviewing the prospective candidates for ATS Regent.

So far, your in-depth expose' of Candidates Druid42, and PurpleChitin, have shown this observer, how uniquely qualified you are for your self appointed position, as the only fair and balanced Political Correspondent for all aspects of ATS Regent Elections.

Carry on.....


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posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 11:28 PM
reply to post by OpinionatedB

In continuation of the above interview of gimme_some_truth:

As this is a ceremonial position, there would be not much I could do in order to get this information. If the people wanted it, I would ask for it, of course. But I can tell you right now, the staff will say something along the lines of " Sorry, but you were not directly involved in this case, so we cannot tell you".

Unsatisfactory for some of you, I am sure. But I have to work within the T&C as we all do and I assure you, I would do everything I could, to satisfy my fellow members.

How do you propose to deal with wars that break unexpectedly?

That depends on who is involved in the war. If it were countries such as... Iran and Saudi Arabia. I would stay out of it. It is high time, the US and other countries quit getting involved in the fights of everyone else.

I took a firm stance stating that each country needs to bring it's troops home, build up and protect our own borders. Countries such as the US, for example are more than capable of protecting it's interests now, with out risking human life.

Diplomacy is key here. I would rather send diplomats with words, than soldiers with guns. Much more effective. Through my means, we would be much more likely to achieve peace....

How do you see the position of ATS Regent with yourself in the seat, and what do you feel are the responsibilities thereof?

I see this seat as being a representative and advocate for my fellow members. I would not consider the seat or myself superior to any other member.I would not be...More or less, I would be the chosen ceremonial speaker of my fellow members.

I saw one person suggesting that who ever earns the title of Regency, be referred to as "Your Regency". This would not be the case with me. Because again, I would not be in a superior position. I would be a fellow member, who was chosen to be the sort of.....Symbol...Speaker for the people.

My job would be to listen to the people, hear all sides, work together with the people to create a solution for any given issue and once that solution is made, I help to put it into action.

ATS Regent is nothing with out his/her fellow members...That is something each candidate needs to remember, always.

As an early front runner in the race for ATS Regent do you see your ego ever getting in the way of both your campaign and the position of Regent should you win?

Not at all. I have always considered myself "Just another member". I have always worked hard to be honest, civil and accurate and that will not change should I win this election.

To be honest, I had one member write to me and say " you're one of the popular members". Which really, was news to me. I never thought of myself as popular.

I am only what my fellow members make of me. I have said from the beginning to our voters, do not make this into a popularity contest. This is not about names, popularity or who has the coolest hair cut.

Cast friendship and name recognition aside. That is a mere distraction. Study the stance and platform of each candidate and use THAT to decide, who you feel is best for the job.

Personally, I happen to think I am the best for the job, but at the end of the day, that is for the people to decide, and I know that the will of the people will prevail.

That is all for now, and once more I thank you for agreeing to this interview with ATS News

O.B. Waters

Thank you for giving me the chance to answer your questions and for hearing me out. I truly appreciate it. If you have any more questions, I will do my best to answer them and will do so gladly.

I wish each of my opponents good luck and a happy campaign.

peace and love



posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 11:30 PM

Originally posted by jplaysguitar
this is awsome i love the professional take on it OB
lyou should interview beezer about hosting the platformanouncments thread..
I love it nice break from hum-drum yada yada

Thanks! And yes we should do an interview with Beezer! Thank you for your suggestion!


Originally posted by Destinyone
reply to post by OpinionatedB

As a member of the Self Appointed Independent Observers Cartel. I Wish to Thank You for assuming this arduous task of interviewing the prospective candidates for ATS Regent.

So far, your in-depth expose' of Candidates Druid42, and PurpleChitin, have shown this observer, how uniquely qualified you are for your self appointed position, as the only fair and balanced Political Correspondent for all aspects of ATS Regent Elections.

Carry on.....


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Well thank you for the compliment!

I will be making the rounds to your side of the fence as soon as possible.

and please everyone remember I am only 1 Person!

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posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 11:40 PM
I want to take the time to thank OpinionatedB for approaching me with the idea of an interview. I was happy to answer their questions and appreciate the opportunity.

Ladies and gentleman, My stance is up and available for all to see. I was lucky to garner a nice following so far and hope to continue doing so. I have said from the start that my words, honesty, civility and experience speak for themselves and I think that is shining through, time and again.

I appreciate each and everyone of you for taking the time to read my interview as well as the interviews of all my fellow candidates.

Good luck to each of my fellow candidates and remember, the will of the people will prevail!

Click here For The Truth!

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posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 11:51 PM
no mud slung in this thread yet only a mater of time..

at this point i would have to say druid42 is caching my attention aseems genuinely down to earth and humble
but i eagerly await to here other interviews neno comes to mind as well
oh and GST sincerely hope the relativ/s in the accident you mentiond earlyer are safe and sound -thoughts and well wishs are with um

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posted on Jun, 19 2012 @ 12:18 AM
My next interview is with a newer citizen of ATS Virtual World, and convert to Sunni Islam LightningStrikesHere (who has yet to create a thread outlining his political stances, therefore no link can be provided at this time)

Asalaam Alaykum,

I am curious, do you see yourself as a fair and liberal minded person given your religious and political affiliations?

wa alaykum as salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh ("Peace be unto you and so may the mercy of Allah and His blessings)

bismillah ir rahman ir raheem , ( in the name of ALLAH the most merciful most gracious ) i would say that dealing with the constant disinformation about Islam , one would have to maintain a fair mind , otherwise it would lead to destruction indeed

Could you possibly be able to advocate for the citizens of ATS in a balanced manner, or would you be attempting to impose Sharia law upon the citizens of ATS virtual world?

I would Advocate for the citizens of Islam, and be balanced with the world outside of Islam , At this point there have been no talks of implementing Sharia law, Inshallah ( God Willing ) we will draw a conclusion soon

Would you be advocating for the rights of Shia as well as those of any other religious faith or lack thereof in the ATS virtual world?

the Prophet (PBUH) said that a Muslim must say on the Straight Path, He (saw) also said their will be many paths in Islam. I understand this, and I understand the mindset of the Prophet PBUH, and if He were in my position he would "say Islam is Islam, a Muslim is a Muslim" ," they are your brothers and sisters" " so treat them as such, and if they are not your brothers in faith they are your brothers in humanity"

How do you see the position of ATS Regent and your role if you should be the one to obtain said seat?

alhamdulillah!! ( praise to god )

When will you be stating clearly for the citizens your platform and stance on the issues? (In a thread where the citizens can speak to you)

Inshallah (god willing ) when the time is right ! i urge all the brothers and sister out their on ATS to join me in this JIHAD! (struggle) so that we may bring truth to the people who have been fed disinformation about Islam and our Prophet PBUH ! , i cannot bare this struggle alone ! stand with me ! oh people of ALLAHU!!! i will not fail you ! With the blessing of ALLAHU ! we will over come this Jihad !!!! ALLAHU ACKBAR!!!!!!!! ALLAHU ACKBAR!!!!!!!! ALLAHU ACKBAR!!!!!!!!

Your brother


posted on Jun, 19 2012 @ 12:23 AM
I must say, OB, you are filling the role of Press Correspondent quite nicely. You have brought a whole new aspect to this election.

I enjoyed the interview, and the opportunity to express my views. It was a pleasure to take a break out of my busy campaign schedule to be able to answer your questions, and hopefully it will allow the voters to get a better view of all the candidates.

posted on Jun, 19 2012 @ 12:34 AM
Great work OB, this was what was needed, all the facts in one place

Keep up the good work, your "ATS Press" badge is on it's way

posted on Jun, 19 2012 @ 12:37 AM

Originally posted by Druid42
I must say, OB, you are filling the role of Press Correspondent quite nicely. You have brought a whole new aspect to this election.

I enjoyed the interview, and the opportunity to express my views. It was a pleasure to take a break out of my busy campaign schedule to be able to answer your questions, and hopefully it will allow the voters to get a better view of all the candidates.

It was my pleasure to interview a candidate of your caliber, and all the candidates truthfully.

Fair and Balanced Journalism is my motto, and I hope that these interviews will be a help to all the citizens of ATS.

And thank you, and everyone for their compliments!

posted on Jun, 19 2012 @ 12:48 AM
loll any news on the notoriously feared and often condemned Smear Campaign?

maybe it was just rouse to heckle other selfapointed nominees
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posted on Jun, 19 2012 @ 01:02 AM
My Next interview is with Sinny, a member of ATS Virtual World who immigrated here from the UK. She has been a member almost a year and a half with a great many posts and threads to her credit, and if stars and flags are to be the judge, a quite popular one to boot! She has yet to make a thread stating her parties stance on the issues, therefore no link can be posted at this time.

How do you see the position of ATS Regent with yourself in the seat?

Hey there!

How do I see ATS regent with me in the seat? Quite simply, a strong voice of reason, some thing we may be lacking in our community, of course we all think for our selves, but we've been falling apart lately, and we all know it!

We know there's no quality to our posts no more! Heck, I've made ten threads out of boredom in the past.. Have we've all been guilty of it!

But no, now its time we all bucked up, and tried doing something useful with our keyboard fingers, and little brain cells.

Its high time adult discussion was the main priority of ATS! Starting with *deep politics*... Something direly avoided on ATS in general, we all like to pretend we know what were talking about, but actually many do not.

We should promote deeper thinking and investigation on ATS.

That's the ATS I would promote as Regent.

Do you find yourself as someone who can without bias advocate for the citizens of ATS?

Do I think I am an unbiased leader for ATSers? Yes, I imagine so, there nothing intruigingly special about me, but I do have the uncanny ability to find common denominators, and think in an even rational manner.
I have no bias that touch upon politics. I way the pros and cons, and back the best.

What would you do in the event of unexpected wars breaking out in the ATS virtual world?

Virtual wars in ATS world? Erm... Depending on whether its healthy or not (no physical harm can come so...) Let them battle it out in an *adult* and reasonable manner, if the conversations or virtual wars get to harsh, regular TnCs take place

Do you see yourself as the voice for the feminists of ATS?

Am I a voice of feminism? Erm. Possibly. In a sense. I'm for equal rights. If I see areas in life where discrimination occurs, ill defend our rights. I find sexism is irksome, you cannot ever escape certain aspects of it, a guys *always* gunna have a penis, and he'll *always* remind you of it, it really is a primitive aspect of the male mind, its integrated into them, so I don't let it bother me so much. Its when that sexism, say, stops you getting that promotion, like FIFA for example, sexism is a HUGE issue, I feel strongly about that, because its sexism with intent. And yet still highly domineering and primitive.

What do you believe are the main issues of the ATS world?

What are the main problems with ATS? Touchy subject. Let's just say having the *most* moderator staff on an online forum has its pros and cons. Pros, its a generally a polite, well mannered board, free from in ya face wierdos.

That said, there's actually quite a lot of tabboo subjects on ATS, I have to think twice before making certain threads in fear of the mods cracking down on me. Its just a bit strange to think I can't post what I want, subject ways.

Maybe that's just me?

And as stated above, the lack of decent content on the site, this is surely due to the huge number of members, and the general feel of the forum. But it is worrying that I'm often straying from ATS to read more educational items

What is your opinion concerning the mudslinging that has already begun so early in the race and how do you plan to address this particular issue. Is mudslinging an effective campaign strategy or is it against political marals and ethical standards?

As for the mud slinging, let it commence!

Nearly falling asleep, so I apologise for any mistakes.

Thank you once again for your time!

ATS News political correspondent, O.B. Waters

posted on Jun, 19 2012 @ 01:02 AM
reply to post by jplaysguitar

His interview is

posted on Jun, 19 2012 @ 01:19 AM
Very nice.Very good questions.

I am glad to see that my vote,will go to someone that is taking this not only seriously,but actually has great responses.


posted on Jun, 19 2012 @ 01:26 AM
I'm very happy that I appointed....errrrr will appoint you as the press secretary for my term as Regent. Your work here is only eclipsed by your work in the future. In case I don't say so then, I'll tell you now that I am very proud of you and impressed with your work both now, and in the future...which hasn't happened yet, but will soon, as evidenced by my time travel.

It will be such a glorious day when everything converges and my platform comes together!

For those unfamiliar with it; Upon the convergence of all the alternate universes immediately following the election that I win (...used a time machine, saw it happen, blah blah blah), Everyone will have the right to make their own choices on all matters public and private. Up until that time we were hindered by those who ....well, weren't smart enough to make decent choices. Thanks to the convergence and the awakened consciousness (this IS ATS afterall ya know), all people were given....errrr will be given the ability and intelligence to make the best choice for them as individuals.

Frankly, it's a no-fail campaign and I can't possibly lose... not that I will because I've already seen me win.
That time machine beezer created sure has come in handy!!

posted on Jun, 19 2012 @ 01:31 AM
wow an interview can really shine a bright light on a candadate!
yourace interveiw whith shinny was very revealing to say the least...

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